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The Nabb Research Center is under the umbrella of the Salisbury University Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  

Ways to Give           

            Support the Mission and Vision 

The Nabb Research Center depends upon charitable gifts to underwrite its mission and vision:

•     introduce students, potential students and other interested persons to the vast historical, archeological and cultural heritage of Delmarva

•     offer students a strong foundation in a variety of specialized studies in history, folklore and related fields

•     serve as a foundation for life-long learning and research

•     provide opportunities for interaction with the local and national community of researchers, educators, business leaders, family historians and others interested in Delmarva history and culture 

•     be a recognized institution in the Delmarva region and around the country for its advanced preservation and understanding of the area’s local history and cultural heritage. 

•     become a primary resource for students, historical organizations and scholars for all of their research needs and individual learning purposes.

Online Gifts-Online donations can be made through the Salisbury University Foundation’s Secure Donation Form.

Mail- Make checks payable to Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. Mail donation to:

Nabb Research Center
1101 Camden Ave.
Salisbury, MD 21801

            Become a Volunteer

Learn, share, contribute, make a difference! Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

            Donate Material

The Center accepts items associated with Delmarva, regardless of the time period.  There is a focus towards collecting items relating to the lower Delmarva region and its hinterland.  A secondary collection focus concerns materials of the greater Chesapeake region.  Tertiary foci of the Center include exploration/first contact and the Colonial era throughout North America. 

However, the Center will not forbear to collect items from other areas which are representative of a type used throughout the Chesapeake or which help to illustrate the general context of the history of Delmarva.

For more information, please contact the Nabb Center's Access Archivist, Leslie Van Veen:



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