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The following is an overview of the Nabb Research Center's extensive microfilm collection. It consists of more than 4,000 reels of primary research material, including courthouse records from Dorchester, Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties in Maryland; Accomack and Northampton counties in Virginia; and Sussex County in Delaware, plus materials gathered from other repositories
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Death and Marriage Index, 1850-1961 1
Church Records, 1840-1815
Service Records Of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served In Organizations From The State Of Delaware

Land Records and Deeds, 1640-1930
Wills, alphabetical order, dates unknown
Court Records, 1809-1920
Naturalization Records, 1796-1929
Guardian Accounts, alphabetical order, nd

Land Records, Deeds, and Survey Records, 1640-1930
Wills, 1677-1959
Inventories, 1682-1850
Orphans Court and Guardian Accounts, 1728-1949
Manuscript Assessment Records, 1780-1904
Court Records, 1763-1904

Court Records, 1634-1794
Land Office Records, 1637-1758
Military Records, 1746-1888
Archives of Maryland, vol. 1-72
Inventories, 1634-1777
Wills, 1635-1777
Service Records Of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served In Organizations From The State Of Maryland

Church Records, 1743-1977
Land Records, 1669-1901
Court Records, 1885-1901
Wills, 1852-1902
Tax Records, 1782-1783

Land Records, 1773-1776

Court Records, 1709-1776

Church Records, 1692-1995
Debt Records, 1733-1759
Court Records, 1670-1940
Land Records, 1665-1952
Wills, 1664-1955
Inventories, 1678-1876
Administrative Records, 1804-1896
Tax Records, 1664-1822
Marriage Records, 1866-1962
Washington Academy, Somerset County, Minutes of Trustees
Work Projects Administration, 1933-1943

Vital Records, 1681-1810
Land Records, 1665-1710

Church Records, 1750-1923
Court Records, 1868-1914
Land Records, 1867-1902
Marriage Records, 1892-1902
Administrative Records, 1869-1903
Orphan’s Court, 1867-1911
Wills, 1867-1927

Church Records, 1722-1910
Court Records, 1796-1969
Debt Books, 1745-1774
Land Records, 1742-1947
Administrative Records, 1742-1905
Orphans Court and Guardian Accounts, 1777-1900
Inventories, 1688-1892
Wills, 1665-1917

Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served In Organizations From The State Of Virginia A-Z
Nationalization Petition of the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of (Alexandria) VA 1909 - 1920

Church Records, 1723-1832
Court Records, 1663-1872
Indentures, 1798-1835
Inventories, 1828-1865
Land Records, 1663-1865
Orphan’s Court, 1741-1850
Vital Records, 1774-1896
Wills, 1663-1824

Church Records, 1758-1887
Court Records, 1632-1865
Land Records, 1632-1883
Orphan’s Court, 1662-1833
Vital Records, 1922
Wills and Inventories, 1733-1853

Deeds, 1650-1652
Wills and Inventories, 1652-1666
Orders Books, 1652-1698

Deeds, 1729-1763

Deeds, 1745-1765

Vital Records, 1620-1985
Genealogies, 1600s-1916
Church Records, 1633-1860
Cemetery, 1633-1860
Indian Records, 1639- 1776


The Negro Military Service Of The United States, 1639-1886
Certificates of Freedom; Slave Statistics
U. S. Colored Troops Service Records
Papers of the American Slave Trade
Papers of the NAACP; The Anti Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955
Records of Freedman, Refugees and Abandoned Lands, 1865–1871
Records of U. S. Colored Troops, Part 1 - Letters Related to Recruitments of African Americans, 1863–1865
African American Baptist Annual Reports, 1865–1990
Miscellaneous Negro Newspapers Maryland
Presbyterian Board of Missions for Freedmen Annual Reports, 1866–1923
Slave Narratives

Pension Files Of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 And 1900
Applications From Former Confederates For Presidential Pardons, 1865-1867
Records Of The War Department Relating To Confederate Prisoners Of War, 1861-1865
Register Of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, And Citizens Who Died In Federal Prisons And Military Hospitals In The North, 1861-1865
Records of Confederate Soldiers Second Battalion (multiple units not just second)
Special Collection Civil War - Items from Anna Ella Carroll Papers, 1856-1862
Special Collection Civil War - 1861 Letters to McClellan
Comptroller of the Treasury (Bounty Rolls) Volunteers, 1864-1880
Hamond Naval Papers, 1766-1825: A.S. Hamond Naval Records
John A. L. Radcliffe Microfilm Collection, 1846–1873
Letters of Governor Levin Winder, 1812-1814; MD Council Letter Book, 1796-1818
Robert Goodloe Harper Family Papers, Apr 1820-1834
Special Collection The Journal of Charles Heydrick, 1863–1873

Federal Census Records, 1790-1930
The Schomburg Center Collections

Revolutionary War Roles, 1775-1783
Colonial Series - America and West Indies

Agriculture Extension Service Reports Delaware, 1914-1944
William D. Pitts Collection of Land Survey Records regarding Worcester County, Maryland and neighboring Lands (1685-1980) at the Worcester County Library, Snow Hill, Maryland
The Delaware Weekly Advertiser and Farmers
Cohn and Bock Company of Princess Anne, MD, 1882-1934
Receipt book of Samuel and Thomas Chamberlaine, 1722-1771
The Account Book of James Hyland, 1817–1869
Register of Lighthouse Keepers

Native American Conference Records, 1705-1776

Rise of Methodism Collection
Delaware Church Conference Records, 1884-1950
American Missionary Association Archives
English Church Records, 1560-1812

Calvert Papers
Lloyd Papers
Family Ledger Collections
Benjamin Rush Manuscripts
Waller Family Papers
Washburn Collection
The Lloyds of Wye
MD Historical Society Manuscripts
Index to History of Delaware, 1609–1888
Miscellaneous Records Eastern Shore
Ward Collection of Eastern Shore Insurance Tariff Books
Dept. Health & Mental Hygiene Vital Records - Maryland - June, July, August 1951
Sanborn Map Company: Fire Insurance Maps of Maryland Towns and Cities
Special Collection Federal Direct Tax 1798
FBI File on Thurgood Marshall
John Pendleton Kennedy Papers (19th Century Archives)
Records of the States of the United States, 1776-1800

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