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* Early Settlers of Old Somerset: A Revision and Expansion of
Bogerternorton Hundred and Surrounding Areas of Old Somerset County,
Maryland. Volume 1, Inventories, 1665-1700.
Transcribed, compiled and revised by G. Ray Thompson, PhD.

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    Preface to the Revised Edition
    Appendix B: Samples of Colonial Clerks' Handwriting
    A Note About Spelling and Terminology

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A Note About Spelling and Terminology

Introductory users will perhaps have difficulty making their way through what appears to be an incredible amount of "misspelling" in the documents. I have tried as much as was feasible to leave the spelling of each word as it appeared in the inventory being transcribed. In trying to make sense, the researcher should try to "sound out" out the word to get a clearer understanding of just what the word was that the clerk was actually writing. Secondly, there are a number of specialized dictionaries and glossaries which will help understand little-known terms or specialized terms. With financial assistance from the Maryland Historical Trust and the Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, graduate students Kevin Russell and James Jensen have worked closely with me in attempting to bridge that gap by providing a Glossary of Unusual and Little-Used Terms In Colonial British America: 17th century Maryland Court Records. This 52 page glossary, illustrated with images of the sorts of objects found in colonial inventories, is available from the Nabb Center and should assist in alleviating the frustrations of scholars attempting to read and understand the colonial records.

G. Ray Thompson, PhD.
Professor of History
Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD 21801
April 18, 2004

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