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Calcutta Papers (1992.025)

2 boxes
Various land records between different families of Wicomico and Somerset Counties.


Campbell Salisbury Stamp Collection (2008.048)

This collection contains three ink stamps related to Salisbury University. The ink stamps are metal plates nailed into wooden blocks depicting "Sammy the Seagull" and Holloway Hall, Salisbury University's main administrative Building.


Cantwell (Arthur B.) Collection (1990.027)

1 box
Books, telephone directories, manuscripts, and charts of Worcester and Somerset counties in Maryland that cover local businesses and families from the 17th through the 20th century.


Carew Family Collection (1984.062sm)

1 folder
This small collection contains a photograph of Mrs. Mary Carew Sigman, circa 1870 from Easton, MD, originally from Somerset County. The collection also contains a silver cup owned by Emily Carew.


Carey Family Civil War Records Collection (2009.089sm)

1 folder
This collection contains the makeshift monograph compiled by Alfred B. Carey entitled The Civil War Record of the Four Carey Brothers of Indian River Hundred who served in Company E - First Regiment Delaware Infantry Volunteers; also Civil War Record of W


Carey (Mary Frances) Family History Collection (1990.014sm)

Documents and manuscripts of the paternal ancestors of Hildred Clark Johnson, the Bunting family, Hurley ancestors, and Justice ancestors.


Carey Papers (1989.054)

1 box
19th Century Maryland government letters.


Carrick Family History Collection (1997.024)

1 box
Genealogical records.


Carroll (Anna Ella) Collection (1987.006sm)

1 folder
Contains an academic paper on the subject of Anna Ella Carroll.


Cassius (1995.002sm)

1 folder
Photo of the birthplace of Judge Samuel Chase.


Cathell Family Collection (2008.117)

1 folder
Records from the Bible of Capt. Jonathan D Cathell, will of Jonathan Cathell, article entitled "Old Will Gives Source of Title of 'Entailed Hat'", Connelly chart and Cathell information.


Cemetery Headstone Collection (2007.066sm)

2 folders
This collection contains 62 slides depicting headstones from cemeteries in Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester Counties, Maryland. The graveyards include Street Graveyard, Whatcoat Methodist Church Cemetery, Joshua Johnson Family Graveyard and the Hammond Cemetery. Locations of each cemetery are listed within the collection.


Census of Householders from Cedar Creek to Duck Creek (1680) (2009.133sm)

1 folder


Chaille Family Collection (2008.107)

1 folder
Additional Facts re: Colonel Peter Chaille of MD.


Chamberlin (Robert L., Jr.) Family History Collection (1992.014sm)

3 folders
Manuscripts of the Milborne, Coulbourn, Tull, Chamberlin, and Cochrane families; Store leger from Kingston, MD; Roach, Coulbourn, Sterling, Milbourne, and Chamberlin genealogies.


Chautauqua in Salisbury Collection (1986.035sm)

1 folder
Chautauqua is an adult education movement founded in 1874 by businessman Lewis Miller and Methodist minister, John Heyl Vincent. Its purpose was to bring entertainment and culture to rural communities. This collection contains a manuscript profiling the activities of the Chautauqua in Salisbury.


Chesser (Elizabeth) Women's History Collection (1994.016sm)

2 folders
Manuscript notes for a women’s history paper.


Cheezum (William) Civil War Collection (2009.085sm)

1 folder
This collection contains photocopies of material pertaining to the Cheezum Cemetery in Preston, MD, William Cheezum, corporal in Co E, 1st Regt Eastern Shore MD Infantry and the history of the First Regiment, Eastern Shore Infantry.


Cold War Miscellaneous Research Collection (2008.020)

This collection contains miscellaneous materials related to the time period of and the current events of the Cold War from 1961-1975. Included are newspaper articles, materials regarding foreign policy and NATO, democratic ideology, war-time strategy and independent research. One of the more interesting materials in this collection is an anti-Communist comic book, "Stalin's Lie."


Collected Research Papers Collection (1982.001)

1 box
The majority of this collection consists of research papers written by undergraduate and graduate students of Salisbury State University's History and Archeology departments. Papers are organized around a number of topics presented by instructors at Salisbury State University. The collection also contains a small number of genealogies and manuscripts written by non Salisbury State University individuals. The last name of the author is also included in the container list, along with paper title or subject.


Community Publications Collection (2006.010sm)

1 folder
This collection contains two items, a 2002 Skipjack Races program and a 1998 Fruitland Community Center calendar.


Comparative Wealth Analysis of Maryland Collection (1999.001)

3 boxes
The work expressed in this collection documents the wealth found in Maryland during the colonial period. It is the result of research begun by Salisbury University students as part of a graduate course on 17th century Delmarva History using Skinner's inventories. The following is taken directly from meeting notes found in the collection: -- The research begun in the 17th Century Delmarva History graduate course in June, 1998 will provide a jumping off point for further analysis of provincial Maryland and her regional parts. The inventories, as they were compiled in Skinner's abstracts for the years 1670 - 1700, were organized by the 12 existing counties of the period and further broken down alphabetically, chronologically and by decanting wealth.


Conant (Fred Rufus) Collection (2009.228sm)

1 folder


Confederate Soldiers of the Lower Eastern Shore of MD Collection (2009.246sm)

1 folder
This collection contains lists of Confederate Soldiers from Worcester and Somerset Counties pulled from Hartzler-Marylanders in the Confederacy and the 1890 Veterans Census.


Conner (Brent) Family History and Civil War Collection (1999.023sm)

1 folder
Contains two records, an ancestral chart of the Connor family and the Civil War records of Benjamin McCready.


Cook (Richard) Papers (2008.101)

Rough draft of "Shipwreck, Horses and Treasure - A Tale of Old Assateague" & Letter from Wm D Pitts 12-11-1965 Was old - .02.


Cooper (Anna) Collection (1985.022)

1 box
Clippings and manuscripts for Salisbury Teachers College.


Cooper (Richard) Collection  (1987.093)

22 boxes
This collection contains the working and personal papers of Richard Waller Cooper including many of his columns written for the Daily Times covering an array of civic and historic subjects relevant to the city of the Salisbury. Research and subject files used in compiling the columns are also included. His professional activities and interest are represented in Series five, seven and nine. They include books including a copy of the 1877 Atlas of Wicomico, Somerset & Worcester Counties, Maryland, survey instruments most notably the one of kind 1790 Goldsmith Chandlee Compass, a variety of land records and news clippings documenting his achievements and awards including that of Surveyor of the Year, 1980. Among his personal interests, material covering the subject of the Maryland Delaware line and the lives of Mason and Dixon are also a part of the collection as well as the Civil War, a subject he was often asked to speak on. Contained in the collection is a body of work on the subject of the Green Hill Church and its first minister, John Huett and genealogical research on several families and their connections to the church including the Dashiell family, Huett family, Ben Davis family who home was said to be the parsonage of the Green Hill church and Nutter family The collection also contains the manuscripts for the published works of Cooper including Profiles of a Colonial Community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Salisbury in Times Gone By," and Portrait of Salisbury. In addition the collection contains a multitude of family and personal photographs including the building of Tony Tank, a project upon which Cooper served as developer.


Corddy Collection (1988.051sm)

2 folders
This collection centers on the Chesapeake specifically the Bay-Bridge Tunnel and the 1975 findings and recommendations of the Chesapeake Bay Program.


Coston-Maddox Family Collection (2008.102)

1 folder
Information from the Coston-Maddox Family Bible.


Coulbourne Family Collection (1992.018sm)

2 boxes
1 folder
Coulbourne Family Genealogy.


The Counties of Maryland Collection (2009.003sm)


Covington Family Records (2009.112sm)

3 folders


Crittenden (Amy) Collection (1989.008)

5 boxes
Coming soon.


Crockett (Thomas) Collection (1983.006)

1 folder
This collection contains a brief history of Tangier Island.


Culver (Joseph S.) Civil War Collection (2009.088sm)

8 folders
This collection contains information about Joseph S. Culver, a Civil War veteran. Included are an obituary and a typecopied pension record.


Custis-Parramore Family Collection (1991.007sm)

1 folder
Family History of the Custis and Parramore families.


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