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After Oliver Cromwell gained control of the Rump Parliament and removed Charles I as monarch, his forces, led by Captain Dennis, arrived at Jamestown in March, 1652. They demanded that the colony "voluntarily" surrender to the reconstituted Parliament. The Council of the Commonwealth of Virginia ordered the two members representing Northampton County, Colonels Nathaniel Littleton and Argoll Yeardly, to collect signatures of the residents of Northampton, who would swear allegiance to the new English government. The new government had agreed to give them the same rights and privileges bestowed upon them as free-born people of England. With no protest, one hundred seventy-six Northampton County men signed the document.

To the Engagmt Tendered to ye Inhabitants of Northampton County Eleventh of March 1651.  Anno  1651

 Wee whose names are subscribed doe hereby Engage and promise to bee true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it is nowe Established without Kinge or Howse of Lords

25 of March
Nathaniell Littleton Argoll Yardley Jno. Stringer
Obedience Robins Wm. Waters Rich. Vaughn
Edm.  Scarburgh Wm Jones Tho Johnson
Edw. Douglas Tho.  Sprigge Danll Baker
Peter Walker Jno. Dye Tho. Higby 
Wm  Andrews Sr. Xtofer Maior Robert Harryson
Nich. Waddelowe Alex. Harryson Jno.  Parkes
Alex:  Addison Wm. Munds Wm. Stanley
James Barnabye   Thomas Hunt
Jno.  Purnell Francis  Flood Jno.  Ayres
Samll  Sand Steph. Stringer Robert Harryson
Jno Dorman Xtofer  Jarvis Luke Billington
James  Berry Nichl.  Scott Randolfe  Hutchinson
Phillipp  Farrant Anth.  Hodgskins Nich.  Grandger
Jno. Tilney Jno.  Nuthall Tho.  Truman
Sampson  Robins Wm. Whittington Alex.  Madoxe
Jno.  Ellis Wm.  Coake Henr.  Armitradinge
Jeffrey  Minshall Ben:  Cowdrey Steph. Charlton
Georgins Hacke Levyns  Denwood Jno. Parrimore
Rich.  Hamby Robert  Andrews Jno. Robearts
Edw. Harrington Ben.  Mathews Xtofer  Dixon
Tricesimo die Marty 1651     Wm  Luddington
Edm.  Mathews Xtofer Calvert  Steph. Horsey Jno.  Jenkins
Jno. Custis Ambrose Dixon Jno. Robbinson Phill. Mathews
Jno. Johnson Junr. Wm Howse Symon  Baieley Edw. Leens (?)
Farmer  Jones Robte.  Blake Jno.  Hinman James Jonsssen
Jno.  Dixon Rich  Hill Elias Hartree
Jno.  Taylor Jno. Pott Charles  Racliffe
Mathew Stone Edw. Marshall Jno. Graye
Tobias Selve (Selby) Jno. Dolling Jno.  Willyams
Rich.  Nottingham Charles  Scarburgh Randall Revelle
Nehemiah Coventon Walter Williams Wm Smyth
Ffrancis Morgan Wm Stephens Wm Custis
Wm Ward Jno. Thacker Tho.  Miller
Jno. Johnson Senr. Rich.  Smyth  Alex. Madoxe
Edw. Southern David Wheatley Samll. Powell
Jno. Merrikyn Robert Berry James Browne
Danll Chadwell Wm.  Preeneinge Robert Baily
Jno   Weslocke    Tho.  Bootterie Jno. Whitehead
Jno.  Coulson Henr. White Armstronge Ffoster
Jno. Marshall Jno. James Wm. Andrewes Junr.
Jno. Cornely Tho. Price  
Rich. Newell Rich.  Baily Samll.  Calvert
Jno. Lee Rich. Hudson Francis  Goodman
Phill.  Merradye Rich. Alleyn Jno. Willyams
Edm.  Moore Jno.   Lewis Wm. Conner
Edw.  Moore Jno.  Johnson Senr. Rich.  Smyth
Jno. Brillyant Wm. Gaskins Samll. Robins
Jno. Roper Nicholas  Juerye Jno. Goswell
Andrew Hendrye James Adkinson Daniel Keffyne
Antho.  Carpenter Wm.  Gower Jno. Browne
Jno. Wise Wm. Boucher Wm.  Moulls
Wm. Taylor Jno. Johnson Jnr. Wm Bowen
Jno. Waleford Wm. Jorden Rich Kellam
Mick.  Ricketts Xtofer  Kirke Jno. Edwards
Rich.  Bundocke Tho Savage Wm. Mellinge
Tho.  Clarke Samll.  Smothergale Raphll.  Hudson
Tho.  Irons Wm.  Coulebourne Rich. Tegge
Samll. Jones   Samuell Gouldsmith
Recordatur vicesimo die mensis Augusty Ano. 1652 
Teste  Edm. Mathews Clr. Cur
26of July 1653 in open court      Tho.  Sprigge  this engagement
Teste  Edm. Mathews Clr. Cur.
Court Northampton

Northampton County Court Records (1645-1654) Deeds, Wills, etc. Vol. 3, No. 3 :  pp. 188-189.

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