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Tawes Family Collection (2008.115)

1 folder
Information re: Tawes family.


Taylor (Pat) Collection  (1990.069)

1 box
This collection contains a variety of material on several subjects including education, organizations, land, buildings and objects. The first series consists of booklets containing 9th grade Social Studies lesson plans designed by the Wicomico Board of Education with the purpose of replacing Civics. The second series contains records from the State Teachers College. The third series includes building surveys completed in preparation for an exhibit.


Teackle Mansion Collection (1988.008)

1 box
This collection contains records related to Teackle Mansion and the surrounding area.


Thek (R. E.) Collection (1997.022)

This collection contains 17th and 18th century patents and certificates from Delaware and Maryland.


Thompson (G. Ray) Collection (1984.012)

8 boxes
Coming Soon.


Thompson Manuscript and Oral History Collection (2005.090)

This collection contains theses, oral history transcripts, news clippings and manuscripts. The bulk of the collection is devoted to life and activities in and around Cambridge, Maryland touching on issues of economics, business, religion, customs, current events and daily life. Included in the collection is a series containing theses written by Salisbury University students on the subjects of African and Native Americans and colonialism. Also of interest is a series devoted to oral histories covering the people and places of the Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Series I. Thesis, 2000 - 2002 This series contain theses written by Salisbury University students in pursuit of their graduate degrees in history. Subjects include colonialism, African-Americans and pop culture and Native Americans and the environment. Series II. Gertrude Price, 1888 - 1980 Gertrude Price was a researcher from Cambridge, Maryland. This series includes typed transcriptions from the Cambridge, Maryland newspapers touching on current event and social and economic topics. It also covers the history of the Phillips Packing Company one of the leading employers in the town and the Zion Methodist Church in Cambridge. Series III. Oral Histories, 1971 - 2004 This series contains transcribed oral histories of hunters, guides and decoy makers in the Chincoteague, Virginia area and people raised on farms in the Sinepuxent Bay near Berlin, Maryland. The oral histories come from the Assateague Island National Seashore, a federally funded park. Series IV. Memoirs, 1980 - 1995 This series contains memoirs written by residents of Cambridge, Maryland in Dorchester County. The memoirs cover life, business, daily activities, labor practices, living and working conditions, medical practices and urbanization taking place in throughout the 20th century. It also touches on prominent figures hailing from Dorchester County. Series V. Miscellaneous, nd - 1962.


Thompson Postcard Collection (2008.047sm)

2 folders
This collection contains reproductions of daguerreotypes from The Art of the Daguerreotype exhibit at the J. Paul Getty Museum, as well as, the container the reproductions came in. The collection also features vintage map reproductions on postcards.


Tilghman (Colonel Tench) Collection (1987.010)sm

1 folder
This collection contains the story of Tench Tilghman who was a Colonel serving in the Revolutionary War under George Washington. After serving in every major military campaign he carried the message of Cornwallis' surrender from Yorktown, Virginia to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.


Tilghman Fertilizer Company Collection (1989.003)

19 boxes
The W.B. Tilghman Fertilizer Company Collection contains a vast array of items and business records pertaining to the W.B. Tilghman Company. These include such items as company photographs, ink stamps, and a stock certificate seal stomper. There are also stock certificate books from throughout the 20th century. Another portion of the W.B. Tilghman Fertilizer Company Collection is The Tiller newsletter. The collection contains a near complete compilation of the newsletter covering the years 1943 to the 1960s. Inside the newsletters there are articles on historic homes, buildings, and plantations from Delmarva. On the Business side of the collection, there is an assortment of minute books for share holders and directors meetings, ledgers, journals, crop books, company records. There are also historic records such as the Wm. B. Tilgman Company charter, Governor’s citation of the 100th Anniversary of the Wm. B. Tilghman Company, and the Enlistment Certificate of William B. Tilghman, 1912.


Tilghman (Nehemiah) Survey Collection (2006.270sm)

1 folder
This Collection contains the 1766 Nehemiah Tilghman Survey.


Till-Burton Family Collection  (1992.012sm)

Manuscripts and bible records of the Till and Burton families.


Tisinger Collection (1990.018sm)

1 folder
This small genealogical collection provides a history of the Hudson family.


Toadvine (Mel) Collection (1993.031)

9 boxes
This collection contains photographs, negatives, scrapbooks, and newsclippings collected by Mel Toadvine during his tenure at Salisbury Daily Times from 1961 until his retirement in 1996. The majority of the collection comprise of photographs and negatives possibly used for news articles. Also, included is information pertaining to the Toadvine family. Series IV: Brewington Brothers contains a journal, letters of correspondence, accounting and financial information, and legal documents. Included are articles of incorporation and dissolution of corporation of the News Publishing Company of Salisbury, MD, as well as memos and letters from managing editors concerning ideas for new marketing strategies in advertising to acquisitions of local news publishing companies of surrounding towns. In addition are materials concerning stockholder and directors meetings.   


Trader (James) Family History Collection (1999.018)

This collection contains family history information for the Trader and Purnell families, slave cemetery documents at Beverly Plantation in Worcester county, and Tanning Vats from Salisbury.


Trehearn Collection (1988.044sm)

1 folder
This collection contains genealogical material relating to the Trehearn family.


Trehearne Family Collection (1989.009sm)

2 folders
This collection contains miscellaneous material on the Trehearne family.


Truitt Family Collection (1987.026sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains genealogical information on the Truitt family.


Truitt Family Collection (2008.109)

1 folder
Genealogical information and charts.


Truitt (May H.) Photograph Collection (1997.008)

1 box
This collection contains photographs of the Snappy Six of Salisbury, 1926.


Tudor Hall Photograph Collection (1997.005)

1 box
This collection contains photographs related to the Ballard Family and Tudor Hall.


Tunnell Family Collection (1996.010)

2 boxes
This collection contains the genealogical records of the Tunnell Family, historical documents related to Delaware, and an atlas of Delaware.


Twilley (Milford W.) Photograph Collection (1994.026)

4 boxes
This collection contains various photographs from the Twilley family and local area during their lifetime.


Tyler (Brice) Oral History Collection (1990.042sm)

This small collection contains a manuscript written by Brice Tyler on his childhood. Brice was born near Crisfield, Maryland. It documents childhood activities and playtime and family life on Maryland's Eastern Shore.



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