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Salisbury Award Recipients Collection (2008.127)

1 folder
List of Salibury Award Recipients from 1926 to 2008.


Salisbury Chamber of Commerce Collection (2008.044sm)

2 folders
This collection contains 6 booklets put together by the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce. They represent a survey of Salisbury, MD including important information concerning community life, family life, the city government, geographic characteristics and economic activity.


Salisbury Cotillion Club (2009.168sm)

1 folder


Salisbury Home of the Aged Account Book Collection (1995.007)

An early 20th century account book from the Salisbury Home of the Aged.


Salisbury Mayor Collection (2006.014)

This collection features pages of original and photocopied photographs of Salisbury, Maryland mayors dating from 1888 to 2007. It also contains articles regarding the history of the office, its activities and candidates written by Richard Cooper in 1994 and 200 and with others published near the start of the 20th century.


Salisbury Plat (1872) (2009.169sm)

1 folder


Salisbury Plat Collection (1987.028)sm

1 folder
This collection contains an 1818 plat of Salisbury, Maryland.


Samuel Chase Chapter (DAR) Collection (1984.022)sm

2 boxes
This collection contains materials related to the Samuel Chase Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Sanborn Insurance Map Collection (1996.037)

1 box
The Sanborn Map Company is the oldest mapping company in the United States starting its work in 1866. The Sanborn Maps are detailed building maps of cities and towns, primarily used by insurance companies. This collection contains two books of Sanborn Insurance Maps. A larger book contains the Insurance Map of Salisbury, Maryland from 1946, including the areas of Salisbury Hebron and Mardela Springs by the Sanborn Map Company. The second, smaller edition contains the Insurance Map of Ocean City, Maryland from 1941.


Savage (Robert) Civil War Collection (1990.006)sm

6 folders
This collection of various material relates to the Civil War and includes such items as letters, company rolls, war bonds, confederate currency and military papers.


Scarborough (Kay) Collection (1990.019)sm

3 folders
This small collection covers the subjects of slavery and agriculture in Worcester County, Maryland, Quaker families as well as genealogical information on the West, Dale and Milbourne families.


Scarborough (Marianne) Collection (1991.023)sm

1 folder
This collection contains church records for Northampton County, Virginia from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as a 19th century genealogical chart and a book of Early American Architecture beginning in 1595.


Schweers (Loveta M.) Collection (1991.009)sm

1 folder
This collection contains photographs of the Dick family from Salisbury in the 19th century, a bulletin from the Maryland Genealogical Society for the Winter of 1993, and Baltimore Cemeteries Vol. 5 St. Mary’s Cemetery.


Sciscenti Photograph Collection (2005.087sm)

1 folder
This collection is comprised of one photograph. This circa 1915 images captures the first gas well on the Eastern Shore. It was located on the farm of Vincent Sciscenti in Parsonsburg, Maryland.


Sesqui-Centennial Laurel, Delaware (2009.171sm)

1 folder


Shade (Emily) Collection (1987.024 sm)

1 folder
This small collection focuses on the Parson's cemetery records. This collection also contains a map of the Pocomoke River. CSL 7-21-08.


Shaner (Pat) Collection (1987.004sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains miscellaneous material on Greek Revival architecture present on the Eastern Shore. It includes photos.


Sherr (Carol Atkins) Collection (1990.064)sm

3 folders
Collection contains genealogical material on the Atkins as well as land patents relating to the family.


Shockley (Peter) Collection (1988.046) 

11 boxes
This collection contains the land and legal records collected by Peter Shockley. The land records include deeds indentures, warrants, plats and table of courses. The records are grouped by County in which the land or legal action originated. Peter Shockley's Transit Books also included in the collection. Transit Books field books designed specifically for use within the survey and engineering fields.


Shore Women's Conference Collection (1993.017)

Women’s History Manuscripts containing information on the First through Third Eastern Shore Women’s Conference, several different biographical manuscripts, and death certificates for women’s suffrage leaders.


Short Collection (2004.005)

1 box
This collection contains original receipts and documents that span from the early to late 19th Century. Most promissory notes are in regards to members of the Short Family, and give some insight into daily life during that time period. Background information and genealogical research can also be viewed about the donor and the Short Family. The original leather pouch that all the documents were kept in is also maintained within this collection.


Siloam (Bounds) Collection (1997.011)

1 box
This collection contains land and legal records for 17th-19th century Somerset and Worcester counties.


Silva (Charles B.) Monograph Collection (1992.029)sm

1 box
This collection contains a book on the world cruise of the USS Waller, DDE 466 from 1942-1950.


Simpkins (Judge Lloyd) Collection (1988.034)sm

1 folder
This collection contains a copy of Smith map on the Chesapeake Bay, an essay and miscellaneous material.


Smack Family Bible Collection (1988.050)

This small collection contains bible of the Smack family.


Small (Clara) (1991.001)

1 box
This collection contains tax, judicial, and land records from the colonial era, as well as a journal article on Malaria in the Early Chesapeake and several manuscripts and articles on Harriet Tubman and the Freedom Trail.


Small (Malissa) Collection (1985.013)sm

3 folders
This genealogical collection covers several families including the ancestral files of Malissa Small, the Gray, Seabreeze and Tarr families and consists of a variety of material.


Smith (Ed) (1995.044)sm

1 folder
This collection contains documents related to Somerset County, specifically the local churches of Upper Fairmount, MD and Fairmount Academy.


Smith (Lewis J.) Civil War Collection (2009.243sm)

1 folder
This collection contains material of Lewis J. Smith's service in Purnell Legion in the Civil War. Included are photocopied documents regarding his enlistment, promotion, discharge, pension and widow pension.


Somerset County Bible Records (1994.012)sm

1 folder
This collection contains the bibles and bible records of several families from Somerset County between the 18th and 20th centuries.


Somerset County Census Collection (2008.128)

This collection contains photocopies of the census records for Somerset County, MD. Included are the years of 1860, 1870 and 1880.


Somerset County Court (Judical Record) Collection (2008.129)

This collection contains photocopies of the Judical Record from Somerset County Court during the span of October 1871 to June 1901.


Somerset County Deed- Day Scott & John Goddard 1746 (2009.080sm)

1 folder


Somerset County General Store Ledger (1983.024sm)

This small collection contains the official records of the Somerset County General Store in the form of a ledger dating from 1835 to 1837.


Somerset County Rent Roll Collection (1984.112)

1 box
This collection contains a ledger for the Rent Roll of Somerset County beginning in 1744. It also contains a copy of the original deed of gift from 1966 donating the ledger to the Wicomico County Free Library. A photocopy and transcription of the ledger also exist within the collection. The original ledger is housed in the fire proof cabinet and is restricted material. Please see Restricted Access Policy for more information and use the photocopied version or transcriptions for research inquiries.


Somerset Historical Society (1987.032sm)  

1 folder
This collection contains a photocopies from the pages of the invoice book of Joseph Dashiell.


South Division Street Bridge Collection (2005.042sm)

1 folder
This collection contains one original photograph (1908 - 1918) of the bridge washed out at South Division Street in Salisbury, Maryland.


St. Giles Collection (1988.007)sm

5 folders
This collection contains land and legal records.


St. Mary's Lead Coffins Collection (2005.026sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a photocopied article from the Maryland Historical Society Magazine titled, The Lead Coffins of St. Mary's City: An Exploration of the Life and Death in Early Maryland.


Stell Photograph Collection (2005.091)

1 box
This collection contains primarily tintype, carte de viste and gelatin silver print photographs. Dates are difficult to ascertain but the majority of the photographs date from approximately 1860 to 1940. The first three series contain images of the Lankford, Scott and Porter families, all prominent and related families on the Eastern Shore. The remaining series are divided by photographic process and location of photographer. The majority of the photographs in these later series are not identified. The final series of the collection is dedicated to the Hayward family. Arza Harris Hayward is the great great grandfather of the Judy Stell. This series contains an 1839 diary transcription of Arza Hayward and photocopied photos of the family.


Stephens (Jaime) Collection (1996.003)sm

1 folder
This collection contains photographic prints of the Indians of Old Somerset—The Growth of ‘Spirit Wind.’


Sterling Collection (1990.048)sm

1 box
4 folders
This collection chronicles the beginnings of the Maryland State Troopers and one of its first inductees, Arthur Jones. It also includes a history of the Radcliffe family and manuscripts covering the early churches of Dorchester County.


Sterling Photograph Collection (2004.013)

1 box
This collection of photographs portrays a 1919 tribute to fallen soldiers of World War I in Dorchester County, Maryland. It also features a photocopy of a photograph taken from an unidentified book featuring the Cambridge High School Sophomore Volleyball team in 1914. The team is comprised of young women. Also of note is a 1907 photograph of the Cambridge Baseball Club, winners of the Eastern Shore and Delaware baseball championship of the same year. Team members have been identified on the back of the photograph by last name only. Do not attempt to flip the photograph. To prevent further damage to the photograph, members of the team are identified below. 1. Bonthron - Catcher 2. Townsend - Left Field and Captain 3. Corneil - 2nd Base 4. John Franklin Baker - 3rd Base 5. Baker - Umpire 6. Coolin - 1st Base 7. Wilson - Pitcher 8. Dawson - Center Field 9. Cunningham - Pitcher 10. Bonthron - 2nd Base 11. Bassett - Catcher and Manager 12. Gallagher - Short Stop 13. H. C. Byrd - Pitcher 14. Norman Meekin - Mascot.


Stevens (Willard L.) Collection (1998.121)

1 box
This collection contains Stevens’ narrative and seeks to capture rural childhood on the peninsula, from farm life during the Depression to small country schoolhouses. Steven’s volumes Stevens recounts farm life, particularly during the Depression.


Stevenson (John Slemmons) Colletion (1987.014)sm

1 folder
Collection contains a biographical sketch of John Slemmons Stevenson.


Stewart (Polly) Collection (2006.244)

This collection contains a variety of material such as articles, booklets, correspondence, magazines, manuscripts, minutes, printed material and photographs. The collection documents the teaching and academic career of Polly Stewart. It contains syllabi covering literature, folklore, mythology and feminism courses taught over her 30 year career along with her handwritten research notes. The collection includes handwritten research notes, information on projects of interests including the founding of the Nabb Center, lesbian, gay and transgendered issues, publishing endeavors in folklore themes and tributes to mentors. It delves extensively into folklore groups and genres as well as local and national happenings as they relate to the folklore topics.


Stewart (Polly) Collection (1998.095)

6 boxes
This collection contains newspaper articles dealing with the three cases from five Maryland papers and two national political journals spanning from the date of the multiple murder in 1931 until 1934. Drafts of the paper, interviews conducted in the 1970’s regarding the William’s lynching, Stewart’s correspondence with her publisher, and additional research materials comprise the second half of the collection.


Sturgis (Becky) Collection (1989.033)

2 boxes
This collection contains a variety of research material relating to Worcester County in the form of day and minutes books, miscellaneous notes and newspaper sheet.


Sussex County Sheriff's Record (1995.043)sm

This collection contains the records of the Sussex County Sheriff.


Synepuxent Bay Accident Collection (1987.023)sm

1 folder
This collection contains articles detailing a tragic sailing accident taking place on Synepuxent Bay.


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