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Garland Collection (2005.036sm)

6 folders
This collection contains a book, printed material and several booklets on the subject of homemaking. Included are entertainment tips and recipes designed for rations, seafood, canned meat and party food. Also included in this collection are booklets on the subject of flower arranging published by Coca-Cola in the early 1940's. The majority of the books belonged to Emma Adkins. She purchased the cookbooks in the 1930's and 1940's and used them until her vision failed. The Chesapeake Cookbook belonged to Garland's aunt, Luvicia Frances Adkins Andrew and was purchased in Baltimore.


Garland (Hazel) Family History Collection (1995.055sm)

Three books containing the Jones family history over the past two centuries.


Garrison (Alvin) Collection (1994.001sm)

10 folders
Manuscripts, clippings, documents, and photographs of 19th and 20th century Delmarva spanning historical events across Caroline, Dorchester, Accomack, Northampton, and Wicomico counties, as well as some folklore, Great Depression, and election information for the same region.


General Store Ledger (Somerset County) Collection (1983.024)

This small collection contains the official records of the Somerset County General Store in the form of a ledger dating from 1835 to 1837.


Gering (George) Collection (1990.062sm)

2 folders
This small collection contains a variety of material in the form of land patents, court writs and an official ballot for Worcester County. Included in the collection are tax, financial and business receipts of the Kennerly family.


Gibb (James) Collection (1994.003)

1 folder
This collection contains archaeological information and one audio cassette on mid-Atlantic European settlement, including Dutch pottery in Maryland and gender, activity areas, and home lots in 17th century Chesapeake.


Gibbons Civil War Collection (1990.028)

1 box
This collection consists primarily of original letters written to and from members of the Gibbons family of Princess Anne, Maryland. The letters were written to family members serving in the Civil War. They cover a variety of topic including the effects of the draft on Maryland counties, life in military camp, prisoners of war and the effect of the war on Somerset County, Maryland.


Gilliss Family Collection (1999.006)

2 boxes
17th, 18th, and 19th century Somerset county land records, including deeds, plats, wills, patents, surveys, and other government documents related to the Gilliss Family.


Goldsborough (Philip) Collection (1988.042)

1 box
In addition to covering daily life on the Eastern Shore, this collection centers on the Journal of a Voyage from Baltimore to New Orleans which took place in 1832. The final series of this collection contains genealogy material on a number of families including the Goldsborough family.


Gootee (Bob) Family History Collection (1992.022sm)

2 folders
Collection of manuscripts about the Gootee Family from Dorchester County.


Gordy (Minnie) Collection (2009.131sm)

1 folder


Goslee (John) Family History Collection (1984.005sm)

2 folders
Documents and newspaper articles related to the Goslee Family.


Graham (John) Bicentennial Atlas Collection (1996.042)

1 box
John Graham was the editor of "The 1877 Atlases and Other Early Maps of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Bicentennial Edition 1776-1976" that was published by the Wicomico Bicentennial Commission. The actual atlas itself can be found on our Reading Room shelves. This collection contains negatives and oversized images of maps used in the Bicentennial Atlas. The negatives are focused on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Sanborn Insurance Maps. The large-scale reproductions are of the Salisbury area Sanborn Insurance Maps from the late 19th and early 20th Century. The same time period applies to the maps visible in the film negatives.


Graham (John) Collection (1999.011)

2 boxes
A collection of sheet music, documents, and slides concerning the Chesapeake Bay and Worcester County.


Gray (Daniel) Collection (1989.059sm)

1 folder
This genealogical collection focuses on the Aydelott family.


Greene (Anne) Collection (1988.033sm)

2 folders
Collection contains a variety of legal records including wills, ledgers, deeds, administrative and guardian accounts originating from Accomack, Worcester, Somerset counties. In addition collection contains several articles from the Civil war.


Greene (Anne) Military Collection (2009.242sm)

2 folders
This collection contains a 2 photocopies of books written by William P. Seville, History of the First Regiment, Delaware Volunteers and Narrative of the March of Co. A, Engineers from fort Leavenworthm, Kansas, to Fort Bridger, Utah, and Return.


Grier (David) Collection (1998.144)

1 box
This collection contains objects, print and books dedicated to those who served in World War I and World War II. The first part of the collection is a history of the 29th Division. The 29th Division was comprised of National Guard units from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania who served in World War I. The roster accompanying the collection is for Company I of Salisbury, MD and dates to October 8, 1918. David Grier's father was a 2nd Lt in Company I. The uniforms and objects in this collection belonged to Alice Nelson Mitchell. Mitchell was a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corp during World War II. David Grier is the son-in-law of Alice Nelson Mitchell. The top hat in this collection was sent by Captain Lee Donald Smith to Bette Grier Graham during World War II. The names on the hat reflect the many places visited by Captain Smith. {See Biographical History} Arrangement Series I. World War I, 1918 - 1921 Series II. World War II, 1944, 1996.


Grier (Fred) Collection (1996.016)

5 boxes
This collection contains photographs, news clippings, invoices, correspondence, minutes and a variety of material related to the Salisbury Fire Department, its origins, activities and role in the city of Salisbury, Maryland. Also of interest in the collection is a series dedicated to disasters and emergencies such as railroad derailments and industrial explosions. Much of the collection is devoted to photographs of fires and disasters which have occurred in and around Salisbury, Maryland since the early part of the 20th century. This collection provides a unique look at the growth of a municipal government agency, transportation, and technology as well as living and working conditions.


Griffith (Ken) Collection (1992.008)

2 boxes
Manuscripts, catalog, railroad schedules, and photographs from 1877-1932 of the entire Delmarva Peninsula as well as a history of the Ellegood Family, in addition the railroad schedules include some information on transit times to Philadelphia and New York.


Gunby Family Collection (1995.012)

24 boxes
This collection contains documents, periodicals, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, pamphlets, charts, and several paintings spanning the 17th-20th centuries.


Gunby (Miles) Family Collection (1999.002sm)

1 folder
This collection contains family photos of Miles Gunby.



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