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Illustrated dictionary of items found in 17th-century probate inventories and other records.

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Selected list of terms that appear in legal documents and their definitions.

List of various occupations with potential toxic agents
List of various occupations with potential toxic agents found in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly article by Dr. Charles E. Healy.

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* Selected items in the Nabb Center collections

Books, Articles, Pamphlets
  Drake, Paul. What Did They Mean By That A Dictionary of Historical and Genealogical Terms Old and New.
Accession: PE1667.D73 2003

Fitzhugh, Terrick. The Dictionary of Genealogy.
Accession: CS6.F58 1998

Halliwell, J.O. Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words.
Accession: 1989.57.291

Glossary of Unusual Words found in Inventories.

Accession: 1984.10.17

* Useful dictionary sites

Glossary of Quaker Terms  - The Quaker Corner, Rootsweb
Frequently used abbreviations and additional information about Quaker records.

Glossary of Symbols and Terms for Studying Cemeteries - Colonial Williamsburg
Definitions and possible interpretations of symbols and terms in cemeteries.

Medical Terms: Diseases and epidemics  - Shirley Hornbeck, Rootsweb
Definitions of diseases, from Ablepsy to Yellow Fever, and epidemics from 1657 to 1851.

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