Delmarva Settlers

Biographical Profiles
Biographical profiles of 17th century Delmarva settlers developed from the research and study of early historical records by Salisbury University students.

A note about the biographical profiles:
These profiles were researched and written by several undergraduate and graduate students. As such, each has a unique style of narrative, representing different approaches to the study and writing of biographical history. Some use an analytical technique, detailing the linear progression of events and activities of the early settlers; others take a synthetic approach through a study of the individual settler's role within and impact upon the larger 17th-century community. When coupled together, narratives of both styles help to capture and illustrate the lives of Delmarva's earliest settlers.


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Please click on the name of a settler to read his or her profile. You may also click on the profession or description listed after many of the names for more information about 17th century occupations in Somerset County.

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Margin drawing from
Somerset County
Judicial Records Liber A.W.

Currently Available - Non-Europeans:

The Johnson Family - Successful Black planters
The Indians of the Lower Eastern Shore

Currently Available - European Settlers:

William Berriman - Small farmer
William Bibby - Small farmer
Henry Carsley - Small farmer
Richard Chambers - Blacksmith
William Cotton - Minister
William Coulbourn - Planter, Political leader, Sheriff
Daniel Cugley
Alicia Traveller Custis - Widow and wife
Ambrose Dixon
Edward Drew
James Henderson
John Holloway - Chirurgeon (Surgeon)
Stephen Horsey - Political leader
Jane Jackson - Widow and wife
Parthenia Ennis Smock Reed Morris - Widow and wife
Thomas Purnell - Factor and Planter
Henry Smith - Planter
Richard Vaughn - Mariner
John Wilkins

Currently Available - Sites:

Askiminikonson Indian Town
Thornton Plantation

Coming Soon - Settlers:
David Brown - Merchant
William Burdett - Planter, Political leader
George Clarke
Alicia Traveller Burdett Walker Custis - Widow and wife
Randall Revell - Political leader

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Margin drawing from
Somerset County
Judicial Records Liber A.W.

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