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Daily Times Newspaper Collection (1993.005)

4 boxes
Newspaper collection of the Daily Times published in Salisbury, MD.


Daniel Family Collection (1987.012sm)

1 folder
Collection contains genealogical material on the Daniel family.


Dashiell Family Collection (2008.120)

1 folder
Genealogical chart of the Dashiell Family.


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Collection (1987.139)

1 box
Special collection for the records of the society of Daughters of the American Revolution that contains manuscripts, scrapbooks, and other records including religious records from Northampton County.


Davidson (Thomas) Collection (1982.013)

7 folders
Small collection of research papers on the subject of African Americans on the Eastern Shore, specifically slavery and manumission. The collection includes land and orphans records.


Davis Family Collection (2008.104)

1 folder
Draft of Thomas Davis of Somerset County and genealogical charts.


Davis (Laura Ellen) Collection (2009.101sm)

1 folder


Dawn Zouger/Melvin Drue Gillis (1994.009)

1 folder
Documents and photographs from prisoner of war camps during WWII.


Deal (J. Douglas) Collection (1998.123)

1 box
Collection contains a variety of information on the eastern shore of Virginia and the lower eastern shore of Maryland. Including tax lists, rent rolls, tithable lists, land records, court records, genealogical information, newspapers, religious information, and histories.


Deal Island SkipJack Race Collection (2005.060sm)

This collections one booklet from the 45th Annual Deal Island SkipJack Race held on Deal Island, Maryland.


17th Century Delaware Records (

8 folders


Delaware Humanities Collection (1990.008sm)

Contains an Artists and Collectors Folk Art catalog from Sussex County Delaware, produced by the Rehoboth Art League.


The Delineator (1928) (2009.118sm)

1 folder


Delmarva Cookbook Collection (2009.408)

This collection contains various cookbooks from individuals or organizations from the Delmarva Peninsula. Included is a compilation of the “Peyton’s Place” recipes in issues of the Salisbury Daily Times newspaper, gathered from July 1980 to June 1981, Plate Offerings: A Cookbook from Old Trinity Church (Church Creek, MD) (undated) and the Cookbook of Mary Ann Hillman Shivers (ca. 1870s).

1 box


Delmarva Eastern Shore Association Collection (1983.013sm)

This small collection contains one copy of the The Delmarva Peninsula, a booklet produced by the Delmarva Eastern Shore Association.


Delmarva Maps Collection (1990.007sm)

1 folder
Collection contains a reproduction of the historic map of Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester counties as a well as coastal survey of the Delaware Bay.


Dennehy (Steve) Family History Collection (1995.046)sm

This collection contains the genealogical papers of Steve Dennehy.


Dennis (John V., Sr.) Family History Collection (1990.066)

3 boxes
Documents, manuscripts, and newspapers of a variety of topics related to the Dennis Family history in Worcester County, Maryland such as economics, business, court records, land records, Civil War, WWI, and WWII.


DeTourville (Elsie A.) Collection (1983.009sm)

2 folders
Keatinge family history, a listing of the historic homes as well as tombstone inscriptions of Worcester County, and a list of manuscripts in the Library of Congress .


Disharoon (Alfred L.) Collection (2009.099sm)

1 folder


Disharoon-McDorman Family History Collection (1992.019)

3 folders
Genealogical records of the Disharoon and McDorman families.


Dixon Davis Collection (1990.026)

2 boxes
This collection of land and legal records contains original wills, bonds, patents, and receipts dating from the late 1700's through the mid 1800's.


Dolle (Rudolph &  Pamela) Collection (1994.006)

1 box
Newspaper and other documents pertaining to the American Revolution and the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.


Dryden (Leslie) Family History Collection (1992.013)

1 box
An extensive collection of booklets and manuscripts related to colonial Delmarva, including genealogical information, land records, court records, death records, histories, and other government records.


Dryden (Ruth) Collection (1990.041)

1 box
This collection contains maps created by Harry Lee Benson. They outline election districts throughout Somerset County, Maryland and outlines the surveyed tracts and acreage tracts in the Patent Libers of Land Commissioner at Annapolis, MD.


Dryden-Winder Family Collection (2008.113)

1 folder
Teacher Certificate of Sallie Pruitt Dryden, photo of Sallie Puitt Dryden Lewis, article about Margie Dryden McIntyre and chart of Mills Dryden & Elizabeth Winder.


Dunn Family Collection (1991.008sm)

1 folder
This collection contains information re: the Dunn family.


Dunn (Joan) Family History Collection (1995.025sm)

Archival documents of Slaughter, Elliot, Voshell, and other Delmarva families as well as a muster roll of Maryland troops during the Revolution.



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