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Somerset County Tithables
Tithables in seventeenth-century Somerset, as recorded in the Somerset Court and Maryland Council Records.

Transcribed by John F. Polk, Ph.D., Havre de Grace, Maryland, November 2005

The following table summarizes the entries concerning tithables appearing in the Somerset Judicials (SJ) or Maryland Council records. The actual entries follow.




Arch of MD

1662, April


MD Council, 1636-67, p.452

(Vol. 3)

1668, 1 October


SJ 1665-68, f.131

(Vol. 54)

1671, 9 Aug


SJ 1670-71, f.208

(Vol. 86)

1689, 30 April


SJ 1687-89, f.102

(Vol. 91)

1689, 24 Sept


SJ 1689-90, f.2

(Vol. 106)

1692/3, 16 Mar


SJ 1692-93, f.191

(Vol. 406)

1693/4, 16 Mar


SJ 1693-94, f.89

(Vol. 407)

1695, 12 Dec


SJ 1694-95, f.105

(Vol. 687)

1696, 25 Nov


SJ 1696-98, f.152

(Vol. 688)

1696/7, Feb


MD Council, 1696-98, p.22

(Vol. 23)


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Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1636-1667 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 3)
April 1662 (Vol. 3, p. 452)

This day came Randell Revell and represented the State of the plantation seated at Monoakin; and desired that Course might bee taken for the suppley of the plantation or continuance of the Common to himselfe and others Graunted for Grauntinge of warrants and survey of lands on that parte of the Province dated 6th of november last past, his relation thereof is in his verbis. (viz), that there weare now at this present seated there fifty tithable persons viz at Monokin and Anamessicks a place distant som fower miles from Monokin.

Somerset Judicials 1665-68 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 54)
22 August 1666, f.24 (Vol. 54, p. 633)

Theis are to will & require you that by the tenth daye of october Next you Cause a List to be taken of all the tithables within your County & in the said List the Name & surname of each tithable per son & the house of his abode be distincly sett downe & A Copy thereof fayre written & sent Imediately up to the Governor & Councell: And another Copy of the said List sett up att your Court house att your next County Court to remayne there for the whole yeare to the end tht if any error be therein, they may be Corrected & the same Certified to the Governor & Councell before the next provinciall Court being to be held on the 16th day of october next ensueing herein fayle not as you will answer the Contrary and for soe doeing this shall be your warrant Given under my hand & scale this 22th day of August A 1666
Charles Calvert
To Stephen Horsey gent high sherriffe of somersett County Entred the 27th August 1666

17 September 1668, f.125 (Vol. 54, p.720)
Mr George Johnson You have here inclosed sent you all papers relating to the publique leavy wch you are to take notice of & upon sight hereof you are required to Convene foure or more of the Commissioners of your Countie to make up their County Leavy wch will require hast that those wch be concerned may not be disapointed of their pay of which you are Comanded to take Care of Likewise not to faile to give me speedy advise of your receipt hereof; Given under my hand this Seaventeenth day of September one thousand Six hundred Sixty eight
Signed by the Rt honble Charles Calvert
Recorded at the request of George Johnson

1 October 1668, f.130 (Vol. 54, p.723)
It is ordered that Edm: Beauchamp Clarke of this Court take bond of George Johnson & his security Roger Wolford (who is approved of) for the Rt honble the Lord Proprietor to the quantity of Doble the taxes f or the true officiating the Sherriffes office for this County & send it over to the Rt honble the Leiut Generall
The reason wherefore this is entered before the proceedings on Tuesday last is because of the hast of Sending over the Conveyance
Signed by mr Revell

1 October 1668 f.131 (Vol. 54, p.724)
Know all men by these presents that I George Johnson of the County of Sommersett in the Province of Maryland Sherriffe Doe by vertue of a pattent from the Leiuta Generall of the Said Province to me granted for the high Sherriffs office in the County of Sommersett aforesaid Authorize Depute & appointe George Hossfoord of the County & province aforesaid Cirugion to be my under Sherriffe to execute 211 writts Summons execucons or other writings belonging to the high Sherriffe to execute but not to receive any dues whatsoever that belongs to the high Sherrife to receive; In Wittnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand & scale the 29th day of Septemer Anno 1668
George Johnson (Seale)
The Said George Hossfoord was sworne Deputie sherrife in open Courte the day & year above written

Somerset Judicials 1670-71 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 86)
15 Nov 1670, f. 47 (Vol. 86, p.47)

The Same Day Comm’rs as afore
According to an order from the Deputy Leiuetents: for the
Constables to be Sworne to there Severall Lists they gave
into the Sherife the Constables of this County being summoned
to appeare this day; are Sworne & ordered that the Clerk
drawe up the List of the tythables fayre that y Constables
gave out to y Sherrife & now Sworne to the sd: lists; & seale
it with the County seale directing the same to the Rt: hon’ble:

9 August 1671, f.199 (Vol. 86, p.191)
The Same Day Comm’rs: as afore
mr: Henry Smith Setts at the board
Severall Constables brought in the List of the Tythables
for this County And the Co’rt: orders that those persons
left out of y List last year be now left out --

9 August 1671, f.216 (Vol. 86, p.208)
The 9-th: day of August Att A County Co’rt: then helld the tythables
of this County was brought in by the Constables And then ordered
That those persons left out of y List last year Shoulld now be left out
The number of The List of y Tythables of each hundred as foll.
Wiccocomoco hundred . . . . 73
Manny hundred . . . . . . 30
Manoakin hundred . . . . . 106
Anamessicks hundred . . . . 84
Pocomoke hundred . . . . . 65
Pocotenorton hundred . . . . 28
Totall in Sommersett County . . 386

Somerset Judicials 1675-77 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 87)
No entries found concerning tithables.

Somerset Judicials 1675-77 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 88)
No entries found concerning tithables.

Somerset Judicials 1675-77 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 89)
13 Nov 1676, f.61 (Vol. 89, p.43)

The Same Day Comm’rs as afore / A List of the Tythables which are not in y List vizt: one att mr David Brownes one att r Ballards Arnold Elzey John Tyler Richard Warren att Edward Smiths one not Listed by informacon Jno: Wooten: John Porter att Wm: Plannrs Andrew Hamblin Richard Hazeldine John Salsbury ordered tht the Sherreff receive both County & County Leavy for these & pay to Richard Brittain Cryer five hundred pounds of Tobacco & pay y rest as y Co’rt shall think fitt: ~ ~ ~ ~

Somerset Judicials 1683-84 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 90)
No entries found concerning tithables.

Somerset Judicials 1687-89 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 91)
18 Nov 1687, f.7

The Same Day Commrs: as afore onely Capt: Browne ad ordered that mr: James Round & Capt: Stephen Luffe ex’t: the County Leavy with the Clerke & that execucon be affixed & further ordrd: the Sherife to gather the amercem’ts: & fines & that there be execucons affixed ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

30 April 1689, f.102
At a County Court for the Laying of the Leavy held by order of Councill
for the Rt: hono’ble: Charles Lord Baron of Baltemore &c: the 30th: day of Aprill
In the Xiiii-th: yeare of his Lordpps Domion &c: Anno Domi 1689
Coll: Wm: Colebourne Mr: Stephen Luff
Capt: Jno: Winder mr: Edmond Howard Comrs - - - - -
Present mr: Robert King mr: Sam’ll: Hopkins
mr: James Dashiell mr: Thomas Jones
mr: Roger Woolford

The County Leavy being laid and amounting to the Sume of 50051 lb: of Toba: and there being 1266 Taxables in the County Comes to 39lb pr pole only 44lb: of Tobacco which the County is to be Accomptable for Next yeare &c - - - - -

Somerset Judicials 1689-90 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 106)
24 September 1689, f.2

Sommersett County ~ At A meeting of their Majesties Justices of the Peace the 24th day of September in the first year of the Reigne of William and Mary King and Queene of England France and Ireland &c Annog: Domz; 1689 / Collo: William Colebourne. Capta. Robert King Capta: David Browne . . . : mr: James Round present mr: Francis Jenckins . . . . : mr: Samuell Hopkins Commrs: Capta: John Winder . . . . : mr: Stephen Luffe mr: William Brereton . . . : mr: Thomas Jones
This day the Constables of theire Severall & respective hundreds brought in their Se Lists of Tythables vizt
William Innis Constable of Boquetenorten hundred Taxables there ... 195
William Nelson Constable of Mattapeny hundred Taxables there . . . . 89
John Perkins Constable of Pocomoke hundred Taxables there . . . . . . 271
Isaac Horsey Constable of Anamessex hundred Taxables there . . . . . 147
Henry Miles Constable of Manoakin hundred Taxables there . . . . . . . 199
Samuell Jones Constable of Manny hundred Taxables there . . . . . . . 93
Richard Jeffers Constable of Nanticoke hundred Taxables there . . . . . 141
And whereas there is found A deficiency of William Elgate Constable of Wicocomoco hundred in not bringing in his List of Tythables this day before the Justices It is ordered That the Said William Elgate make a Speedy returne of his List one to the Sherife another to the Clerk at his office at Capta: William Colebournes in Manoakin both fairely writt and his name Subscribed that the yeare AbC List hereof he is not to faile at his perill The Sherife to make knowne this order to him forthwith

28 September 1689, f.3
Memorandum That this vizt y 28th: day of September according to order past the 24th: day of September last William Elgate Sent to ye Clerke his Lists of Tythables of the Inhabitants of Wiccocomoco hundred being Taxable persons in that hundred one hundred Seaventy & Seaven After the Clr:ke & underSherife had examined the whole lists from the Constables & delivered found they did amount to thirteene hundred & twelve Taxable Persons The Said Roger Burkum the Same Day Sent the whole lists by William Richardson to Capta: Wm Whittington high Sherife of this County ~

17 January 1689, f.41
Comissioners Presnt Capt. David. Browne Mr. Samuel: Hopkins Capt. Robert King Mr. Edmund Howard mr. James. Round The Court being called this day through Coldness of weather adjourned for halfe an hour to mr. Andrew Whittingtons, where it was againe imediatly called and this County Leavy Laid, which being duely asessed were found to be eighteen pounds pr poll as appears pr Leavy Book - - - - - - - - - - - - - And whereas ther happened to be an errour found, in the laying of the last years Leavy of four hundred pounds of Tobacco, and finding it to be in the hands of mr. Francis Jenkins. the Court therefore Orders. Mr. William: Brereton high Sheriffe to demand the same.

12 August 1690, f.151
Order the Constables take in Custody all not residents, and to secure, till they give Security to the Sheriffe or to the Court for their Subsequent taxes.

12 August 1690, f.152
Each Constable of their respective hundreds this day brought into Court their Several Lists of Taxable persons, except John: Waltam of Pocomoke hundred.

9 September 1690, f.178
Ordered that the Constable of Mony hundred, take the taxable Inhabitants of the divels Island into his list of tytheables. it being Ordered into his Precincts. - - -

7 October 1690, f.180
It was Ordered by the Justices in September Court last past, that the Constable of Mony hundred, take the taxable Inhabitants of the divels Island into his list of Tytheables, wch Order was forthwith sent to the aforesd Constable. And after our Burgesses was gone over the bay with the generall List of Taxable persons in this County, the aforesd Constable (viz) James: Langrell brought to the Clerks Office a List of the sd Taxable persons upon ye divels Island as followeth
The true list of the divels [Devils] Island
Dennis: Buckey.- 1
Thomas: Roe.--- 1
John: Winsor ---- 1
John: Laws.-- 1
William: Laws} 2

12 November 1690, f.195
To the worll: Commissioners of Somerset County the humble Petition of us this present Grand Jury as representing the body of the County aforesd. humbly sheweth - - - - - - -
That where it hath been ye usuall practice and Custome of the Court to assess and lay the County Leavy at November and upon that reason the Inhabitants are come togeather, and we the Jurors aforesd in the behalfe of our neighbours and our selves do humbly pray that your worships will take it into your Serious consideration as to follow so good a Custome and to do the same this Court the contrary will be much to the trouble, damage and great charges of us and our neighbours as aforesd and your Petioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. Signed with Consent. By the whole grand Jury. viz Jno. Bozman foremn Lazarus:Maddux. John: Harris. Samuel: Horsey Richard Crockett. Owen: Megraugh. Jno. Emmet. Thomas Sermon. Miles. Grey Thomas: Gordon. John. Mckknitt. Rich: Holland William: Heron. John: Smock. John: Johnner. Fr: Roberts. John Richins. Adm Heath Grand Jury is dismist
Order friday next for Lying the County Leavy

Somerset Judicials 1690-91 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 191)
15 November 1690, f.12

Order. This County Leavy be laid the second tuesday in december. Anno. 1690

10 December 1690, f.22
This day the County Leavy was laid which did amount to 37lb. pr poll. Country leavy 51 tot: 88

11 August 1691. f.150
The Same Day being y 11th. day of August Commrs. Present Collo: David Browne
mr: Roger wolford mr: James Round: George Layfeild Capta: John King
      This day appeared With theire List of Taxables these following Constables & delivered them to the Cort
      Nathaniell Vezey Constable of Mattapeny hundred,
      Anthony Bell Constable of Anamessex hundred
      George Phebus Constable of Manoakin hundred
      John White Constable of Manny hundred
These following Constables were Delinquents in theire offices viz
      Robert Cade Constable of Boquetenorton hundred
      John Starret of Constable of Pocomoke hundred
      William Harris Constable of Wiccocomoco hundred
      William Piper Constable of Nanticoke hundred
Where upon this Cors: orders That the Severall Constables (Delinquents) bring To the Clerkes office at Back Creeke of Manoakin river Two exact Lists of the Chatles of theire Severall & respective hundreds fairly drawne out & Cast up with theire Severall & respective hands affixed to the Same That is A True List Taken by them on Tuesday the Twenty fifth day of this pr:Sent Month of August there to be examined by Sherife & Clerkes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And further ordered that the Sherife examine the Same with the Clrkes & make a regulacon (if any Errors be) of all the Constables Lists

Somerset Judicials 1691-92 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 405)
13 Nov 1691, f.140

This day this County Leavy was laid which did amount to 31lb: tobacco pr poll. --
there being no publick Charge brought in

Somerset Judicials 1692-93 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 406)
9 August 1692, f.18

This day the Constables of the severall Hundreds delivered in their Lists of their tythables.

11 November 1692. f.132
County Levy; “This day the County Leavy was laid, which did amount to 36 pound tobacco per poll public 140 ambo fecit 176 per poll”.

16 March 1692/93, f.191
Levy laid; 1428 taxables; 38 lbs/tbco per poll.

Somerset Judicials 1693-94 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 407)
15 November 1693, f.48

May it therefore please your Wor’ps to consider the case of said Earles now in slavery, and order some way by County levy or otherwise for his relief (knowing that what is given, in this case, is not lost) and the Petitioner as bound in duty shall ever pray ~~ Which Petition was read and sent up to the Grand Jury (who made return on the reverse side of Petition) viz Wee of the Grand Jury are willing that three pounds p/ head out of the taxable persons be allowed to sd Earles if yr Wor’ps think fitt. Petition granted & 3 lb p/ head allowed sd John Earles.

16 March 1693/94, f.89
County Levy laid; 1428 taxable persons; apportioned at 38 lbs/tbco per poll; execution ordered.

8 January 1694/5, f.152
Several decisions of the House of Burgesses from October 1694 are read in Court and entered in the record: By the Burgesses of Assembly October the 17th 1694
Proposed that the fourty pounds of tobacco p/ poll in Ann Arundell County not collected the last year goe towards the building of a Church in Ann Arundell Towne and consented unto nemine contra dicente. That the said tax of fourty pounds tob. p/ poll in the said County be collected the next year and be paid to the Vestry men for and towards the building of the said Church in the said towne. And what the building of the said Church requires more to be left to the consideration of the next Sessions of Assembly for the levying of the same in the said County. Signed p/ order C. Lomax Clk Assembly This Board doe agree to the same

Then was read the following, viz. By the Burgesses of Assembly October 18th 1694 VOTED that all the Counties in this Province that have not levied the 40 lbs of tobacco p/ poll for and toward the maintenance of Ministers or building of Churches the last year that the same be not levied this year but the next year ensuing, eighty pounds of tobacco p/poll be levied & collected in the said Counties.
      Signed p/ order C. Lomax Clk Assembly
The Board doe agree to the same. And that Order goe to the severall Counties comanding of them the 40 lbs p/ poll this year & to be implowed to the several uses as the law directs
Tru Copy Henry Denton Clk Concil

Somerset Judicials 1695-96 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 687)
12 December 1695, f.105

Levy completed; whole charge amounting to 116,215 lbs/tco; 1451 taxables assessed, 80 lbs/tbco per poll; 235 lbs remains due Sheriff.

Somerset Judicials 1696-9 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 688)
25 November 1696, f.152

Ordered by the Wor’ll Court that if the Sheriff doe not find out four Supernumorary Taxable persons in ths County, that sd Sheriff shall be next year allowed for so much out the next years Levy ~~

This day the abovesd County Levy was by the Justices laid & assessed. There being 1388 Taxable persons found, which at 53 pounds of tob’co per poll did amount to 73564 pounds of tobacco for which sd Sum the Wor’ll Court did order the Clk to issue Ex’n for agt the persons Taxables afsd or there estates etc to defray sd County Charges of 73684. (due 120 w/ Sher.)

Proceedings of Maryland Council 1696/7-1698 (Archives of Maryland, Volume 23)
Reported February 1696-7, f. 50 (Vol.23, p.22)

Somerset County is divided into four Parishes Vizt Somerset, Coventrey, Stepney, Snowhill.

Somerset Parish Consists of Manokin, and Many hundreds.
Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return, Vizt Mr John Huett Mr Nath: Horsey Mr Richd Chambers Mr Miles Grey Mr John Panter Mr Peter Elzey
Taxables 304.

Coventry Parish Consists of Pocomoke and Annamessix hundreds.
Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr Francis Jenckins Mr Wm Planer Senr Mr George Layfield Mr Thomas Dixon W Thoas Nuball Mr Wm Coleburn
Taxables 414 Anno 96: 369

Stepney Parish Consists of Wiccocomoco and Nantecoke Hundreds.
Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr John Huett Clergymn Mr Jam: Weatherley Mr Robert Collyer Mr John Bounds Mr Thomas Holebrooke Mr Philip Carter Mr Philip Askue
Taxables 381 Anno 96. 362.

Snow hill Parish Consists of Bogettenorton & Mattapany Hundreds.
Vestrymen for the sd Parish as by Return Vizt Mr Matt: Scarborough Mr Thomas Pointer Mr Wm Round Mr Thomas Selbey Mr John Francklin Mr Edward Hamond
Taxables 353.

(Total 1452; see also, Torrence, Old Somerset, p.155)


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