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* The Dryden Collection Index

The Nabb Research Center is home to the Leslie Dryden Collection, the Eastern Shore's largest collection of genealogical material and certainly one of the most unique genealogy collections ever.

The Dryden Collection was compiled by, and named for, a Delmarva historian and genealogist who spent over fifty years transcribing summaries of public records, correspondence, newspaper information, etc., of the Eastern Shore into an 1,800 surname-based set of handwritten records. Mr. Leslie Powell Dryden (no relation to Ruth Dryden, genealogy author) was born 25 December 1914 and passed away 14 January 1992.

Although not indexed, the Dryden Collection is surname-based making research within the collection quite easy. The collection gives almost a one stop means of researching one's surname in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties, Maryland.

The Dryden Collection is almost entirely handwritten with some inserted correspondence and newspaper clippings during the later time period of his work. The public record entries are summarized, with sources listed, so that original records or microfilms can be reviewed. The Nabb Research Center houses all referenced films.

A difficult task in using the Collection is simply Mr. Dryden's handwriting. It is miniscule, cramped, and akin to reading a foreign language. However, a magnifying glass, patience, help from the Nabb Research Center staff, and more patience does get his entries interpreted. The Dryden Collection is copyrighted, and large scale photocopying is prohibited. However, photocopying of brief extracts for one's individual use is permitted.

The Dryden Collection is a starting point for research using his source references which quickly lead to microfilms of Maryland Prerogative Courts, wills, estate inventories, and published lineage

* Using this index

To browse the names, simply scroll down the page. To find a specific surname, type the name into the box below and click the Find Name button. If the name is in the index, it will be highlighted.


Abbott, Abdel, Absolum, Ackworth, Adams, Addison, Adkins, Adley, Adrion, Agnew, Agnifield, Aikman, Ake, Alexander, Alford, Allen, Allison, Alpha, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Angell, Anglin, Annis, Anno, Ansley, Arbockle, Ardis, Argo, Armiger, Armwood, Armstrong, Arnold, Ascue, Ashmead, Ashton, Atkinson, Austin, Avery, Aydeltt, Aydelott, Ayers, Ayleard, Aylward, Ayres.


Bacon, Bagwell, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Balding, Ball, Ballard, Banks, Bannister, Barber, Barbon ,Barclay, Barkley, Barleigh, Barnaby, Barnes, Barnett, Barret, Barry, Bartlett, Bashaw, Bassett, Bates, Batson, Battill, Batts, Baylis, Baynes, Baynes, Baynum, Beachboard, Beasey Beauchamp, Beckett, Bedsworth, Beebe, Beech, Belitha, Bell, Bellin, Belote, Bennett, Benson, Benton, Berkum, Besson, Bethards, Betts, Bevans, Brickhead, Bigland, Birch, Bishop, Black, Blades, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blizzard, Bloodsworth, Bloxsom, Bloyce, Bluett, Bodkin, Body, Boggs, Bohm, Bolithar, Bond, Bonneville, Boone, Booth, Bordman, Boston, Botham, Boucher , Bounds, Bousee, Bowden, Bowditch, Bowen, Bowhanan, Bowland, Bowlen, Bowman , Boyce, Boyer, Bozman, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bramble, Bratten, Bray, Brayfield, Brazier,Breeding, Breman, Brenton, Brevand, Brewer, Briddell, Brimer, Brinkley, Britain, Britt, Brittingham, Broadwater, Brooks, Brookshaw, Broughton, Brown, Bruff, Brumbly, Bryan, Buck, Buckler, Budd, Bull, Bullen, Bunce Buncle, Bundick, Bunting, Burbage, Burgan, Burgess, Burke, Burn, Burnett, Burroughs, Burton, Bush, Bussells, Butler, Byrd.


Cade, Caine, Caldwell, Callahan , Callender, Calloway, Calvert, Cambridge, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Cantwell, Carberry , Carew, Carey, Carlisle, Carmean , Carmichael, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carsley, Carter, Carver, Case, Casper, Cathell, Catherwood, Catlin, Canton, Caulk, Causey, Cavander, Cave, Chadwick, Chaille, Chain, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chance, Chandler, Chaney, Chapman, Charnock, Chase, Chatham, Cheeseman, Chelton, Cherrix, Chesser, Chipman , Christian, Christie, Christopher, Churn, Clark, Clarkson , Clarvoe, Clayton, Clifton, Clogg, Clowes, Cluff, Cobb, Cochran, Coe, Coffin, Cohoon, Cole, Coleman, Colgan, Collick, Collier, Colligan, Collins, Collison, Colona, Condiff, Conklin, Connally, Conner, Conquest, Conway, Cook, Cooksey, Cooper, Cope, Corbett, Corbin, Cord, Cordery, Cornell, Cornish, Cornwell, Corsey, Coster, Coston, Cottingham, Cottman , Cotton, Coulbourne, Coulter, Council, Coverdale, Covington, Cowan, Cowley, Cox, Craft, Crammer, Crampfield, Cranfield, Crawfield, Crawford, Creighton, Crew, Crippen, Crisfield , Crist, Crockett , Cropper, Crosdale, Crosley, Croswell, Crouch, Crowder , Cullen, Culver, Cummings, Cunningham, Curles, Curran, Curry, Curtis, Custis, Cutler.


Dagsworthy, Dakes, Dale, Daley, Daltrieu, Damerel , Dana, Daniell, Darby, Darcus, Dasey, Dashiell, Daugherty, Daughters, Davidson, Davis, Davy, Dawson, Day, Dayton, DeWaal, DeBonne, Dean, Deardee, Delamas, Delastatious, Dempsey, Dennis, Dennison, Denny, Denston, Dent, Denton, Denwood, Derrickson, Deveraux, Diamond, Dickerson, Digner, Dilworth, Dingle, Dingly, Disharoon, Dix, Dize, Dobson, Dolby, Donaldson, Donaway, Donohoe, Donovan, Doody, Dorman, Dorsey, Dory, Douglas, Dove, Dowdall, Downey, Downing, Downs, Draper, Driggas, Driskill, Drummond, Drury, Dryden, Donald, Dubberly , Duitt, Duer, Duffield, Duffy, Dukes, Dubbins, Dulany, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Dunton, Durham, Duzan, Dyer, Dynoch.


Eames, Earley, East, Edgar, Edge, Edwards, Efford, Elgate, Ellegood, Ellingsworth, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elmore, Elzey, Emenizer, Emmett, Emory, English, Ennalls, Ennis, Ent, Ereskin, Esham, Eskridge , Evans, Everton, Evett, Ewell, Ewing.


Fall, Farlow, Farrell, Farrington, Farrow, Fassett, Faulkner , Feddemen, Feddy, Finnessy , Fenton, Fenwick, Ferguson, Fields, Finch, Finney, Fish, Fisher, Fitchett, Fitzgerald, Fitzwater, Flavel, Fleetwood , Fleming, Fletcher, Flint, Flowers, Floyd, Fluelling, Fluhart, Flurer, Fodders, Follin, Fontaine , Fooks, Fordred, Forman, Forsythe , Foskey, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foxon, Foxwell, Frame, Framway, Francis , Franklin, Frazier, Freeks, Freeman, Freeny, French, Frizell, Fullerton, Furbush, Furlong, Furniss.


Gale,Ganby, Gardiner, Garland, Garrison , Gaskins, Gastineau, Gates, Gault, Geddes, Gennell, George, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Giles, Gill, Gillespie, Gillett, Gilliland, Gillis, Gladden, Glasgow , Glass, Glaster, Glendell, Goddard, Godfrey, Godwin, Gogan, Goldsborough, Goldsmith, Goodman, Gootee, Gordon, Gordy, Gore, Gornwell, Goslee, Goswelling, Gould, Graden, Graham, Grant, Gravenner , Gray, Green, Greer, Griffin, Griffith, Grines, Grinlis, Groom, Groscup, Groten, Grove, Grumbles, Guinn, Gunby, Gunn, Gupton, Gurley, Gurney, Guthery, Guy.


Hack,Hadder, Haddock, Hales, Haley, Hall, Hambert, Hambury, Hamilton, Hamlin , Hammond, Hampton, Hance, Hancock, Handy, Hanes, Hanley, Hanna, Hanson, Harcum, Hardester, Harding, Hardy, Hargis, Hargrove, Harmon, Harmonson, Harney, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Harwood, Hasfurt, Haste, Hastings, Hasty, Hatfield, Hathaway, Hathley, Hatton, Hawkins, Haydon, Hayward, Hayman, Haynes, Haynie, Heath, Heather, Heaton, Hemingway, Henderson; Hemmons, Henley, Henry, Herbert, Herman, Heward, Hewitt, Hey (Hie), Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Highway, Hignett, Hill, Hilliard, Hillman, Hindman, Hitch, Hitchens, Hobbs, Hodges, Hodson, Hoffman, Hogg, Holbrook, Holder, Holland, Holliday, Holloway, Holmes, Holt, Holton, Hook, Hooper, Hope, Hopewell, Hopkins, Horner, Hornsby, Horseman, Hosea, Horsey, Hosier, Hough, Houghton, Houston, Howard, Howarth , Howell, Hubbard, Hudson, Huett, Huffington, Hugg, Huggins, Hughes, Humphries, Hundley, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hurley, Hust, Husted, Huston, Hutchins , Hutchinson, Hutt, Hutton, Hyland.


Iliffe, Inckley, Ingersoll, Ingram, Irons, Ironshire, Irving, Isaacs.


Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jarmon, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jenison, Jenner, Jenkinson , Jester, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Joyce, Joynes, Juett, Justice.


Kane, Kaylor, Keas, Keene, Keith, Kellam, Kellett, Kelly, Kelpin, Kemp, Kendall, Kenly, Kennerly, Kennett, Kenny, Kent, Kerr, Kershan, Keysar, Kibble, Kilby, Killman, Kimball, Kimberly, King, Kinnikin, Kinsley, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirwan, Kitchin, Knapp, Knepschelt, Knight, Knipe, Knowles, Knox, Kollock, Krentzer.


Lacey, Landon, Lake, Lamb, Lambden, Lambertson, Lambruse, Lamdreth, Lamee, Lampen, Lane, Lang, Langrell, Langsdale, Lank, Lankford, Larkin, Larramore, Latchum , Lattimore, Lawless, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Layfield, Layton, Leach, Leake, Leatherbury, Lecates, Lecompte, Lecount, Ledman, Lee, Lemon, Lenard, LesCallette, Lester, Lewis, Libby, Light, Lilliston, Lindell, Lindow, Lindsey, Ling, Lingley, Lingo, Linton, Lippincott, Lisney, Lister, Liston, Little, Littleton, Livingston, Lloyd, Lockerman, Lockwood, Lofland, Logan, Lokey, London, Long, Lord, Lore, Loreman , Lowder, Lowe, Lowery, Lucas, Ludlam, Luke, Lun, Lurton, Luste, Lynche, Lyon.


Mabbott, Mace, Maddox, Maddrix, Magan, Mahan, Majors, Malcomb, Mallett, Mallison , Malone , Maloney, Manders , Manklin, Manlove, Mann, Manuel, Manning, Mannix, Mapp, March, Marchant, Marchment, Marcum, Marine, Marks, Marriner, Marriott, Marsh, Marshall, Martial, Martin, Marvel, Mason, Massey, Mathenson, Mather, Matthews, Matthias, Maull, Maxfield, May, Mayne, Mayo, McAllen, McAllister, McBride, McBriety, McCabe, McCall, McCalpin, McCane, McCarthy, McCaully, McCellon, McClain, McClellan, McClemmy, McClester, McClish, McClure , McCormick, McCoy, McCrea, McCready, McCuddy, McCullough, McDaniel, McDorman, McDowell, McElkiney, McFadden, McFarland, McGee, McGinnis, McGlanery, McGlaughlin, McGrain, McGrath, McGregor, McGuire, McHenry, McIlavaine, McInnis, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKean, McKee, McKenny, McKinzie, McLaughlin, McMaster, McMichael, McMullen, McMurray, McNamera, McNeal, McNider, McNitt, McPherson, McVeigh, McWilliams, Meade, Mealy, Mears, Medcalf, Meech, Melahy, Melson, Melton, Melvin, Mercer, Meredith, Merrill, Merritt, Metcalf, Methwin, Mezick, Middleton, Midgley, Mifflin, Milborne, Milby, Miles, Miller, Millett, Milligan, Mills, Minish, Minors, Miskill, Mister, Mitchell, Mitcheller, Moffett. Moller, Molleston, Moncar, Monroe, Montgomery, Moodey, Moolson , Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mosely, Moses, Mount, Muir, Mulcahy, Mulder, Mullen, Mumford, Mungar, Murphy, Murray, Myers.


Nairne, Nash, Neale, Needham, Niember, Nelms, Nelson, Nesham, Nevah, Newbold, Newcomb, Newill, Newman, Newton, Niblet, Nichols, Nicholson, Noble, Nock, Norman, Norris, North, Northam, Norton, Nottingham, Nugent, Nutter.


O'Bryan, O'Day, O'Dear, O'Dell, O'Shehanna, Oates, Oke, Olandman, Oliphant , Onions , Onley, Opper, Osbourne, Ottley, Otwell, Outerbridge, Outten Overton, Owens, Oxford.


Paden, Page, Palmatery, Palmer, Pank, Panther, Paradise, Parker, Parkinson, Parks, Parr, Parranore, Parrot, Parsons, Parvin, Pasquith, Passwaters, Patrick, Patterson, Patty, Paul, Payne, Peacock, Pead, Peale, Pearcey, Pearson, Peart, Peddington, Penderton, Pendelton, Penn, Pennell, Pennwell, Pennock, Pentland, Pepper, Perdue, Perkins, Perry, Peterkin, Peters, Peterson , Pettijohn, Pettit, Phillips, Phippin, Phipps, Phoebus, Pilchard, Piles, Pinto, Piper, Pitts, Planner, Plumer, Plunkett, Poleyette, Polk, Pollitt, Pond, Ponton, Poole, Porter, Postley, Potter, Poulson, Powders, Powell, Powers, Poynter, Pratt, Prentice, Preston, Prettyman, Price, Prideaux, Primrose, Prior, Pritchett, Probart, Profit, Pruitt, Puckhan, Puddery, Purnel, Purviance, Pusey.


Quartermas, Quillen, Quinn, Quinton.


Rackliffe, Ragley, Rallison, Ralph, Ranjay, Rankin, Ranson, Rappon, Ratledge , Ray, Rayfield, Raymond, Rayne, Reader, Reading, Ready, Records, Redden, Reddish, Reece, Reed, Reeves, Register, Rencher, Renny, Revell, Reynolds, Rhodes, Riall, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Riddell, Rider, Ridgeley, Ridines, Ridley, Rigby, Riggin, Riggs, Riley, Rimmer, Ringgold, Ringler, Risley, Ritchie, Ritzel, Roach, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rock, Rodney, Rogers, Rollins, Rose, Ross, Round, Rowan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Royal, Ruark, Rudolph , Rugg, Rumbley, Russell, Russum, Rust, Rutter, Ryan, Ryland.


Sadler, Salisbury, Salman, Sampson, Samuels, Sanders, Sandwith, Sandford, Sangster, Sartorious, Sasrit, Sasscer, Sattchel, Satterfield, Savage, Sawyer, Sayers, Scady, Scandlin , Scarborough, Schoolfield, Schwartz, Scott, Scrogin, Scroginlinere, Scudder, Seabreeze, Seals, Selby, Seon, Sermon, Seville, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shane, Shanklin, Sharkey, Sharp, Sharpley, Shaw, Shay, Shehee, Sheldon, Shepherd, Sheridan, Sheriff, Sherwood, Shery, Shiel, Shiles, Shiletto, Shipham, Shipley, Shipway, Shirley, Shivers, Shockley , Shores, Short, Showard, Showell, Shrieves , Shuttleworth, Silverthorn, Simmons, Simms, Simonson, Simpkins, Simpler, Simpson, Singleton, Sipple, Skinner, Skirvin, Slattery, Slemmons, Slingo, Sloan, Slocum, Sloss, Small, Smallwood, Smart, Smashey, Smith, Smock, Smullen, Smyly, Snead, Snee, Snelling, Snow, Solloway, Somers, Soper, Sorin, Southern, Spalding, Sparkman, Sparrow, Spear, Speights, Spence, Spencer, Spicer, Spiva, Spriggs, Spurrier, Squires, Stafford, Stagg, Standbridge, Standford, Stanley, Stanton, Stapleford, Starr, Starrett, Statin, Stayton, Steele, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stilley, Stitt, Stockdell, Stocks, Stockwell, Stokes, Story, Stott, Stoughton, Stratton, Straughn, Strawbridge, Strayer, Street, Strickland, Stringer, Sturgis, Stubbins, Sudler, Sullivan, Sutton, Swaine, Sweeney, Swift, Sydnor, Symington.


Talbot, Tankersley, Tarleton, Tarr, Tate, Tatman, Tattlock, Tawes, Taylor, Teackle, Teague, Teeling, Templin, Tennant, Terry, Thawley, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Thorington, Thorne, Thornton , Thorogood, Thrift, Tignall, Tignor, Tilgham, Tilney, Timmons, Tindall, Tingle, Tipton, Tisdale, Toadvine, Todd, Toft, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Tone, Topping, Torbert, Tower, Townsend, Tracy, Trader, Trahearn, Traile, Train, Travers, Trice, Trippe, Trubshaw , Truitt, Truman, Tubes, Tucker, Tull, Tully, Tunnell, Tunnis, Tunstall, Turlington, Turner, Turpin, Turvill, Twigford, Twigg, Twilley, Tyler, Tyre.


Umstead, Underhill, Underwood, Upshur.


Valentine, Vance, Vandergrift, Vandom, Vaughan, Veasey, Venor, Venable, Venettson, Vestry, Vetra, Vickers, Victor, Victory, Vigerous, Vincent, Virdin.


Waddy, Waggaman, Wagner, Wailes, Wainwright, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Wallop, Walls, Walston, Walter, Waltham, Walton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Warrington, Warver, Warwick, Washburn, Waterfield, Waters, Watkins, Watkinson, Watson, Watts, Weatherly, Weaver, Webb, Webdel, Webster, Weedon , Weeks, Welbourne, Welch, Weldon, Wells, Wessels, Westcott, Westerhouse, Westlake, Whaley, Wharton , Whayland, Whealton, Wheatley, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whitelock, Whitney, Whittier, Whittingham, Whittington, Whitty, Widdowson, Widgeon,Wilcox,Wildgoose, Wilgus, Wildman,Wilkerson,Wilkins, Wilks, Willett, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Willing, Willis, Wills, Wilson, Wiltbank, Winant, Winder, Windsor, Wine, Wingate Winslow, Wise, Wolf, Wonnell, Wood, Woodcock, Woodcraft,Woodland, Woodnard, Woodward, Woolford, Woolsey, Wooster, Wooten, Wordie, Workman, Worrall, Worth, Worthey, Worthington, Wouldhave, Wright, Wrixon, Wroten, Wroth, Wyatt, Wye.



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