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Among the archival collection at The Edward H. Nabb Center are various oral histories pertaining to and stretching beyond the Eastern Shore.

Oral history is the verbal tradition preserving knowledge and experience by passing it along from one source to another. These formal accounts of people, places, and events are collected in the form of audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, and DVDs. A vast amount of the Delmarva Oral History Collection consists of various personal narratives, several of which come from war veterans and civil rights advocates. A portion of these narratives include family histories and traditions, both of which the Nabb Center values. The largest part of this particular collection relates to folklife and folklore. This extensive information on Delmarva's youth, labor force, social and cultural customs, legends, and everyday life in local neighborhoods will satisfy historians, students, teachers, and local residents alike.

These resources are available on request at the Nabb Center during open hours.

Chincoteague Oral History Collection, 6 audiocassettes and 1 CD:


Cooper (Richard) Collection:
     John Bailey [1983.093; Box 6, Folder 4]

Cristfield Traditions in Time Collection, 46 audiocassettes and 4 CD-Rs:
     [2004.007; Box 1, Folders 1 and 4]

Delmarva Oral History Collection, 19 audiocassettes:

Gibbon Oral History Collection, 2 audiocassettes and 2 CDs:

Kotlowski Civil Rights Collection:
     Presidential recordings, Civil Rights 1963 [2005.055.001-.009]
     Interview with Chief Tee Norwood [2005.055.010]

Price (Thomas) Collection, audiocassettes:
     George Robert Bailey [1983.001.010]
     Marion L. Hastings [1983.001.011]
     Ernest T. Foskey [1983.001.012]

Revell (Sharon Jones) Collection, 5 audiocassettes:
     [1984.010; Box 3, Folder 9]

Shanty Boats and Hunting Lodges Oral History Collection, audiocassettes and videocassettes:
     [2000.021; Box 2 of 11]
     Abernathy, Howard
     Assateague Development vs. Park
     Assateague Island
     Bishop, Aubrey
     Bounds, Katherine M.
     Bowden, Don P.
     Bunting, Fred
     Bunting, Gene
     Cropper, George Bert
     Cropper, Harry
     Cropper, Hugh III
     Cropper, Turner
     Daisey, Cigar
     Davis, Sydney
     Fehrer, Ilia
     Green Run/ North Beach USLSS Station
     Hancock, Miles
     Hastings, W.R.
     Henry, Patrick L.
     Holland, Spence
     Hudson, Dot
     Hunsinger, Joseph
     Jarvis, Kendall Jr.
     Jenkins, Buddy
     Jester, R.K.
     Jones, Magee, Dukes
     Jones, Norm
     Jones, Roy and Ralph
     Lewis, Daisey
     Lowe, Barry
     Pennewill, Harry
     Phillips, Hall
     Pitts, William
     Powell, "Fish"
     Powell, RE
     Purnell, George
     Quillin, chandler
     Reed, Lloyd "Woose"
     Reed, T. Jr.
     Reed, Tom and Cobb
     Savage, Mrs. Bill
     Savage, Rick
     Showell, Alfred
     Showell, John Dale
     Simpson, Mac
     Steelman, Nat
     Townsend, Dr. Frank
     Wimbrow, William B.
     Younk, Jane R., Tracy Sahler and Pat Russell

Teaching American History (TAH) Project Collection, audiocassettes, videocassettes, CDs and DVDs:

Wicomico Country Integration Oral History Collection, audiocassette:

World War II Wicomico County Veterans Collection, audiocassettes and videocassettes:
     Bailey, Bernard [1995.56.01.39]
     Baker, Ralph [1995.56.01.13]
     Baldwin, George and Marshall Moore [1995.56.01.34]
     Bennet, Cleophus and Richard E. Robinson [1995.56.01.31]
     Briddel, Paul [1995.56.01.03]
     Brittingham, Gordon [1995.56.01.05]
     Brown, Ralph E., Ernest Disharoon, and James H. Murrell [1995.56.01.28]
     Dahms, Eugene [1995.56.01.38]
     Flurer, Charles and Barbara Horseman (daughter of Edmund Massey)
     Foskey, Joseph [1995.56.01.32]
     Freeman, George R. [1995.56.01.11]
     Freeman, Robert [1995.56.01.25]
     Freeney, Laurence and Carrol Marshall [1995.56.01.30]
     Geo. Winfree; Maurica Bradford [1995.]
     Hayman, Graham [1995.56.01.08]
     Heilman, Roland and Paul Hilbert [1995.56.01.24]
     Holland, S. Norman Jr., and Nash and Tilghman Strudwick 1995.56.01.42]
     Hopkins, J. Cecil and D. Lee Smiley [1995.56.01.14]
     Jones, Bill [1995.56.01.06]
     Knapp, Denver and Theresa, and Robert Dykes [1995.56.01.27]
     Kravitz, Alex [1995.56.01.36-.37]
     Litow, Litman [1995.56.01.40]
     Marine, Harold an Donald Hurley [1995.56.01.09]
     Mitchell, Dr. Andrew "Chris" [1995.56.01.10]
     Mittleman, William and Alex Kravitz [1995.56.01.01]
     Newcomb, Albert, John Taylor and Alton Latchum's widow [1995.56.01.20]
     Parker, Randall and James Hayes [1995.56.01.26]
     Penuel, J. Amos Sr. [1995.56.01.17]
     Phillips, Marvin [1995.56.01.22]
     Proffitt, Ike [1995.]
     Rizzo, Joseph and Garfield Wilkinson [1995.56.01.18]
     Ruhl, Bill Jr. and James E. Nock: POWS [1995.56.01.02]
     Shockley, James [1995.56.01.07]
     Smith, Louis Evans, E. Messick, F.S. Messick, G.S. Smith, M. Jones, Vernon L.
          Brown Jr., Francis L. Brown Jr. & Sr., and Ralph E. Brown [1995.56.01.29]
     Spear, Harley of Air Corps, KIA: Memorial Service in Sharptown, MD
          [1995. & 1995.56.01.41]
     Stearns, Darrell E. and Grant Powell [1995.56.01.35]
     Strott, George [1995.56.01.04]
     Thomas, Norman, Henry West, and Byard Brown [1995.56.01.15]
     Townsend, Thomas and Ralph Hoag [1995.56.01.21]
     Twilley, Norris and Robert Majors [1995.56.01.16]
     Veteran's Day 11/11/95 1995.]
     Wainwright, William and George Sparrow Jr. [1995.56.01.33]
     White, Dr. Clifton and Stephen L. Adkins [1995.56.01.12]
     Wright, William, Hugh Robinson, and Joe Callus [1995.56.01.23]
     WWII "Heroes" Dub [1995.]
     WWII Window Dubs [1995.; 1995.]

SU Folklife/Folklore Collection

Labor Folklore:
     Bay Country Beauty Salon [FK91.024]
     Bowie Elks Lodge 2309 [FK94.003]
     Dolby Cemetery with Chris Dolby [FK90.003]
     Marshall MFG in Atlantic, VA with Richard Marshall [FK92.002]
     Marshall Seafood in Marion, MD with Jimmy Marshall [FK92.001]
     Nursing Customs [FK95.013]
     Phillips Seafood House, "Overcoming Exoterica in the Workplace" [FK92.035]

Legends and Supernatural Folklore:
Black Aggie [FK83.009]
     Family Ghost Stories from Theresa Kelley [FK94.034]
     Frederick County, Supernatural Legends [FK92.018]
     Haunted Houses [FK95.012]
     Interview with Keith Brown and Janet Shultz [FK93.026]
     Pocomoke Forest Legends [FK93.049]
     Renee Morris, "Reader of the Tarot" [FK87.001]
     The 'Wampus," A Neighborhood Monster [FK97.004]

Local Folklore:
     Assateague Ponies, people of Chincoteague [FK83.002]
     Cambridge, MD- Interview with Keith J. Wilson's grandfather, a World War II
          veteran [FK92.032]
     Damascus (Howard County), MD- Interview with Nate Brooks [FK93.041]
     Dorchester County folk stories [FK76.019]
     Dover Air Force Base tour [FK97.019]
     Federalsburg, MD- Interview with Edward Nichols [FK93.020]
     Milford, DE- Hanging out [FK93.005]
     Ocean City Fishing Tales with J. Bradford Rice [FK94.007]
     The Reid Farm Family field study [FK92.028]
     Smith Islander Has No Need for the Furriner [FK95.021]
     Tangier Island Folklore with Carl Dise [FK95.036]
     Wildwood tourism [FK95.019]
     Worchester County with Erma Jester and Dot Mumford [FK83.013]

Salisbury University Folklore:
     Athletic Trainers, Steve Meyer and Pat Lamboni [FK92.010]
     Greek Life at SSU: Fraternities and Sororities [FK94.031]
     Lambert, Beck- SSU student interview [FK97.014]
     Performance in the stairwell of Fulton Hall- "A Creative Dyad" [FK93.052]
     Rugby parties- Interview with Brian Nizen [FK92.011]

Social and Cultural Folklore:
     DeadHead Folklore [FK95.011]
     DeadHeads: Interview with Brian Starnes and Jim Fornoff [FK94.024]
     DeadHeads: Interview with Jenny, Neil, and Sarah [FK92.038]
     Foxhunting with christine Kempton and Hamilton Fox [FK94.006]
     Gray harness racing with Buck and Bucky Gray [FK91.009]
     Herbalism: Interview with Meredyth Eden and
          Tracy Riccoti in Gaithersburg, MD [FK93.043]
     Jewish Folklore with Don Slutzky and Lynn Assaraf [FK94.022]
     Joaning (verbal act): Interview with Mike, Monique, and WingDing [FK93.037]
     Motorcycling interview with "Ed"- scenes from TV show, Roadhogs [FK93.009]
     Pole Vaulters [FK97.016]
     Radio, 1930s: Interview with John and Louise Crosby [FK94.036]
     Twelve Steppers, personal experience narratives [FK95.006]
     Volkswagen owners, Justin Morris and Dennis Cappo [FK93.030]
     Volkslore: Volkswagen People as Folk Group [FK96.034]
     Who Are These Talking Parrot Heads [FK95.030]
     Women's Aerobics:
Interviews with Colleen McGrail, Mary Fuelton, Donna
          Lynch, Anastasia Hill, Kathy Mendes [FK94.005]

Youth Folklore:
     Children's Folklore [FK95.025]
     Hanging Out and Lifestyle of Rebellious Youths [FK93.051]
     Sexual Myths and Folktales about Teenagers [FK87.005]
     Teenage Urban Legends with J.Low [FK83.008]

     Young Gay Men in Salisbury [FK94.027]

Miscellaneous Interviews:
Adoptees as a Folk Group: Georgia Chipouras and Tricia Sherrer
     Bremenstuhl, Mr V.B. [FK92.026]
     Brosch, Churck and Doug Pritchard [FK91.016]
     Cannon, Patty [FK78.016]
     Deutsch, Eleanor; Robert Deutsch [FK91.006]
     Dunnock, Carl E. III on stories with "Pop," Carl E. Dunnock, Sr. [FK94.004]
     Greenspan, Harold [FK84.004]
     Harper, Adrienne and Lorraine [FK83.010]
     Harris, Tom: Hanging Out at the Top of a Patriarchy [FK95.016]
     Horner, Gloria: Following the Water [FK95.020]
     Hubbard, Beau [FK91.024]
     Insley, Nora [FK84.003]
Interview by Craig Sistek [FK90.001]
     Interviews by Phyllis A. McNatt [FK87.007]
     Lankford, W.O.; Albert Lankford [FK85.002]
     Looper, Daniel, Daniel Bush, and Jason Dean [FK93.008]
     Long, Nicole: personal narrative on Memom, death, and birth [FK94.013]
     Marker, G., G. Donaway, and P. Bratten [FK97.026]
     Thomas, Willard [FK92.031]
     Tolbert, Mary and Mary Quillen; Dr. Harold Smith; Mr. Nat Steelman
     Twiford, Laura [FK92.027]
     White, G. and S. Hildreth [FK97.026]
     Zgainer, Anthony J.: Pittsburgh [FK92.050]

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