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7th Grade US History : From Exploration to Reconstruction

Click on each title to find lesson plans and resources to help teach the particular content.

* John Smith Explores the Chesapeake :
Do you know just how much of the Chesapeake John Smith explored?  Use this lesson with your students to learn the geography of the area and how descriptive he was in his travels.

* European / Native American Encounters :
Native Americans lived a peaceful life in North America before Europeans invaded.  Learn about the first encounters, how they interacted with each other, and how the Europeans felt about the existence of the Native Americans.

* Culture of the 1600s :
Without iPods or microwaves learn how the settlers of the 1600s were able to survive.  This is an eye-opening experience for students who could not live without the comforts of electricity and technology.

* Free Colonial Blacks :
Not all Africans were slaves in Colonial America.  Learn how they survived in a “white man’s world.”

* Peggy Stewart :
American Colonists were angered at Britain for taxes and social control.  Marylanders were just as angry as the citizens of Boston, which can be portrayed in the attack on the Peggy Stewart.

* Tench Tilghman :
Paul Revere made his famous ride to warn that the British were coming, but have you ever heard of Tench Tilghman?  Native to the Eastern Shore, he impacted the Revolutionary War by warning of impending attack.

* Westward Expansion with James Auld :
Discover how expansion impacted the lives of settlers on the east coast as James Auld travels from his home in Maryland to a new place in North Carolina.

* Causes of the Civil War :
Use the resources to help mold your own lesson about the causes of the Civil War.  Politics, culture, and social change all impacted the need for southern states to secede.

* Slavery :
The Eastern Shore was a hotbed of racial unrest in antebellum America.  Get students interested in local history by teaching them about the Underground Railroad.

* Issues in Newspapers :
The newspaper was the best way to disburse information.  Get students interested in reading today’s newspaper by showing how important the news was to the Eastern Shore.

* African Americans in the Civil War :
Teach students about the importance of African Americans in the Civil War.  Use the resources available to show how the extra forces allowed the North to win.

* Transportation :
After the Civil War, energy was focused on new inventions.  Learn how transportation was revolutionized in the 1880s with the advancement of the bicycle.

* Salisbury Fires :
Salisbury today looks nothing like it did when it was founded in 1732.  Two major fires swept through the town, changing the face of Main Street.  Learn about how geography and industry impacted the original Salisbury, Maryland.



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* 11th Grade US History ; 10th Grade Government:

Find lesson plans that tie in local events to national headlines.  Take these resources and lesson plans to enhance the learning in 11th Grade US History and 10th Grade Government classes.


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