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Maddox-Ennis Family Collection (1991.021sm)

2 folders
This collection contains some local history manuscripts on Fruitland, Maryland, genealogical records of the Maddox and Ennis families, and several bible records.


Maddox-Miller Genealogy Collection (2005.031sm)

1 folder
This collection contains the pages of a family bible which gave been scanned.


Makemie Memorial United Presbyterian Church Collection (1987.013sm)

1 folder
Collection contains a program from the Makemie Memorial United Presbyterian Church.


Mapping Delmarva’s Past Collection (1990.071)  

3 boxes
This collection contains the materials that went into the planning and execution of the Nabb exhibition "Mapping Delmarva" held in 1990. It includes articles, flyers, correspondence, publications, mock ups, map reproductions, lay outs, exhibition catalogs and exhibit notebooks.


Marriner (Reginald) Collection (1989.055sm)

Worcester county history of Berlin, MD dating from 1899.


Martin Luther Essay Collection (1988.005sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains an academic paper written on the subject of Luther Martin in 1987.


Maryland Historical Magazine Collection (1987.085)  

This collection contains articles appearing the Maryland Historical Magazine on subjects covering living conditions and customs. 


Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home Monograph Collection (2009.244sm)

1 folder
This collection contains photocopied pages of the 1894 Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home at Pikesville, MD. A CD-ROM of the scanned images is also included in the collection.


Maryland Regional History Collection (2006.102)

This collection contains a variety of information regarding several regions of Maryland, with a strong concentration on the Eastern Shore. There is also a limited selection of materials that are related to Delaware. Materials mostly include newspaper articles, pamphlets, books and brochures.


Maryland State Grange Collection (1997.006)

This collection contains documents and publications for Maryland State Grange and Princess Anne Grange.


Maryland State Senate Collection (1993.011)

Documents of the Maryland State Senate Session, 1927-1929.


Maryland-West Virginia Border Postcard Collection (2005.021sm)

2 folders
This collection of original postcards are from the 1911 recording of the marking of the disputed Maryland - West Virginia line. Photographs were taken by the surveyor, Julius K. Monroe. Monroe was also responsible for the Fairfax Monument. The collection also includes a photocopied article from Semi-Centennial History of West Virginia covering the origin and history of the dispute.


Massey Estate Collection (2005.077)

"Recollections of a Long Life on the Eastern Shore" was written by Joseph B. Seth and Mary W. Seth about life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Matthew-Adams Collection (2009.100sm)

1 folder


McAllister Photo Collection (2004.008sm)

1 folder
This collection contains an obituary for Julia Eleanor Dryden Stine, family correspondence and 24 photocopies and reprinted images of the McAllister and Dryden families. All individual appearing in the images are identified.


McBriety Railroad Collection (2008.021)

This collection was donated in memory of P.J. McBriety, an engineer on the B.C. & A. Railway. An original railway lantern and newspaper articles written about the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway give testament to the influence of railroads on the Eastern Shore. This collection also features a scanned image of McBriety on a train, and articles recounting engineer memories on the old B.C& A. Railway.


McLain (L. T.) Ledger Collection (2006.306)

This collection contains a photocopied ledger of L.T. McLain's business in Whitehaven, MD from September 1912 through October 1926. The main business recorded is work for sailboats and then seasonal oyster business entries after January 1913. Beginning in September 1919, accounts are listed from "Standard Oil Co.", interestingly showing the transition from sail to gas power. Larner T. McLain purchased the Whitehaven Waterfront House from George W. Burton in 1889. In 1931, the house was left to Ella McLain Grier and Janna Kenney Wright through by will. The original ledger was left in the possession of David Grier who then donated it to the Whitehaven Heritage Society.


McLaughin (Thomas) Collection (1990.063sm)

9 folders
This collection contains early 20th century business, industry, and farming documents related to the Gunby Company, Eastern Shore Agriculture, Harrisons’ Nurseries, and Peach Farming.


Mears (2009.115sm)

1 folder


Melvin Family Collection (1985.011)

2 folders
Collection is comprised of genealogical notes for the Melvin family.


Melvin Family Collection (1993.022sm)

1 folder
This collection contains information re: the Melvin family.


Merson Collection (2006.008sm)

1 folder
This collection contains three items, i.e. a single item of correspondence from Jean Merson to Ray & Klaudia Thompson dated 9 August 2003, a 1993 Episcopal Church program, and a September 1927 edition of the Eastern Shore Churchman.


Messicks Sunday School Ledger Collection (2008.016)

This collection contains photocopies of original Sunday School records of Messicks Methodist Episcopalian Church/Wetipquin Chapel in Wetipquin, Wicomico County, MD. There are two separate books and the originals are held by H. Louis Horner.


Middleton (Darrell) Civil War Collection (1999.017sm)

This collection contains 20th century documents of Civil War history in Milford, DE.


Miles (William) Collection (1989.058sm)

1 folder
This collection contains 17th – 19th century land and family history records from Somerset and Worcester counties.


Miller (Rebecca Furniss) Collection (1990.017)

1 box
This collection contains 17th – 19th century religious and family records of Somerset County.


Minish Genealogy Collection (2005.039sm)

1 folder
This collection contains one original typed manuscript titled "A Journal of travels from Maryland to Fort Redstone, Spring 1807" written by William Minish for the South Bend Genealogical Society's Quarterly Newsletter. The manuscript details the journey of Richard Minish and his family from Somerset County, Maryland to Port William (Carrollton), Kentucky.


Mitchell (Annie) Postcard Collection (2005.052)

2 boxes
The postcards in this collection are addressed to Annie Mitchell of Showell, Maryland. Most are stamped and date from 1908 to 1918. Several postcards in this collection center on the Easter and Christmas holidays, following the pattern of collecting in a few select areas. The collection also includes a 1936 calendar from the Pierce Hardware Co. in Milford, Delaware and the original postcard album book. The lone photo in the collection is believed to Annie Mitchell. Postcards are an exceptional historical medium detailing infrastructure, cultural messages and societal intricacies. Postcards first appeared in 1873 being published and issued by the U.S. Post Office. Most cards were used as advertisements until the advent of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago when the public's interest in the medium soared. Five years later, Congress allowed postcards to be published privately. With postage topping off at 1 cent, postcards were seen as an inexpensive alternative to letters. In addition, the images conveyed on many postcards rivaled works of arts. The majority of postcard publishers outsourced the work to German manufactures which could produce the images using talented and well trained workers for a fraction of the cost compared to the United States. What followed was a boon in collecting with postcards enjoying several artistic metamorphoses.


Moore (Henrietta Jones) Collection (1991.002)

2 boxes
This collection contains manuscripts, newspaper clippings, notes, poems, and pamphlets of various locations across Maryland during the 20th Century. Among the different topics are Maryland government information, obituaries from Somerset County, business and industry information from Wicomico County, and several old bibles.


Moore (William S., III) Collection (1995.006)

6 boxes
This collection contains documents on the life of William Moore in the first half of the 20th century.


Moore Maryland Folklore Collection (2006.012sm)

This collection consists of a single item, a 20 October 1974 newspaper insert on Maryland Folklore from the Baltimore Sun.


Moore Wicomico Collection (2005.056sm)

11 folders
This collection contains a variety of material covering activities in Wicomico County, Maryland. Included in the collection are news clippings covering changes in the Methodist Church in the Eastern Shore, activities and history of the American Legion Maryland Department including treasure's reports and meeting minutes, clippings on people related to Salisbury University; pages from the Gordy Family Bible along with photos, planning and publicity activities relating to the 50th High School reunion of the 1939 class of Wicomico High School and an article on the class of 1979 High School graduates.


Morris (Grace A.) Collection (1984.013)

2 boxes
The Grace Morris contains a large variety of material but the bulk pertains mainly to genealogy. Series one is sub divided with by county and contains genealogical records and general information relating to the county and its history. The second and third series contains newsletters from the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society as well as the Maryland Genealogical Society. Several of the final series contains newspapers from the Eastern Shore and Baltimore. The 1925 Washington High School scrapbook in Series I, Sub Series C is fragile. The viewing and use of this scrapbook requires gloves.


Morris Collection (1987.025sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains a draft notice from the 20th ward.


Morrison (Russell) Photograph Collection (1993.14)

1 box
This collection contains photographs of maps, people, and events from pre-19th century Mid Atlantic America.


Mount Vernon Digital Images (2009.132sm)

1 folder


Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury Collection (2005.059sm)

This collection contains a spiral book titled "A Scrapbook of Poetical Tributes To Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Salisbury and The Eastern Shore" written & compiled by W.C. Thurston in 1942.


Murrell (Betty) Collection (1986.002sm)

3 boxes, 5 folders
The genealogies of several families are explored in this collection including the Willey, Wallace, Hargrave, Kfoury, Medford, Manlove, Bailey and others.



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