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Bailey Civil War Collection (2008.075sm)

6 folders
This collection contains scanned images of Civil War letters and envelopes from the Bailey family from 1861-1876. It also includes brief genealogical information and James Lester Bailey's soldier record from internet sources.


Bailey (Joseph L.) Legal Collection (1988.052)

3 boxes
Land and legal records of the Bailey family.


Baker Family Collection (1984.009sm)

3 folders
This is a small collection containing genealogical material of the Baker Family.


Baker (Vaughn) Family History Collection (1991.004)   

10 folders
Genealogical records of the Baker family of Worcester County, MD and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


Baker (Earle) Photograph Collection (1991.012)

1 folder
Photographs of the people of Caroline County, MD from the 19th Century.


Barnes Family (2009.124sm)

1 folder


Barnes (Stephen & Elaine) Collection (1991.015)

1 box
1 folder
Architecture of the Burton-Cannon House of Somerset County.


Barwick (Atwood) Collection (1997.012)

7 boxes
A large collection containing military, church, government, legal, photos, and newspapers for much of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.


Bassett Collection (1990.060sm)

1 folder
This collection contains a handwritten list of important dates in American history.  This manuscript was found inside a copy of a United States History textbook belonging to Mary Bradley, descendant of Arcadia Bassett.


Batchelder (Polly) Family History Collection (1990.044)

2 boxes
This collection contains manuscripts and mementos. The manuscripts were written by Polly Batchelder and cover the subject of Family History. The unnumbered and unbound manuscript has been separated at intervals and housed in consecutive folder due to its size. The order remains unchanged. The oversized items comprising Series three contains ledgers recording tax assessments for corporations and individuals.


The Battle of St. Michaels Booklet Collection (2009.078sm)

1 folder
This Collection contains a booklet entitled The Battle of St. Michaels.


Bayly (Charles) War World II Collection (1990.009sm)

7 folders
This collection covers the World War II activities of Charles Bayly, an Eastern Shore native. Included are correspondence, biographical information and a weekly digest of the Salisbury Times covering the war.


Bednarczyk (Tom) Collection (1994.027)

1 box
Contains several historical projects addressing newspaper projects from the Cambridge Democrat & Easton Gazette, Gravesite law research, Lower Eastern Shore Patriot, and The Maryland Soldier/A Revolutionary War Portrait.


Belate Collection (2009.119sm)

1 folder


Belser Family History Collection (1999.032)

4 boxes
A family history collection.


Bender Family Collection (1987.001sm)

1 folder
Collection contains the Bender Family manuscripts.


Bennett (Edgar) Collection (1993.08)

18 boxes
The Edgar Bennett Collection consists of papers relating to Edgar Bennett, his wife Margaret Truitt, and the Red Star Motor Coaches, Inc. bussing company. Early records are sparse and scattered focusing upon the life of Bennett and his wife. The bulk of the collection consists of the records from the Red Star Motor Coaches, Inc. from the 1920's through 1940's and the political carrier of Edgar Bennett including his role in the Maryland State Senate, Republican Party, and the Maryland State Roads Commission. This collection is broken up into two series: I - Personal and II - Professional. Each series has several sub series that are organized alphabetically: Artifacts, Correspondence, Creative Works (Series I Only, works of art and any other non-printed items), Financial records, Legal Documents (Series I Only), Maps, Meeting Minutes (Series II Only), Photographs, Political and Public Service Information (Series II Only, covering the 1950's Republican Party and Edgar Bennett's Service in the MD State Senate), Printed Material (Series I encompasses all documents received by the Bennett Family over their lifetime; Series II contains business and company documents such as internal memos, press releases, and employee lists), Reports (Series I Margaret Bennett's educational documents; Series II all official reports from the government or another company), and Scrapbooks (Series I Only).


Bennett (Harold) Collection (1988.053)

1 box
Two types of records are contained in this collection, historical information of the United States Navy, and the musical and historical information for Delmarva Baptist churches.


Bennett High School Dedication & WBOC Booklet (2009.231sm)

1 folder


Benson Maps Collection (1984.018)

1 box
Primarily photocopies of election district maps for Somerset and Worcester counties.


Berlin Ocean City Newspaper Collection (1989.061)

4 boxes
This collection contains editions of the Berlin Advance News and the Berlin - Ocean City News. The newspapers were published weekly and illustrate events throughout Worcester County, Maryland and the national. It provides a detailed glimpse into the early 1900's, World War I, the Depression Era, Prohibition, organized crime, state and local politics and the Suffrage Movement. Other events and subjects include the 1920 presidential campaign, immigration, the Mexican Revolution and foreign policy. Beginning October 1931, the story of Yuell Lee aka Orphan Jones unfolds ending in his lynching and subsequent race riots in Pocomoke and Berlin.


Bessent (Carl) Collection (1987.064sm)

Contains a speech delivered by Carl Bessent.


Bettner Family Collection (2008.118)

1 folder
Information pertaining to the families of Tilney, Day, Emorey & Hobbs.


Beverly Mansion Collection (1987.005sm)

1 folder
Contains an academic paper on the subject of Beverly Mansion.


Bible Records Collection (1995.013)

1 box
This collection contains multiple bibles from different families and churches.


Biographical Dictionary of Early Virginia Collection (1987.021sm)

The biographical Dictionary of Early Virginia 1607 - 1660.


Blades (Claude) Collection (1996.005sm)

8 folders
Collection of manuscripts, deeds, leases, bonds, account books, receipts, and letters from lower Delmarva.


Bleech (Nestor) Collection (1999.003sm)

1 box
1 folder
Contains a history of the land rights of Lord Baltimore and how it relates to Virginia as well as a land record for the estate of B. Furbee.


The Book of Common Prayer Collection (2009.076sm)

1 Folder

This collection contains a photocopy of the Book of Common Prayer


Bounds (Thomas) Collection (1985.018sm)

1 folder
This collection contains miscellaneous material on the mills in and around the area as well as baseball.


Bowie (Emily) Family History Collection (1991.003sm)

Genealogical Information.


Bowie Papers Collection (1989.002sm)

2 folders
Contains genealogical information on the Smullen Family.


Bradford (Vance A.) Collection (1990.002sm)

5 folders
This collection consists of genealogical material relating to the Bradford family. It includes newsletters, census material, correspondence and charts.


Bradley (Fred) Collection (1990.051)

1 box
This collection contains assorted clippings, articles on various people, places and events taking place on the Eastern Shore including the Wicomico County Centennial and the Chesapeake Bay. The Bradley family is also documented in the collection in the form of photographs, medical and commercial receipts and military discharge papers, providing a glimpse of family on the Shore.


Bradley (Sylvia) Collection (1984.002)

11 boxes
This collection contains articles, manuscripts, academic papers, census transcripts, postcards, books, print material and a variety of other research material. The collection documents facets of area life including agriculture, family life and churches. It also investigates the history and unique qualities of area localities. Included in the collection is a series of academic papers written by Bradley's students, a manuscript and research material used for the 1992 Induction Ceremony for the Md. Women's Hall of Fame and a variety of books, print material and material culture items.


Bradley (Marian) Church History Collection (1993.010)

2 boxes
Documents and photos of church events and religious ceremonies in Wicomico and Sussex Counties.


Bradley (Sylvia) WWII Collection (1995.056)

6 boxes
Coming Soon.


Bradley & Knowles Family Collection (1986.001sm)

3 folders
Collection contains genealogical information on the Bradley and Knowles families.

Bradly & Allied Family Records (2009.114sm)

1 folder


Bradshaw (Mrs. Ricky) Family History Collection (1992.020sm)

Genealogical records.


Brattan Taylor Store Collection (1985.023)

1 folder
This collection is comprised of an inventory and day books of the Brattan Taylor Store located in Mardela Springs, Maryland also known as Barren Creek. The store was owned by the Adkins family.


Briddell (David) Civil War Collection (1999.025sm)

8 folders
Lists and rosters of Civil War veterans and officers that focus primarily on what happened to different types of troops after the war, where they settled and what they were doing. Contains several records of African American veterans from the war.


Brueckmann (Fred & Frances) Woodworking Collection (1992.004)

3 boxes
Newspaper, cards, and journals related to the carpentry and woodworking industries, as well as a collection of ‘glass negatives’ of different people.


Bunting (Martha) Collection (1984.015) 

2 boxes
This collection consists primarily of mementos collected by Martha Bunting. She documented marriages, funerals and other social events taking place on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The second series contain legal records in the form of land and court records. Of particular interest are the postcards and tintypes within the collection.


Burbage Family Collection (1990.024sm)

6 folders
The Burbage Collection is compiled of mainly land and legal records dating from the early 1700's to the late 1800's. It includes, patents, wills, deeds and tables of courses.


Burgess Collection (1992.031)

1 box
Ledger, business records, and a video cassette of the Burgess store from the early 20th century in Somerset County.


Burnett (Polly White) Family History Collection (1992.009)

3 boxes
Manuscripts, letters, journals, and newspapers of the Family History of the Burnett family of Wicomico County.


Butler (Paul) Collection (1991.036)

1 box
Photocopies of different government, legal, and educational records of Wicomico and Somerset counties in Maryland, as well as genealogical information of the Butler family.


Butler (William A.) WWI Collection (2009.096sm)

1 folder

This collection contains information pertaining to William A. Butler of Co L, 369th Infantry, who was awarded the French Croix de Guerre with palm and the Distinguished Service Crosses for extraordinary heroism in action near Maison de Champagne, France d


By Faith We Serve (2009.074sm)



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