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Delmarva Settlers

Welcome to The Delmarva Peninsula represents a microcosm of the social, economic, religious, and political development on the frontier of colonial North America. Scholarly examinations of seventeenth-century land records, probate inventories, wills, judicial records, and other original documents are bringing to light significant new features of life on Delmarva's Eastern Shore during the germinal period of its settlement. features transcribed primary documents from the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, biographical profiles of the Eastern Shore's earliest settlers, narratives addressing the unique concerns and challenges these early settlers faced, and a selection of research materials and tools revelant to the study of Delmarva's early colonial period.

We have conscientiously let the sources speak for themselves in the development of this project in an attempt to "get back" to the spirit of that initial generation of settlers and settlement. *


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Research Tools

New Resources:
* Kent County Database & Introduction from Dr. Alexa Cawley, Ph.D.

* The Indians of the Lower Eastern Shore by Christine Richardson

* Local Laws of Somerset County, relating to Public Officers, &c. 18th & 19th century

* A Curious Pilgrim Book of Remedies by James W. Baker

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New Biographical Profiles:
* The Johnson Family: The Migratory Study of an African-American Family on the Eastern Shore by Ryan Charles Cox


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