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* Index to Somerset County Bonds, 1780-90 [EB18 - 566 pages]

Acworth, Ethraim-47
Acworth, Richard-465,466
Adams, Alexander-68
Adams, Josiah-514,516
Adams, Sarah-113,114
Adams, Sarah-43
Adams, William Jr.-203,204,205
Addams, Ephraim-562,563
Addams, Thomas-53
Annsley, John-222,223
Atkinson, Benjamin-188,189
Austen, Hambleton-467,469
Austen, Robert-33
Austin, Elijah-421,422

Baine, Duncan-54
Bailey, Benjamin-564,565
Bailey, Littleton-566,567
Bailey, Mills-512,513
Ballard, George-548,549
Balley, Josiah-28
Banister, Charles-96,97
Banks, Robert-507,508
Beauchamp, Betty-24
Beauchamp, Sarah-404,405
Beauchamp, Thomas-15
Bennett, George-67
Bennett, James-265,266
Botham, John-126,128
Bowland, James-442,444
Bozman, Ballard-85
Brereton, William “The Elder”-147,148
Broughton, John-382,383
Brown, Robert-341,342
Brown, William-86
Bruff, James-379,380
Burk, Levi-349,350
Byrd, Catherine-40

Cannon, Matthus-293,294
Cannon, Winder-319,320
Carmeen, Moses-400,401
Causey, William-145,146
Chable, Richard-462,464
Chittam, Aquila-325,326
Cluff, Michael-307,308
Collier, Nicholas Evans-517,518
Collins, William-387,388
Cooper, Samuel-417,418
Cordry, Daniel-535,536
Costen, Sarah-432,433
Cottingham, David-385,386
Coulbourn, Sarah-433
Coulbourn, Stephen-253,254
Coulbourne, Isaac-78
Coulbourne, William-505,506
Cullen, Jacob-92
Cullen, Jacob-93
Cullen, Jesse-457,459

Darby, Benjamin-447,449
Darby, Walter-472,474
Darby, William-59
Dashiell, Joseph Sr-540,541
Dashiell, Josiah-179,180
Dashiell, Levi-305,306
Dashiell, Mathias-120,121
Dashiell, Mitchell-522,523
Dashiell, Robert-490,491
Dashiell, Sarah-394,395
Dashiell, Susanna-287,288
Dashiell, William Augustus-26
Dashiell, Winder-32
Davis, Beauchamp-75
Denwood, Arthur-373,374
Derickson, Peter-247,248
Dickerson, Levi-165,166
Dickerson, Richard-51
Dickinson, Richard-41
Dickerson, Ruth-124,125
Disharoon, Francis-438,439
Dixon, Isaac-436,437
Donoho, William-299,300
Dorman, William-345,346
Dunkin, Leah-83

Ellegood, William-485,487
Ellis, Joseph-251,252
Elzey, Robert-71
Elzey, Sarah-48

Finley, Ebinezer-183,185

Game, Henry-23
Gates, Charles-245,246
Gillis, Sarah-177,178
Gilliss, Sarah-366,367
Gilliss, Thomas-116,117
Givan, Day-44
Goddard, John – 2
Gunby, Kirk-8
Gunby, Patty-390,391

Hall, Charles-185,187
Hall, Charles-313,314
Hammond, James-255,256
Handy, Elizabeth-131,133
Handy, Elizabeth-210,211
Handy, George-72
Handy, Henry-369,370
Handy, Joseph-62
Handy, Levin-283,284
Handy, Mary Ann-64
Handy, Samuel-35
Handy, Samuel-212,213
Handy, Thomas-6
Hanford, William-224,226
Hannah, Mary Anne-415,416
Haynie, Richard-553,554
Hearn, James-364,365
Heath, Wilson-263,264
Henderson, Charles-275,276
Henderson, Daniel-81
Henderson, Daniel-190,191
Henry, Colonel John-30
Henry, Robert Jenkens-375,376
Hitch, James-134,135
Hitch, Robert-11
Hitch, Thomas-160,161
Holland, Isaac-199,200
Hopkins, Charles-73
Hopkins, Stephen-509,511
Horsey, Eleanor,372,373
Horsey, Elizabeth-353,354
Horsey, Isaac-423,424
Horsey, Outerbridge-495,496
Horsey, Samuel-118,119
Horsey, Samuel-339,340
Horsey, Samuel-428,429
Horsey, Smith-36
Horsey, Stephen-430,431
Horsey, Russel-38
Horsey, William-347,348
Houston, James-530,531
Howard, John-66
Huffington, Lazurus-361,362
Hull, Beauchamp-343,344
Humphris, Joshua-321,322

Ingersol, Samuel-408,410
Irving, Grace-331,332
Irving, Thomas-152,153

Jackson, John-527,529
Jenkins, Robert-243,244
Jenkins, William-351,352
Jones, Benjamin-30
Jones, Daniel-111,112
Jones, Lewis-149,151
Jones, Mitchell-201,202
Jones, Mitchell-218,219
Jones, Sarah-271,272

Killum, Edward-158,159
King, Robert Jenkins-497,498

Lankford, Benjamin-402,403
Lankford, Ephram-524,526
Lankford, John-257,258
Layfield, Robert-425,427
Leatherbury, John-196,198
Leatherbury, Leah-380,381
Leonard, Jane-398,399
Leonard, John-239,240
Livingston, Dunkin-558,559
Long, William-502,504
Lord, William-395,396

Mackay, James-392,393
Maddox, Thomas-94
Maddox, Thomas-95
Maddox, Thomas-129,130
Malcomb, John-269,270
Mallone, Robert-367,368
Marchant, Zorobable-329,330
Marshall, Isaac-327,328
Marshall, Thomas-337,338
Matthews, John-205,207
Matthews, Samuel-194,196
Matthews, William-109,110
McClester, Samuel-207,209
McDaniel, John-543,544
Mcllaly, Patrick-89
Melally, Patrick-138,139
Miles, Samuel-107,108
Miles, Stacey-289,290
Miles, William-49
Mitchell, John-406,408
Mitchell, Stephen-487,489
Moncur, Robert-5
Moor, Isaac-397,398
Moor, Joshua Evans-445,446
Moor, William-413,414
Moor, William-478,479
Moore, Joshua Evans-285,286
Moore, Levin-27
Morgan, Spencer-163,164
Morris, Joseph-411,412
Murray, Francis-82

Nelms, John-363,364
Nelson, John-231,232
Noble, John-52
North, John-192,194
Nutter, William-167,169
Nutter, Huett-483,484

Otley, Sarah-17

Paramore (Palmer), John-241,242
Parker, John-79
Parker, John-103,104
Phillips, Charles-220,221
Phillips, Elizabeth-358,359
Phillips, James-277,278
Phillips, John-154,155
Phillips, John-450,451
Piper, Agnes-315,316
Piper, Joseph-317,318
Piper, John-14
Polk, Josiah-141,142
Pollitt, George-101,102
Pollitt, Thomas-460,461
Porter, Hugh-555,557
Porter, John-311,312

Ragg, Andrew-249,250
Reed, Hezekiah-279,280
Rider, John-9
Rider, Wilson-39
Rider, Wilson-136,137
Rider, John-39
Riggin, Hannah-371,372
Riggin, Reubin-560,561
Roach, 383,384
Roades, David-58
Roberts, John-76
Robertson, George-440,441
Rugg, Andrew-98,100

Schoolfield, Isaac Bozman-434,435
Shanks, David-63
Sharp, George-233,234
Shipherd, Stephen-303,304
Smith, William-3
Seon, Thomas-22
Sirman, Mary-19
Stevans, Milcah-492,494
Stevens, Ephraim-360,361
Spear, William-537,539

Taylor, Abraham-355,356
Taylor, William-237,238
Taylor, William-452,454
Tilghman, Aaron-1
Trahearn, James-34
Train, James-105,106
Tull, John-10
Tull, Thomas-70
Turpin, Betty-470,471
Turpin, Nehemiah-291,292
Turpin, Whitty-333,334
Turpin, Willaim-61
Turpin, William-227,228

Vance, David-335,336
Vance, Tabitha-13
Venables, Benjamin-45
Venables, Joseph Esquire-480,482
Venables, William-90, 91
Vinson, Elijah-323,324

Waggaman, Mary-18
Wailes, Betty-229
Wailes, Elizabeth-230
Wailes, Joseph-356,357
Waller, Ebinezer-235,236
Waller, Richard-21
Wallis, Joseph-281,282
Walter, Priscilla-550,551
Walter, Robert-455,456
Warburton, Thomas-142,144
Ward, Stephen-122,123
Ward, Stephen-388,389
Ward, Stephen-519,521
Warwick, William-156,157
Waters, Elizabeth-297,298
Waters, John-295,296
Waters, John-261,262
Waters, Levin-309,310
Waters, Sarah-532,534
Waters, William-267,268
Watters, Edward-216,218
Watters, William-259,260
White, Isaac-56
White, Isaac-419,420
White, Nancy-499,501
Wilkins, Samuel-377,378
Williams, David-57
Williams, Elizabeth-169,171
Williams, Mary-172,173
Williams, Richard-87
Williams, Planner-545,547
Williams, Jacob -181,182
Willin, Robert-174,176
Wittington, William-273,274
Wittington, William-475,476
Wright, Thomas-301,302

Note = #There seems to never have been a page 84.
#Pg 105-106 filmed twice
#The clerk seems to not have inserted Thomas' name

Index prepared by Matthew Mitchell,
Nabb Research Center, Summer 2007

This index has been prepared for the convenience of patrons of the Nabb Research Center and is not a whole name index. It is indexed only by the principal person's name, therefore, no sureties or witnesses are listed.

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