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11th Grade US History : From Reconstruction to Present Day

Click on each title to find lesson plans and resources to help teach the particular content.

* Robber Barrons & Monopolies :
How did vertical integration help to create a monopoly of an industry?  Discover the truth behind the Captains of Industry and why they were called “Robber Barrons.”

* Prohibition & the Volstead Act :
Was it a good idea to ban alcohol in the United States?  How did Prohibition and the Volstead Act cause businessmen on the Eastern Shore to be creative in their marketing of products?

* Women's Suffrage :
While blacks were granted the right to vote with the 14th amendment, women had many years to wait for the privilege.  How did women argue, petition, and fight for their right to vote?

* Lynching and Civil Rights :
While the 15th amendment granted free black equal rights, it did not stop whites from creating mobs and attacking free blacks that “stepped out of line.”  Learn about the harsh realities of lynching and what was done about it in the 1930s.

* Race Riots on the Eastern Shore :
The issue of race caused serious conflict on the Eastern Shore.  Use the information to create your own lesson plan about race riots on the shore.  How do they correspond to the riots that occurred in major cities?

* Great Depression / FDR / New Deal : (collapse)

  FDR Visits Eastern Shore Lesson Plan 1 Powerpoint / Graphic Organizer
  Salisbury Times : October 9, 12, 20, 21, 23, 1933
  Salisbury Times : September 1, 2, 2 (Full Page), 3, 6, 1938
  Maryland Herald : September 2, 1938  
  FDR Visits Shore Lesson Plan 2 (All resources attached)
  New Deal on the Shore Lesson Plan 1 Powerpoint
  Lesson Documents
  New Deal Impacts Eastern Shore Lesson Plan (All resources attached) 2

Just how did FDR help pull America from the Great Depression?  Learn about his plan in a set of lessons.

* World War II :
The Second World War significantly impacted the United States.  Pulling the US out of the depression, the war also caused a need for rations and more control over people.  Learn how WWII truly left a mark on US citizens.

* Censorship in WWII :
While men were fighting, the citizens of America were censored in a variety of ways, from what they could say to what they could read in the newspaper.  Learn about censorship in the 1940s and tie in the war of today.  Are we censored?

* Cold War :
How did WWII end and begin a stalemate known as the Cold War?  How did this war without guns impact society and culture in America?

* Containment in Vietnam / Korea :
The war in Vietnam is rarely given enough time to truly understand the implications.  East Asia became a Communist area.  Learn about how the Containment policy affected this geographic location.


10th Grade US Government : The Founding of a Nation

* Political Campaigns on the Eastern Shore :
Politicians travel the country to spread their campaign platform and solicit votes.  Using this lesson plan, find resources to help you teach students about significant political visits and how they attempted to gain votes from the Eastern Shore.

* The 2000 Census :
The census has been taken for over two hundred years.  Learn about how the census controls appropriations across the country.

* Immigration / Culture & Industry on the Eastern Shore :
Discover what life is like for immigrants on the Eastern Shore as you learn about culture and industry.  What was most important to immigrants is still important to the people of the Shore today.




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* 7th Grade Colonial History:

From the 1600s to Reconstruction after the Civil War, teachers have created lesson plans to infuse primary resources in the 7th Grade US History curriculum.  Use these lesson plans and resources, or recreate a lesson that suites your needs.


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