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* Currency: Tobacco prices, 1618-1775
      Yearly breakdown of tobacco (used as currency) prices, from 1618-1775.

* Currency: Other resources
      Nabb Research Center materials and useful sites relating to currency.

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*Currency: Other Resources


* Selected items in the Nabb Center collections

Books, Articles, Pamphlets

Breme, Alice. First Paper Money in Delaware.
Accession: 1988.

McCusker, John J. Money and Exchange in Europe and America 1600 - 1775,
Accession: HG219.M33 1978

Images, Photos, Maps

Somerset and Worcester
Bank - One dollar bill
Somerset Worcester Bank One Dollar Bill
[View image]
Somerset and Worcester
Bank - Two dollar bill
Somerset Worcester Bank Two Dollar Bill
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Somerset and Worcester
Bank - Three dollar bill
Somerset Worcester Bank Three Dollar Bill
[View image]

* Useful currency sites

Colonial Currency   -   Louis Jordan, University of Notre Dame
18th-century currency, sorted by colony/state. Images, identifying information, explanatory essays.

Earliest Money Using the Dollar as a Unit of Value   -   Eric P. Newman, Newman Money Museum
Essay about Maryland's unique distinction of issuing the dollar as an official unit of currency.

English Coins: Denominations   -   Louis Jordan., University of Notre Dame
Coin denominations minted in England during the American colonial period (James I - George III).

English Coins: Relationships   -   Louis Jordan., University of Notre Dame
Explanation and chart clarifying the relationships between and relative values of British currency.

How Much Is That in Today's Money?   -   Ed Crews, Colonial Williamsburg
Article about the "devilishly complex riddle" of determining modern equivalents of historical prices.

The Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency
Resources primarily focus on New England, but some information relating to the Chesapeake region.

Money in North American History   -   Roy Davies, University of Exeter
"From Wampum to Electronic Funds Transfer." Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil War-era currency.

Money in the American Colonies   -   Ron Michener, University of Virginia
Overview of colonial conventions, laws, coin ratings, and the evolution of the monetary system.

Understanding Maryland Records: Money   -   Archives of Maryland
Explanation of references to different forms of currency found in Maryland's historic records.



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