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* Settlers and Colonists on Delmarva

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* Biographical Profiles

Early Settlers of Delmarva
Sixteen biographical profiles of the first European settlers and colonists on Delmarva written by students of Salisbury University. This collection was previously featured on DelmarvaSettlers.org.

Notable People and Families
Families and people who established themselves or had an important presence in East New Market, Dorchester County (Maryland) in the 1700s and 1800s.

"A Diamond in the Rough"
Profile of Eastern Shore Methodist Pastor, Joshua Thomas.

* Immigration

Early Settlers of Maryland Query
The New Early Settlers of Maryland comprises 34,326 entries from Gust Skordas' Early Settlers of Maryland and Carson Gibb's Supplement to the Early Settlers of Maryland.

Immigrant Servants Database
Reconstructed passenger arrival list for people who came to Colonial America as indentured servants, redemptioners, and transported convicts between 1607 and 1820. Searchable.

Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654 - 1686
Virtual Jamestown's database that includes over 10,000 indentured servants contracts from four different registers (Bristol, Middlesex, London I & II). Searchable.

* Politics and Economics

Oath of Loyalty
Analysis of two lists, one from Northampton County, VA (1651/1652) and one from Somerset County, MD (1689) and what they convey about 17th-century political attitudes on Delmarva.

Comparative Inventories
Comparison of Contents of Inventories of Somerset County residents, William Ennis, Sr. and His Sons (1684-1706) and His Sons-In-Law (1687-1721).

Distribution of Wealth
Distribution of wealth in early Somerset County by income bracket, generated from Early Settlers of Old Somerset: A Revision and Expansion of Bogerternorton Hundred and Surrounding Areas of Old Somerset County, Maryland, Volume 1, Inventories, 1665-1700.

A list of occupations and positions held by early Delmarva Settlers culled from 17th century Somerset County judicial records.

'As Our Province Depends Wholy Upon Trade'
Article about 17th-century trade on the Eastern Shore of Maryland using archaeological and historical sources.

* Population Information

Also see: Census Records and Tax Lists

They Lived In Somerset: 17th Century Marylanders : Online copy of a print book identifying over 5,000 17th-century residents of Somerset County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Compiled by Wilmer O. Lankford.

Virginia - 1585
"The Names of Those as Well Gentlemen as Others, That Remained One Whole Yeere in Virginia, Under the Government of Master Ralph Lane."

Virginia - 1587
"The Names of All the Men, Women And Children, Which Safely Arrived in Virginia, and Remained to Inhabite There."

Virginia - 1623
"List of the Livinge and Dead in Virginia at the Eastern Shore."

Virginia - 1624
"A Muster of the Inhabitants of the Easterne Shore Over the Baye."

Tithables in seventeenth-century Somerset, as recorded in the Somerset Court and Maryland Council Records.

* Society and Culture

Family Networking
Family trees of early Somerset County settlers to show social connections and networking.

Colonial Titles
Some of the most common titles used in the colonial era and their meanings.

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