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Page Papers (1990.025)

1 box
This collection contains a telephone directory from Salisbury for the 1949-1950 year.


Palmer (John) Artifact Collection (1999.024)

This collection contains early 20th Century Infant day gowns, baptismal gown and bonnet, and a christening gown.


Papers relating to Lazaros Cottman (slave) and James T. Dickerson (owner) (2009.105sm)

1 folder


Parker (Otis R.) Collection (1998.122sm)

10 folders
This collection contains some handbooks for United States Civilian Defense in 1941, the personal papers of Otis Parker, a booklet on the Old Bay Line: Baltimore Steam Packet Company, and the Wicomico News, Brown Tone Pictorial Section.


Parker (Robert) Collection (1990.036)

This collection contains objects, photos, receipts, documents, land records, business records, manuscripts, and other items from 20th century Wicomico County.


Parker-Hearne Collection (1990.029)

3 boxes
This collection contains a majority of information from Worcester County with some information of Kent and Sussex Counties in Delaware. Deeds, plats, indentures, business receipts, manuscripts, letters, photos, patents, ledgers, and court records pertaining to various families and persons from the 17th to the 20th century.


Parker-Littleton Collection (1984.061)

1 box
This collection of photographs was discovered by Mrs. Betty Insley Littleton in a home formerly belonging to Reverend B.B. Parker. The images were lifted from glass plate negatives found in the attic by Mrs. Littleton. The original glass negatives are still in Mrs. Littleton's possession. Photographic work performed by Mary McNally. ** This collection may only be viewed under dim lighting and for short durations. Gloves are required. **


Parks Family Collection (1987.027sm)

Miscellaneous genealogical material on the Parks family.


Parsons Family Collection (1987.015sm)

1 folder
Miscellaneous material on the Parsons family.


Patty Cannon's Times Collection (1989.057)

1 box
This collection is comprised of a rare book and is a romance based on Patty Cannon that takes place on the Eastern Shore.


Peck (Guy) WWII Collection (1999.027)

This collection contains information on WWII from the perspective of Guy Peck.


Pension Records (2009.113sm)

1 folder


Perdue (Frank) Biography Collection (1990.052)

1 box
This collection contains notes from the biography of Frank Perdue.


Perdue Memorial Collection (2005.048)

1 box
This collection contains an original copy of the Salisbury Daily Times pullout section devoted to Frank Perdue titled "Frank Perdue Remembered." The news paper section describes the origins of the family owned business, amusing mementos in his honor and his noted advertising campaign. Also of interest are family and corporate photographs and comments from the community's leading business and civic leaders. A copy of his ethical will is also included in the collection. Frank Perdue was born May 9, 1920 and died March 31, 2005.


Peregoy (Norman) Collection (1988.031sm)

1 folder
This collection contains documentation on the worldwide expeditions of Chaille-Long.


Perkins-Furniss Bible Records Collection (1989.011sm)

1 folder
This collection contains bible records relative to the Perkins-Furniss family.


Phillips (Joseph) Collection (1983.018sm)

This genealogical collection includes the Phillips family papers along with a small portion of material dealing with area life such as a Pennsylvania Railroad Timetable.


Phillips (Marion Dawson) Ledger Collection (1999.010sm)

Transcription of Ledger Dating From 1860 to 1875.


Phoebus Family of Somerset County (2009.097sm)

Pilchard (S. Norris) Collection (1995.041)

3 boxes
This interesting collection contains a variety of material. Much of it details life on the Eastern Shore as seen through civic life publications, outdoor activities, community sketches and recreational pastimes such as music. The collection features original vinyl records by the Del-Mar-Va Songster & his Rubeville Tuners circa 1945. The printed material in Series II runs the gamut from restaurant reviews to raffles tickets to bazaar broadsides. The collection is unique in that it contains several editions of the Weekly Digest of the Eastern Shore News for Men in the Armed Forces, a weekly section of the Daily Times devoted to covering events of World War II. Additionally, the much of the clothing pertinent to the era as well as World War II uniforms can be found in the collection. Boxes 2 and 5 - 10 are oversized.


Pocomoke City Baseball Collection (2004.011sm)

1 folder
This collection of four photographs features images of both the Pocomoke City and Pocomoke City High School baseball teams. Individuals appearing in the images are all identified.


Pocomoke Women’s Club Collection (1990.046sm)

1 folder
This collection provides a general history of the Women's Club of Pocomoke, MD.


Polk (John Fleming, Jr.) Family History Collection (1998.139)sm

1 folder
This collection contains family history information of the Polk family from 1640-1918.


Pollitt (Roy) Family History Collection (1998.117)

3 boxes
Pollitt’s papers serve as a genealogical study of the history of the Pollitt family on the East Coast. Two thirds of the collection is devoted to files on family members and related genealogies; the other third divided between correspondence, submissions to his short-lived newsletter Old Somersett and photocopies of records from the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis.

Pollitt’s family files are comprised of an assortment of record types. Not only do many files contain charts for a particular individual’s family branch, but copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, wills, military papers, newspaper clippings and land records. Thus, his collection offers a unique perspective of the Pollittt family from the 17th to the 20th century. His correspondence displays a genuine interest in genealogy and a willingness to assist others with their research pursuits. Frequently, correspondents sent him copies of their own family histories.


Pollitt (Jesse M .) WWII Collection (1995.040sm)

8 folders
This collection contains World War II Correspondence.


Porter (Louise) (1991.031)

Coming Soon.


Portrait & Biographical Record of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Monograph Collection  (1989.060)

1 box
This book is a biographical directory and history of notable figures on the Eastern Shore along with the biographies of U.S. presidents.


Potpourri Collection (1996.011sm)

1 folder
This collection contains three different types of records including the genealogy of the Smith family, Maryland cemetery records, and the family records of the Parsons.


Potts (Charles, Jr.) Judicial Collection (1994.008)

1 box
This collection contains photocopies of government and judicial records from 20th century MD.


Powell (L. Q.) Collection (1984.001)

2 boxes
This collection contains early legal and political records pertaining to Somerset County, Maryland including tax lists, voters list and court records as well as certificates for elections of Judge, Sheriff, and Surveyor. It details church activities through parish records, cemetery records and individual accounts of churches. One series is dedicated to genealogical histories of several families including the Powell family. Of interest to researchers may be the Civil War and Free Colored population materials in the final series.


Preservation Trust of Wicomico Collection (2007.065)

Within the collection are photographs, slides, historical research, newspaper articles, brochures, correspondence, subject files and historic site inventory information. This range of the collection is from the late 1960's with the formation of the Wicomico County Committee through 2002 with the activities and administrative business of the Preservation Trust of Wicomico, Inc. Most notably are the photographs and historical background of almost all of the first 155 sites on the Wicomico County historic sites inventory.


Price (Thomas) Collection (1983.001)

6 boxes
This collection focuses on the military pursuits of Eastern Shore men overseas and at home during the First and Second World War. Among the many types of material included in the collection are official military forms, reports and documents featuring soldiers from communities on the Shore, most notably Salisbury, Maryland. Another feature of the collection is the 115th Infantry, a Maryland National Guard Unit housed in Salisbury, Maryland and deployed in both wars. Thomas Price and his family hailed from the Deal Island, Maryland. He served in the Second World War. The collection is arranged chronologically within the series. Oversized items and audiocassettes are housed separately from the collection. Oral history cassettes reside in the Archivist's Office and have been accessioned in Past Perfect in the objects database under: 1983.001.010 - 1983.011.012.


Princess Anne Land Records Collection (1987.018sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains an 1801 plat of Princess Anne, Maryland and outlines the provenance of several properties.


Pruitt (Connie) Family History Collection (1992.021sm)

1 folder
This collection contains genealogies of several families from Col. John Stringer, Willett, and Pruitt, as well as cemetery records from Whitehead.


Purnell (Julia A.) Family History Collection (1991.032)

2 boxes
This collection contains the Day Book from the Snow Hill General Store c.1830’s and newspaper clippings related to the Purnell and LeCompte families.


Purnell Legion Civil War Collection (2009.084sm)

1 folder
This collection contains information pertaining to the Civil War unit called Purnell Legion. Also included are material on Thomas H. White and Colonel William James Leonard who served in the Purnell Legion.


Purnell (Willard) Collection (2005.024sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a letter from William U. Purnell to his wife Eleanor dated January 23, 1831. It includes a transcription of the letter and family genealogy sheets.


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