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Wainwright Collection (2009.107sm)

1 folder


Wallace (Wayne) (1995.035)

1 box
This collection contains the marriage and death records of Wayne Wallace of Somerset County, MD.


Waller (James Augustus) (1997.001)

This collection contains the personal and professional records of of James Augustus Waller.


Waller (James Withers)sm (1997.010)

This collection contains the personal family records of the Waller Family.


Walsa Collection (2005.016sm)

1 folder
This collection contains photocopies of maps, railroad schedules and articles and one magazine all relating to Delmarva, Early Industrial tools and the Civil War.


Washburn (Wilcomb) Native American Collection (1996.032)

7 boxes
This series of Native American photographs contain galley proofs found with Dr. Washburn’s papers. Sets of photographs were marketed and sold by the Smithsonian. Dr. Washburn may have had these proofs in anticipation of the sale of photographic sets or in anticipation of another publication. These photographs are mounted and many are photo edited; 207 are identified in four archival boxes. Box 5 contains unidentified photos.


Washington Academy Collection (1987.030)sm

2 folders
This collection contains the cooperate, newspaper, and historical records of the Washington Academy of Somerset County.


Watkins Family History Collection (1990.020)sm 

1 folder
This collection contains three records, a book on the Family History of the Watkins family and two manuscripts dealing with Patty Cannon and a history of Dorchester County, MD.


Watson Vault Company (1997.022)

1 box
This collection contains the company records of the Watson Vault Company of Delaware.


Watts (J. L.) Collection (1990.056)

Collection consists of letters land records centered on the Gunby and Lankford families. Business receipts for a variety of transactions typical for the time are contained in the collection as well including a bill of sale for a slave in 1812.


Wells (Sergeant) Newspaper Collection (1996.007)

3 boxes
This collection contains a collection of newspapers from the central Atlantic region from 1945-1975.


Western Maryland College Collection (1999.013)

Postcards, photographs, documents, manuscripts, newsletters, pamphlets, periodicals, and report cards pertaining to Western Maryland College from 1927-1996.


Westside U.M. Ministries (1997.009)sm

This collection contains the church records from several churches in Wicomico County from 1884-1954.


Whaley Family (2009.125sm)

1 folder


Wheatley-Williams Family Collection (2008.124)

1 folder
Newsclipping re: the Wheatley family reunion in 1931 and the Williams family reunion in 1935 as well as the Davis-Noble-Kinder Family union.


White Collection (2009.117sm)

1 folder


White (Louise) Collection (1984.008)sm 

1 folder
This collection deals with the subject of the Catholic Church on the Eastern Shore of which little material exists. It provides a history of the catholic parish, St. Francis de Sales and its missions. In addition it covers the downtown area of Salisbury, Maryland in the early 20th century.


White Family Family History Collection (1988.043)sm

1 folder
This collection contains the family history of the White Family 18th – 20th Century.


Whitehaven Collection (1989.007)sm

1 folder
This collection contains miscellaneous material on the town of Whitehaven, Maryland.


Whitehaven Ledger Collection (2001.010)

This collection contains a ledger circa 1836 belonging to Marcellus Jones, a merchant in Whitehaven, Maryland.


Whitehaven-Lower Ferry Land Record Collection (2008.131)

Two photocopies of land records - one from 1736 pertaining to Noble Quarter and one from 1750 of Riceland - each plat contains the descriptive text.


Whitehead-Beer WWI Collection (2008.039)

WWII memorabilia belonging to George Whitehead, Harold Buehl, and Robert Beer.


Whittington (Andrew) Ordinary Keeper Somerset Co., MD (2009.110sm)

1 folder


Wicomico Church Papers Collection (2006.019)

The Wicomico Church Papers Collection contains various materials concerning the Wicomico Presbyterian Church and related congregations, however, it does not represent a complete history of the Wicomico Presbyterian Church. All materials in this collection have been photocopied, therefore, it does not contain any original documents, photographs or papers. Information is given about a variety of topics including Presbyterian history in Wicomico County, church pastors and the women of the Wicomico Presbyterian Church's Women's Association. The collection spans from the 18th Century, with copies of documents and transcriptions, through the 1950's, with papers concerning church renovation and weekly church bulletins. Select budget information and correspondence from the early to mid 20th Century can also be viewed. The Wicomico Presbyterian Church celebrated its 250th Anniversary in 1933, commemorating founder Francis Makemie's beginnings in and around the Wicomico River area.


Wicomico County Circuit Court Collection (2006.106)

The collection also contains cash books, receipt books, and license & expense books kept by the Wicomico County Circuit Court with dates ranging from the years 1885-1945.


Wicomico Historical Society Collection  (1987.056)  

Coming Soon.


Wicomico River Collection (1986.037)sm

1 folder
This collection consists of one high school thesis written in 1917 on the subject of historical places along the Wicomico River.


Willey (Jim) Collection (1988.037)sm

1 folder
This small collection of legal documents dating from 1876 to 1895 includes several summonses, an official voting ballot for Wicomico County, Maryland.


Williams (Kay) (1991.021)sm

This collection contains a short history of Fruitland, MD.


Williams (Margaret F.) (1996.012)sm

1 folder
This collection contains a Family History of the Godfrey Family.


Wilmer (Ann) (1991.011)sm

This collection contains a photograph of Senator Charles Disharoon’s house in Salisbury, a booklet answering FAQ’s about Easements and Monitors, information on the historic properties of the Eastern Shore, and a catalogue of potential research projects.


Wilson Collection (1999.019)sm

1 folders
This collection contains a photograph album from 1890, photographs of old Princess Anne from 1890, a history of the Wilson family, and a 1927 newspaper article about early life in Somerset County.


Wilson (Graydon) WWI Record Collection (2009.090sm)

1 folder
This collection contains information about Graydon Wilson who served in WWI. Included are his enlistment and discharge papers and his marriage certificate to Dorothy Purnell.


Winder (William H.) Papers Collection (2009.079sm)

1 folder
This collection contains several photocopied correspondences from the William H. Winder Papers during the War of 1812. Also included is a photocopy of the Recruiting Regulations.


Wise (Matthew) (1991.028)

11 boxes
Coming Soon.


Wolfe Collection (2006.323)

3 folders
This collection contains newspaper clippings and correspondence relating to historic homes in Wicomico and Somerset Counties, especially Liberty Hall. The Olde Princess Anne Days program refers to Liberty Hall, with a brief historical note, in its "Walking Tour" section.


Women in Early Somerset County Collection (1985.016)

1 folder
Collection is comprised of material covering the subject of women in early Somerset County, Maryland.


Woodcock (General Amos W. W. ) Collection (2008.045sm)

6 folders
This collection contains material pertaining to the life of General Amos W. W. Woodcock. This includes booklets and newspaper articles written by General Woodcock, as well as, Mamie V. Woodcock.


Woodland Family Collection (2008.123)

1 folder
Genealogical chart of the Woodland Family.


Wootten, Orlando (1995.005) 

8 boxes
Coming Soon.


Worcester County Militia Collection (2005.044sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a photocopy of an article which first appeared in the Maryland Historical Magazine in 1926 titled The Worcester County Militia of 1794.


The Worcester County Militia of 1794 Collection (2009.094sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a photocopy of The Worcester Militia of 1794 by Harry Franklin Covington.


Worcester Parish Collection (1990.061)

3 boxes
This collection contains books, land records, articles, journals and print material. It delves more deeply into the history of St. Martin's Church and less so for the others. Four churches are covered in the collection They are: Prince George (Dagsboro, DE), St. Paul's (Berlin, MD), St. Martin, (Showell, MD) and Worcester Parish in general. There is also a book on the history of the Anglican Church in Maryland, interesting manuscript on the Changing Patterns of Slavery in Worcester County and informative material on colonial inventories.


The Worlds of John Winthrop: England and New England 1588-1649 (2009.098sm)

World War II Ration Books Collection (2009.095sm)

1 folder
This collection contains Book One and Two of Fannie Lolita White's Ration Books.


Wroten (Dr. William) (1990.003)

22 boxes
Coming Soon.


Wynkoop (Eleanor) Collection (1984.017)sm

1 folder
This collection contains several deeds from the late 19th century pertaining to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


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