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* Help searching this site

You can do a keyword search from any page on the Nabb Research Center's web site. Just enter a word (or more) in the Quick Site Search box on the left side of the screen and click the GO button. You may also use the search box below. The entire site (with the exception of the catalog) will be searched and you will be taken to a page with a list of your search results.

This site uses Google Custom Search. Here are some helpful hints and tips provided by Google for finding what you are looking for. You can also get more information Google's Search Help Center.

Tip #1: Choose your keywords wisely. Select descriptive, specific words.

  • Search for: 1790 Somerset County Census rather than Census
  • Search for: Maryland research facilities rather than research

Tip #2: Use quotes for an exact match.

  • When you enclose your search query in quotation marks, you'll only get results for the exact terms you entered in the order you entered them.
  • Search for: "John Smith map" rather than map

Tip #3: Do not use punctuation in your search.

  • Google doesn't recognize special characters such as exclamation points, question marks, or the @ sign. These characters are so common that including them in a search would greatly slow the delivery of the search results.

Tip #4: Do not use words like "how," "and," and "the" in your search.

  • Google ignores common words and characters, such as "where" and "how," as well as certain single digits and single letters when they're placed in searches alongside less common words. These terms (called "stop words") rarely help narrow a search and can slow search results. To force Google to recognize these words, your best bet is to use quotation marks. For example: "Joseph Nichols and the Nicholites."

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