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Haddaway (Joseph) Military Collection (1991.026)

1 folder
Two booklets on “Spearheading with the Third Armored Division” and an antique ‘viewfinder’ with facemask that makes 3D photos.


Hagley Foundation [Economic History Conference Collection] (1990.39sm)

Coming Soon.


Hall Booklet Collection (2005.088sm)

This collection of booklets is grouped by state. The booklets cover a variety of subjects including whaling, immigration, town histories and churches).


Hall (Harry) Church History Collection (2005.008sm)

This collections contains the book, Msgr. Eugene T. Stout....Wearing Christ So Well by Rev. Charles J McGinley, 1972. It pertains to the Catholic Church in Ocean City, MD.


Hammond (Ed) Collection (1999.005)

3 boxes
A collection of manuscripts, ledgers, and books from 1947-1907 that covers the business and personal records of various people in the Chesapeake region.


Hammond (Frederick) Civil War Collection (2009.086sm)

1 folder
This collection contains pension and census information concerning Frederick Hammond, a private in Co C, 12th MD Infantry during the Civil War.


Hancock Family History Collection (1990.021sm)

Collection contains the publication Dolly Pauline & her Grandmother written by Pearl Ward Hancock.


Harper Postcard Collection (2008.046sm)

1 folder
This collection contains 5 vintage postcards of steamships that harbored in the Maryland and Virginia Chesapeake area.


Harper's Magazine Collection (2006.358)

3 Boxes of Harper's Magazine's, rebound from June 1868 to May 1885 with some issues missing.


Harrington (Kitty) Collection (1991.018sm)

1 folder
Bibliographical manuscript on the life of Kitty Harrington.


Harrington & Mace Legal Collection (2005.053)

1 box
The law firm of Harrington & Mace was located in the Chronicle Building in Cambridge, Maryland. Emerson C. Harrington and W. Irving Mace are the original attorneys at law, however, around 1905, Calvin Harrington joined the firm making it Harrington, Mace & Harrington. Edward H. Nabb, of whom the research center is endowed, interned at this law firm and eventually married Mr. Harrington's daughter. This collection contains the law firm's incoming correspondence from 1893 through 1908. It is unsure if this collection represents all correspondence or a sampling from those years. Also in the years from 1907-1908 there is incoming correspondence from a girl, Frances Creighton, who is attending the Pierce Business School. Within her correspondence is evidence that Mr. Emerson C. Harrington was funding her education, however, it is not noted what her family relationship to him was. Included are her school grades, boarding house receipts, letters asking for funds and shorthand schoolwork. Creighton also corresponded with a woman addressed as an Aunt who acted as a connection between herself and Mr. Harrington.


Harris (Maj. Robert L.) Monograph Collection (2009.082sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a booklet entitled Major Robert L. Harris of Sussex County, Delaware by Darrell N. Middleton. It contains information on the Harris family and the Harris Cemetery.


Hayman (Graham) WWII Collection (1999.028)

1 box
A collection of artifacts, a manuscript, and periodicals from WWII.


Hearne Family Collection (1989.09sm)

An 18th and 19th century collection of manuscripts, deeds, newspaper clippings, and other business documents regarding the Hearne Family.


Hearne (Eben) Family History Collection (1992.028)

5 boxes
Scrapbooks, manuscripts, and other documents containing family history information, newspaper clippings, correspondence, poetry, and other items from 18th – 20th century Talbot and Worcester Counties.


Hearne (Kathy) Family History Collection (1998.004)

1 box
Indentures, deeds, and wills from Germantown and Philadelphia dated 1702; 1825-1907.


Heath Family Assn Collection (1998.143)

1 box
4 binders on the Heath Family Association.


Hebron (MD) Collection (1990.057sm)

History of Hebron Collection.

Hebron (MD) Museum Collection (1999.031)

1 box
A special collection containing information obtained from the Hebron, MD Museum.


Hector (William) Family History Collection (1993.007)

1 box
A special collection containing Family History manuscripts and 20th century sheet music.


Helig (Mendel) Collection (1998.119)

2 folders
This small collection of papers is composed of duplicate material in the possession of Mendel Heilig. Of primary interest is a scanned and printed photograph of a family gathering that occurred around 1911. Heilig's grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, are each identified. In addition, his papers include two newspaper articles - one from the Baltimore Sun (Sunday, May 10, 1998, Perspectives section) and the other from The Daily Times (Saturday, April 13, 1996, Religion section) - which discuss Jewish life on the Delmarva Peninsula. One letter written by Mendel Heilig in response to the Daily Times article and two maps indicating where the Heilig family immigrated from (Shavil and Urvalis, Lithuania) are also included. Heilig's family is of particular importance to the development of the Jewish community on the Peninsula. According to Ann Miller's article, "A Jewish Way of Life on the Shore" appearing in the May 10th issue of The Baltimore Sun, at the turn of the century a number of Jewish families relocated from Baltimore and Philadelphia to the Shore, particularly Pocomoke, Salisbury and Easton. Faivel Heilig and his wife Ida Dora (Mendel's grandparents) were one such family. Faivel opened a butcher shop and served as the source for Kosher meat for Jewish families living on the Peninsula. Faivel's family, like most Jewish families in the region, struggled to maintain a religious community. Jewish life on the Peninsula was marked by a congregation rotating from house to house for worship until synagogues could be built (Faivel built the first in Pocomoke, a one-room brick building). Ardous trips from Salisbury to Philadelphia and Baltimore before the construction of the Bay Bridge for Kosher goods such as animal-product free candles was commonplace. Heilig's family, along with the Finklesteins, Klaffs and Feldmans form the foundation of the Peninsula's small, but diverse Jewish population.


Henderson (Anne Goottee) Collection (1990.068sm)

1 folder
17th – 20th century genealogies of the Marsh, Metcalf, and Hannam families.


Henry Family Civil War Collection (1993.023)

2 folders
Henry Family Civil War Correspondence.


Hickman-Justice Family Collection (1991.014sm)

1 folder
Booklets and documents of the Family History of the Hickman and Justice families as well as a 304 year history of Wetipquin in Somerset and Wicomico Counties.


Hill Family Collection (2008.114)

1 folder
Notes on Richard Hill of Craven County NC.


Historic Churches of Carroll County Collection (1985.015.1sm)

1 folder
This small collection is comprised of material covering the churches in Carroll County.


Historic Churches of Delmarva Collection (1985.015)

1 folder
This small collection is comprised of material covering the churches of the Delmarva area.


History of Hebron Collection (1990.057sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a school play written on the history of Hebron, MD.


Hitch Family Collection (2008.112)

1 folder
Charts of the Hitch Family.


Hitchens-Elliott (1993.022sm)

1 box
Melvin Family history from 1688-1900, Elliot-Hitchen Family History, Oyster industry plats of the early 1900’s, and the wills of Benjamin and Moses Griffith.


Holland Family Collection (2008.106)

1 folder
Information regarding Holland Family.


Holland's Island Collection (1987.016sm)

1 folder
Collection consists of a dissertation completed in 1985 on the subject of Holland's Island.


Holloway (Bessie) Collection (1988.001)

4 boxes
This collection contains a rich variety of material in the form of magazines, small press publications, manuscripts, pamphlets, articles, postcards, books and genealogical material.


Holloway (Charles) Collection (1991.030)

1 box
Artifacts, business and tax records, and other documents pertaining to Charles Holloway from, 1903-1920.


Holloway (Marianna) Collection (1990.047sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains a Salisbury State Teachers College postcard.


Hopewood (Joe) Collection (1990.059sm)

A collection of random documents covering various topics as a book “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” photographs of local history examining the socio-cultural history of black communities in Wetipquin and Tyaskin, and excerpts from the research of the subcommittees on naming Nanticoke Road in the 1990s.


Horner (Gloria) Collection (1991.013sm)

2 folders
17th – 20th century information on Somerset County.


Horsley (Lucy) Family History Collection (1997.015)

11 boxes
Manuscripts, books, and personal papers containing genealogical information on several families as well as information on how to research Family History.


Hubbard (Wilbur Ross) (1995.039)sm

2 folders
This collection contains photographs.


Hudson Family Collection (2008.105)

1 folder
Draft of Hudsons of the Eastern Shore and descendants 1750-1989.


Huett (Rev. John) Collection (2009.167sm)

1 folder


Hungars Cure Parish Collection (2009.247sm)

1 folder
This collection contains material on the Hungars Cure Parish located in Northampton County, Virginia.




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