Delmarva Settlers

About is a collaborative project. Funding is provided by a Fair Play grant, and this site represents a cooperative effort between the History Department of Salisbury University, the Salisbury University Foundation, and the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture.

The purpose of the Fair Play grant is to undertake student research using original records to examine the settlement and development of society on the Delmarva Peninsula. Working with primary sources and constructing these profiles have helped students develop analytical and interpretive skills, hone writing ability, and make a significant contribution to Delmarva history.


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In addition to the biographical profiles, also offers a collection of resources that are intended to provide a holistic view of the social, political, economic, and cultural realities of early life on the Delmarva Peninsula. Among these resources are transcriptions, databases, charts, and comparisons drawn from original seventeenth-century records, as well as select links to other sites and a collection of general research tools.

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Coupled with this array of other resources, the accumulated biographical sketches will bring to light significant new features of life on Delmarva's Eastern Shore during the germinal period of its settlement.

All funds generated from support the educational programs of the Edward H. Nabb Research Center.

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From Old Virginia and Her Neighbors
John Fiske, 1897 / 1900


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Mia Vye - Editing and administrative assistance

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James Edward Jensen
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John Fleming Polk, Ph.D.
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