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Finding Aids

The Archives of the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture Finding Aids site provides digital access to finding aids and material inventories for archival records and manuscript holdings at the research center. As we continue to process our records, more finding aids will become available periodically.

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  • Agnes Tilghman Lürman photograph collection Accession Number: 2013.082 Description: The Agnes Tilghman Lürman photograph collection documents the activities of Ms. Lürman, and includes her visits to the “Grosses” also known as the Grosscoat Farm in Talbot County, Maryland, a trip to Paris, France in 1915, Shellfield, Wye Plantation, Weems, Virginia and Wharton Manor. Photographs also document the military service of William H. Decoursey Tilghman and J. Daniel Tilghman. Also, there is comprehensive documentation of the National Service School Women’s Section of the Navy League at Camp Chevy Chase, 1917-1918. Concurrently Pat Calloway, a photographer stationed with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, 1917-1918, documented the sites in Paris, as well as the French landscape and daily life of a soldier during World War I. Keywords:
    Agnes Tilghman Lürman photograph collection Military Paris, France Talbot County, Md. Weems, Va. World War I Orangery American Expeditionary Forces Camp Chevy Chase Grosscoat Farm National Service School of Women’s Section of the Navy League Shellfield United States Army Wharton Manor Wye Plantation Pat Calloway Agnes Tilghman Lürman J. Daniel Tilghman William H. DeCoursey Tilghman
  • Albert and Bettie Morris papers Accession Number: 2007.014 Description: The Albert and Bettie Morris papers document their lives as long-time residents of Salisbury, Maryland, and include early family records of Rosa Lee Tilghman Morris as well as correspondence, biographical information, printed materials, newspapers and artifacts. The materials date from 1895-2008 with the bulk of the material dating from 1941-1979. Dr. Morris’ extensive World War II service record is documented and includes correspondence, service papers and photographic documentation of his encounter with General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also included are the records of the Eastern Shore Opera and Symphony Societies as well as ephemera from many other local historic and symphonic organizations. Keywords:
    Albert and Bettie Morris papers Military Socialite World War II American Red Cross Army Dental Corps Bard Avon School, Baltimore, Md. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Eastern Shore Symphony Society Eastern Shore Opera Society Maryland Ballet Company Mrs. Harold’s Bell Street and Grammar School Salisbury Consort United States Army Anne Morris Clay Dwight D. Eisenhower Harry Harcum Ruth Kennerly Albert W. Morris Bettie Harcum Morris Ida Morris Rosa Lee Tilghman Morris Ruth Van Hulsteyn Charlotte Irving Fish
  • Allen Clark publication collection Accession Number: 2013.068 Description: Allen Clark publication collection includes a signed copy of Clark’s publication, New Light on Old Barratt’s: a history of Barratt’s Chapel, and includes biographical and supplemental information about author Allen Clark. Keywords:
    Church history Kent County, Delaware Methodist Religion Barratt’s Chapel Norris S. Barratt Allen B. Clark
  • Allen and Hancock Family papers Accession Number: 2012.214 Description: The Allen and Hancock Family papers encompass the personal interests and professional activities of Maryland Eastern Shore residents Beulah Nock Allen, Dr. Gladys Martha Allen, and Julia “Betsy” Allen Hancock. The materials date from 1903-2013 with the bulk of the material dating 1990-1999. Personal and professional activities are documented via school notebooks, certificates and diplomas; fiduciary statements; meeting minutes; correspondence; newspaper and magazine clippings; photographs; and scrapbooks. Two cloth sashes showcase square dance pins Betsy amassed during her years of dancing; a loose assortment of pins, fabric patches, lace headpieces, garters, and ribbons complete her personal collection of square dance memorabilia. Other ephemera include a sizeable artifact collection personally donated to the Nabb Research Center by Julia “Betsy” Allen Hancock. Keywords:
    Allen and Hancock Family papers Assam, Burma, India Education – Maryland Square dancing Allen Memorial Baptist Church, Salisbury, Md. Ocean Waves Square Dance Club University of Maryland, College Park Wicomico County High School Beulah Nock Allen Fulton White Allen Dr. Gladys Martha Allen Lois Jennings Allen Walter Kendall Allen Julia "Betsy Allen Hancock Betsy Hancock
  • Allison Morris Stickney papers Accession Number: 2013.059 Description: The papers of Allison Morris Stickney document Stickney’s service on the U.S.S. Marion from 1876-1904, with the bulk of the records specifically documenting his experiences aboard the schooner and in varying ports located in the Mediterranean region. Corresponding port lists also document the schooner’s arrival and departures throughout the region. Keywords:
    Allison Morris Stickney papers Schooner U.S.S. Marion United States Army United States Navy Commander R.F. Bradford Allison Morris Stickney Military
  • Anna Jones Cooper papers Accession Number: 1985.022 Description: The papers of Anna Jones Cooper document her involvement with Salisbury Teachers College alumni who were enlisted in the differing branches of the military during World War II as well as her involvement as head of the STC Alumni Committee. Materials date from 1929-1948 with the bulk of the material dating from 1943-1945, and include enlisted alumni biographies and addresses, correspondence, and printed materials that feature the enlisted alumni. Keywords:
    Anna Jones Cooper papers Alumni Athletes Military Newspapers World War II Salisbury State Teachers College Albert B. Atkinson J. Wade Caruthers Anna Jones Cooper Jacob Edward Dryden Thomas Flowers Hamilton P. Fox Eunice Lee Harcum Robert M. Heatwole Eugene Messick Frederick Messick Preston Messick Samuel William Seidel Margaret Sherwood William B. Wimbrow
  • Anne Morris Clay papers Accession Number: 2007.004 Description: The papers of Anne Morris Clay document her occupation as a land records researcher in the Maryland counties of Wicomico and Worcester. The materials date from 1913-1997 with a bulk of materials dating from 1980-1997. Materials include correspondence and research material regarding Cherie Cozin's Purnell property off Shore Side Road in Dames Quarter as well as June Petit's Simpleton property and correspondence with Dave Nutter pertaining to the property Nutter’s Neck. Materials also include transcriptions of the 1759-1865 land documents, 17th century certificates of land patent, 18th century deeds, 19th century Acworth Plat, and deeds for Nutter’s Neck. In addition, there are research materials on Sampson Burbage (1818-1881) and his properties in Powellsville. Also, there are property research records regarding William Hull's Muddy Hole Road and Tyaskin properties and a biography of Milford W. Twilley. A portion of the materials belonged to Ruth Harcum’s father, Benjamin Franklin Kennerly, Jr. who was the mayor of Salisbury from 1912-1914. Also included are books from the Morris, Kennerly, and Harcum families. Keywords:
    Anne Morris Clay papers Land Records Muddy Hole Road Patents Poetry Wicomico County, Md. Worcester County, Md. Bard-Avon School Dames Quarter Nutter’s Neck Purnell Property Simpleton Property Sampson Burbage Anne Morris Clay Ruth Harcum Benjamin Kennerly, Jr. Albert Morris Bettie Morris Milford Twilley Autograph Albums Sex Education Maps American Association of University Women Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program St. Paul's Episcopal Church Wicomico Women's Club
  • Bacon Family papers Accession Number: 2006.386 Description: Bacon Family papers document the family history of George Bacon’s family which lived in Sussex County, Delaware. Many of the members of the Bacon family represented in these papers lived in Little Creek Hundred. The materials date from 1807-2005 with the bulk of the material dating from land records from members of the Bacon family and other local families, 1847-1897. Bacon family history is documented through deeds, wills, probate files, George M. Bacon and Samuel Bacon’s military records and bible records. Keywords:
    Bacon Family papers Laurel, Del. Little Creek Hundred Suxxex County, Del. Jasper E. Adams Betty Bacon Dutson Bacon Elizabeth Bacon George Bacon George M. Bacon Granville R. Bacon Henry Bacon John Bacon Johnathon Bacon Levin Bacon Samuel Bacon Charles Calvert Manclaus Ellis Charles A. Hearn Jane Hitchens Mary Horsey Thomas C. Horsey Thomas Jefferson William Kenney Lorenzo W. Marvil Benjamin J. Moore Craven Peyton Leah Polk William Polk Abbey Small Jesse Small William E. Thomison
  • Bates Family papers Accession Number: 2014.078 Description: The Bates Family papers document the family’s extensive history in Worcester County and Baltimore, Maryland through vital records of the Bates, Starr, Norris, and Murray families. The Bates family is also documented via court records, financial histories and photographs. Correspondingly, records also document the Methodist Protestant church in which the Bates family has been involved for decades; these include the correspondence and articles of Rev. Benjamin Alfred Dumm nephew of Rev. Laurence Webster Bates D.D. The materials date from 1873-1989 with the bulk of the material dating from 1893-1928. Keywords:
    Bates Family papers Bates Family Methodism Methodist Protestant Church Murray Family Norris Family Starr Family North Avenue United Methodist Church, Baltimore, Md. Pennewell Cemetery Edward Bayley Bates Edward Norris Bates Laurence Murray Bates Rev. Laurence Webster Bates Rev. Benjamin Alfred Dumm Joshua Thomas Murray
  • Cato Family papers Accession Number: 2013.070 Description: Cato Family papers document the family activities and lineage of the Cato and Wyche families of Greensville County, Virginia and Salisbury, Maryland spanning two centuries. Hand-drawn lineage charts as well as land deeds, account bills, correspondence, and photographs are included and document the extensive family ancestry. Keywords:
    Cato Family papers Family History Greensville County, Va. Land Deeds Joanna Hauk Cato Michael Abercrombie Joanna Abercrombie Robert Westbrook Hall Harry Lee Taylor John Wyche Wyche Family
  • Charles Covington papers Accession Number: 2011.003 Description: The papers of Rev. Charles Covington document his enthusiasm for the Methodist church from 1886-2014 with the bulk of the material dating from 1950-1974. Over the course of his career, Rev. Covington obtained numerous bulletins, booklets and ephemera documenting the many Methodist, United Methodist and Methodist Episcopal Churches across the state of Delaware from Wilmington to Delmar and also includes those on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Keywords:
    Charles Covington papers Methodism Methodist-Episcopal Church Religion United Methodist Church Brandywine Summit Camp Charles Covington
  • Charles A. Holland, Jr. papers Accession Number: 2012.211 Description: The papers of Charles A. Holland, Jr. document his military service with the United States Army Air Corps, 1941-1945. Mr. Holland’s military activities are documented via issued special orders, certifications, proceeding specifications, pay allowance and photographs. Also included are a series of hand-drawn political cartoons depicting his rank-in-file men and newspaper clippings. Keywords:
    Charles A. Holland, Jr. papers Military United States Army Air Corps World War II Berlin, Md. Fort Dix, New Jersey A. Percy Holland Charles A. Holland, Jr.
  • Charles Robert Virgil Hall collection Accession Number: 1998.142 Description: The Charles Robert Virgil Hall collection documents various Eastern Shore families and their activities from 1789-1987, with the bulk of the records dating from 1885-1920. Eastern Shore communities are documented via land records, fraternal organizations, church materials including programs and the Journal of the Diocese of Easton, printed advertisements, family histories, and photographic prints. Keywords:
    Charles Robert Virgil Hall collection Rob Hall Accomack County, Va. Baltimore Hundred Baptist Churches Crisfield, Md. Episcopal Family History Fraternal Organizations Hallwood, Va. Sussex County Diocese of Easton Knights of Pythias Thomas Adams Mary Hargadine Burton William Matthias Costen Joshua Mills Dryden Allison A. Gillis Samuel Handy Issac Lankford
  • D. Page Elmore papers Accession Number: 2013.022 Description: The D. Page Elmore papers contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, business cards, books, plaques, decorations, certificates, artifacts and photocopies relating to the life and career of Douglas Page Elmore. They date from 1932-2011, with the bulk of the material dating from 2002-2011.

    The correspondence includes samples from all facets of his life, including birthday cards and personal letters to business and political correspondence. There are newspapers pertaining to his political career, as well as articles pertaining to the garbage delivery truck industry, and other local activities in which Elmore was involved. Photographs include labeled family photographs, as well as political photographs that have been signed by prominent Maryland politicians. The plaques were given to Elmore for all sorts for reasons, for his many accomplishments, donations and memberships. He received membership plaques and certificates from organizations such as the YMCA, Rotary International, University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and Salisbury University.

    Records also document Maryland General Assembly bills that he had significant contact with during 2005. Many of these bills and corresponding notes were created when Elmore was a member of differing committees in the House from 2007-2010. Material also documents Carolyn Elmore’s brief political career following her husband’s death. There are also materials concerning other politicians, and events including political buttons for politicians ranging from Kennedy to both Bush presidents and bumper stickers for many Republican politicians. There are papers regarding corruption charges leveled at various Maryland politicians.

    Most of the materials document Elmore’s tenure as a Maryland delegate, with the remaining materials documenting his personal life as well as his professional life including his sanitation business and the time he spent as the Treasurer of Accomack County, Virginia.
    D. Page Elmore papers Accomack County, Va. Church membership Bible records—Maryland Business records—Maryland Business records—Virginia Education Elections Elections—Virginia Local elections Bills, Legislative Governmental investigations Legislation Maryland--Politics and government Nonprofit organizations Ocean City, Md. Politics Politicians Republican Tangier Island Voting Maryland General Assembly -- House of Delegates Salisbury University Shore Disposal Carolyn Elmore D. Page Elmore
  • Delmarva Business Directory collection Accession Number: 2011.010 Description: The Delmarva Business Directory collection includes many types of directories from 1931-1967 from the Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland and Delaware region. Directories document many different types of businesses, including farmers as well as those who were employed on the Delmarva Peninsula. Also included is a publication on the 1960 population characteristics of the Salisbury-Wicomico Region. Keywords:
    Delmarva Business Directory collection Business Directory City Directory Delmarva Businesses Farm Directory Professional Directory Directory
  • Delmarva Republican Women records Accession Number: 2014.054 Description: Delmarva Republican Women records document the political organizations history and activities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland from 1999-2012 via administrative files that include meeting minutes, by laws, correspondence and photographs. Also documented are the many fundraising activities conducted by the women consisting of the Vet’s Valentines Dinner as well as live performances by William and Sue Wills as the President and his First Lady. Keywords:
    Delmarva Republican Women records Politics Social Groups Maryland Federation of Republican Women Republican Party Rose Brous Ann Horner Granados Betty Heckman Marjorie S. Holt Sue Wills William Wills
  • Dinsmore-Turner scrapbook collection Accession Number: 2009.571 Description: The Dinsmore-Turner scrapbook collection documents Robert Turner and his sweetheart, later wife, Marjorie Dinsmore Turner high school years from 1937 to 1941, their families, and their marriage and wedding in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Additional photographs detailing Robert being drafted, his military career, his death and his official burial arrangements in 1944 and commemoration 1947-1948. There are also photographs of their only child from 1944 to 1946. Keywords:
    Dinsmore-Turner scrapbook collection Army Air Force Boomer Mountain Columbus, Ohio Coshocton, Ohio Military St. Clairsville, Ohio United States Army Air Corps World War II 774th Bomb Squad Arlington National Cemetery Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Mississippi State College D.J. Riddle Jack Stevens Al Tomlinson Marjorie Dinsmore Turner Robert L. Turner
  • Diocese of Easton records Accession Number: 2012.107 Description: Diocese of Easton records document the history of the Diocese of Easton, specifically St. Paul’s Parish in Centreville, Maryland and the Bridgetown United Methodist Church near Ridgley, Maryland on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The materials date from 1924-2003 with the bulk of the material dating from history of the churches, 1989-1993. The history of the Diocese of Easton is documented in printed histories, maps and newspaper clippings. Keywords:
    Diocese of Easton records Churches—Maryland Episcopal Church- Diocese of Easton Maps Diocese of Easton National Episcopal Historians and Archivists Lynn Anstatt Thomas Bray Arthur D. Leiby George M. Leiby James Shand
  • Dorchester County Civil Rights collection Accession Number: 2013.060 Description: The Dorchester County Civil Rights collection documents the Civil Rights movement occurring in Cambridge, Maryland from 1958 -1990 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1961 – 1970. Materials include newspaper clippings, political literature, and campaign materials relating to the Civil Rights movement in Cambridge as well as three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings related to civil rights demonstrations in Cambridge. Keywords:
    Dorchester County Civil Rights collection African Americans Civil Rights Dorchester County, Md. Cambridge, Md. Housing Politics Politicians Poverty Race Relations Racism Riots Violence National Guard Spiro T. Agnew H. Rap Brown George Wallace
  • Doris Dukes papers Accession Number: 2014.129 Description: The Doris Dukes papers document her family’s history in and around Snow Hill, through the use of family bible records, death records, personal correspondence and photographs. The materials date from 1927-2007 with the bulk of the material dating from 1967-2001. Her life as a waterman and restaurateur is also documented through a series of business records. Keywords:
    Doris Dukes papers Crabbing Dukes Family Public Landing, Md. Restaurant Snow Hill, Md. Waterman Harbor Inn Doris Dukes William A. Dukes Zenie B. Mills Fitzsimmons Jenny D. Hall James Mills
  • Double Mills records Accession Number: 2004.002 Description: Double Mills records document the restoration and preservation of the historic mill located near Mardela Springs, Md. The materials date from 1988-1996, with the bulk of material dating from 1988-1991. The records encompass the restoration activities and efforts of Double Mills, Inc., and the Double Mills Preservation Foundation. These efforts are documented through correspondence, fund raising records, architectural drawings, maps, easement agreements, newspaper clippings, and photographs. In addition to the Double Mill records are photographs of the Rewastico Mill located in Hebron, Maryland. Keywords:
    Double Mills records Architecture--Maryland. Buildings Maryland Historic building-Conservation and restoration Conservation and restoration Historic mills Historic preservation. Mardela Springs, Maryland Double Mills, Inc. Double Mills Preservation Foundation
  • Dulany and Son, Inc. records Accession Number: 2012.116 Description: The records of Dulany and Son Incorporated, (also known Dulany and Johnson and Dulany and Sons), documents the growth and management of Dulany and Son Inc. which was located in Fruitland Maryland. The materials date from the company’s inception in 1899 through 1984 with the bulk of the material dating from 1944-1966. The materials include photographs, correspondence, biographies, and awards documents the growth of the Dulany plants as well as business and political interests of the company. Biographies of Dulany family members and histories of the company are also included. Keywords:
    Dulany and Son, Inc. records Agricultural laborers Business Records, Maryland Canneries Farmers Fruitland, Md. Politics and government Vegetables Wilmington Conference Academy Dulany and Johnson Incorporated Dulany and Sons Incorporated Isaac Handy Anderson Alice Dulany Isaac Dulany John Dulany Lucille Tull Dulany Ralph O. Dulany Virginia Dulany
  • E. Homer White papers Accession Number: 2014.012 Description: The E. Homer White papers document the political career of Edward Homer White, a Delegate from the Maryland State House and Senate, from 1946-1991 with the bulk of the material dating from 1962-1978. Materials include newspaper clippings, photographs and essays that document E. Homer White’s political campaigns, causes and career. Photographs and correspondence concern Delegate Homer’s campaign, his political stances, as well as events and receptions he had attended during his career. There are two scrapbooks which include newspaper clippings concerned with E. Homer White’s elections and political causes. Keywords:
    E. Homer White papers Elections – Maryland Politics Politicians Political Events Military Rotary International Trinity United Methodist Church Rebecca Beach E. Homer White
  • Edward J. Henry family papers Accession Number: 2011.039 Description: The family papers of Edward J. Henry document his family’s activities in Snow Hill, Maryland from his marriage to Mary Queen Purnell in 1887 through the death of his son William’s wife, Mary Holley Henry in 2009 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1932-1967. Materials include marriage certificates, funeral programs, ephemera about Helen and her violin as well as son William and Bowie State College, newspaper clippings and photographs. Keywords:
    Edward J. Henry family papers African American history Education Fraternal Organizations Snow Hill, Md. Bowie State College Emmanuel Baptist Church, Orange, Va. Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Somerset Junior-Senior High School Edward J. Henry Helen R. Henry Mary Holley Henry Mary Queen Purnell Henry P.L. Henry William E. Henry Mamie Henry Williams Riley George O. Williams Oliver H. Williams
  • Edward Jones papers Accession Number: 2006.370 Description: Edward Jones papers document Dr. Jones’ research into the Somerset and Worcester County, Maryland inventories of slaves and indentured servants that utilized court record abstracts, the Maryland Prerogative Inventory and the Maryland Calendar of Wills. Also of note, are a series of research papers written by Salisbury University students on their insight into the use of primary sources which include the inventories of the Ennis, Bishop and Outten families. The materials date from 1992 to 1998 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1994-1995. Keywords:
    Edward Jones papers Bishop Family Civil War Ennis Family Indentured Servants Outten Family Servants Slave Distribution Slaves Undergraduate Research Clarence Bailey Edward Jones Barry Neville
  • Edward H. Nabb, Sr. papers Accession Number: 1998.118 Description: The papers of Edward H. Nabb, Sr., document his family history and personal activities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and date from 1944-2002 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1989-1997. Family history is documented by autobiographical writings, research correspondence, Nabb family genealogies, Andrew Nabb’s certifications, newspaper clippings and photographs. Keywords:
    Edward H. Nabb, Sr. papers Cambridge, Maryland Dorchester County, Maryland Edward Nabb Famiily History Linda Nabb Andrew Nabb
  • Elijah T.P. Gibbons papers Accession Number: 1990.028 Description: Elijah T.P. Gibbons papers document through correspondence the activities of Gibbons’ cousin, Alexander King, a Union soldier who served in Tennessee’s Company K and Hiram Scott, Gibbons’ uncle who was living in Kentucky during the Civil War. The correspondence also includes friends and family members and expresses opinion on the war including the draft, life in military camp, and their on-going activities, 1861-1865. Also included are debt payments and bond statements between Gibbons and James Cottman from the 1870s. Keywords:
    Elijah T.P. Gibbons papers Accomack County, Va. Civil War Land Deed Locustville, Va. Military Somerset County, Md. James Cottman Elijah T.P. Gibbons Mary Polly Scott Gibbons Thomas C. Kellam Alexander H. King Hiram Scott
  • Ellett A. Lewis Scrapbook collection Accession Number: 2005.078 Description: Ellett A. Lewis Scrapbook collection depicts family members and friends participating in activities outside of the home in Salisbury, Maryland through photographic documentation, 1900-1940. Images include Mr. Lewis’ service in World War I, New York City, Accomack County, Virginia, Pokomoke City, Maryland, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Eastern Shore homes, roadside camping, schoolhouses, classrooms and monuments to Virginia Dare and Francis Makemie. Keywords:
    Ellett A. Lewis Scrapbook collection Accomack County, Va. Automobiles Classroom Gettysburg, Pa. Military New York City, Ny. Pokomoke City, Md. Schoolhouse Travel World War I Virginia Dare Clement I. Gaskill Bertha M. Lewis Ellett Absalom Lewis Francis Makemie
  • Evelyn Hamilton White scrapbook collection Accession Number: 2014.056 Description: Evelyn Hamilton White scrapbook collection documents national, international and local events in Salisbury, Maryland. The materials date from 1933-1945 with the bulk of the material dating from the period of World War II, 1943-1945. International and national events including the death of Franklin Roosevelt, the abdication of Edward VIII and World War II are documented through newspaper clippings. Local events including weddings, anniversaries, death announcements and the hurricane of 1933 in Ocean City are also documented though newspaper clippings. Keywords:
    Evelyn Hamilton White scrapbook collection Death England Hurricane--Ocean City, Md. Weddings World War II Frankin Delano Roosevelt Evelyn Hamilton White
  • Evelyn Jefferson Fox papers Accession Number: 1989.001 Description: The Evelyn Jefferson Fox papers document the activities of her family members who resided on Taylor’s Island and in Federalsburg, Maryland. Records document the family’s activities through nineteenth-century correspondence and photographs. Two photographic scrapbooks from 1910-1920 also document the cultural landscape and family activities through photographic images and newspaper clippings of Ocean City, Federalsburg, and Taylors Island. Keywords:
    Evelyn Jefferson Fox papers Evelyn Fox Dorchester County World War I Hillcrest Cemetary
  • Federated Garden Club of Maryland, District 1 records Accession Number: 2013.064 Description: The Federated Garden Club of Maryland, District 1 records document the organization’s activities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland from 1930-2011 with the bulk of the records dating from 1987-2008. Regionally District 1 is comprised of Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico and Worcester counties and their organized garden clubs. Activities including the semiannual meetings, special meetings, horticulture committee, and the newsletter are documented via meeting minutes recorded by the FGCMD secretary. Also included are scrapbooks compiled by the FGCMD historian that document the activities of the varying clubs through photographs and newspaper clippings. Keywords:
    Federated Garden Club of Maryland, District 1 records Flower shows Garden Clubs Gardening Horticulture Landscape design Societies Caroline County Garden Club Chestertown Garden Club Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland Greenfingers Garden Club National Garden Club, Inc. Queen Anne’s County Garden Club Somerset Garden Club Talbot County Garden Club Worcester County Garden Club Mrs. Jesse Hakes Chris Myles-Tochko
  • Fred Bradley Family papers Accession Number: 1990.051 Description: The papers of Fred T. Bradley document the activities of his family members, including his Uncle Milton Bradley’s active service in World War I, a copy of Florence Bradley’s passport, and his father’s obituary. Political memorabilia include a ticket stub from the 1912 Democratic National Convention and a fob from the McKinley-Hobart Presidential campaign of 1896. Also included is a copy of the Kangaroo Komplete Kompound brochure circa 1892, a type of farmer’s manure almanac. Keywords:
    Fred Bradley Family papers Mardela Springs, Md. Riverton, Md. World War I Florence Bradley Milton Bradley
  • Freedom Ainsworth papers Accession Number: 1999.008 Description: The Freedom Ainsworth papers document the restoration and preservation efforts of three of the Manokin Historic District’s oldest structures Beckford Manor, Almodington and More And Case It (also known as Holly Hurst), located in Princess Anne, Md. The materials date from 1766-1767, 1803-1999 with the bulk of the material dating from the purchase and restoration of the three structures, 1967-1994. Restoration activities as well as property histories are documented via correspondence, detailed measurements and notes, architectural drawings, and photographs. Also documented through a series of ledgers are the accounting transactions of Henry Smith Lankford and H. Fillmore Lankford as well as various merchants from Somerset Count including Teackle Dennis and Teackle. Keywords:
    Freedom Ainsworth papers Architecture--Maryland Buildings Maryland Colonial Architecture Dennis Family Elzey Family Georgian Architecture Historic building--Conservation and restoration Historic hotels Historic preservation Lankford Family Ledgers Littleton Family Marshall Family Pinckard Family Porter Family Princess Anne, Md. Real Estate Restoration and conservation Somerset County, Md. Almodington Anderson Road Beckford Manor Brig Peggy The Community Players, Inc. Corbett-Sharp House, Odessa, Del. Glenstone Holly Hurst The Irish World and American Industrial Liberator Knights of Pythias Manokin Historic District More And Case It National Register of Historic Places Olde Princess Anne Days Teackle, Dennis and Teackle Teackle Mansion The United States Gazette Washington Academy Wharton House Freedom Ainsworth Norma Ruedi Ainsworth Michael Bourne Harry Dashiell Henry Jackson Catherine F. Lankford H. Fillmore Lankford Ian Crawford MacCallum William H. Polk Sallie Mills Porter
  • Fulton Allen papers Accession Number: 1998.116 Description: The papers of Mr. Fulton Allen document his personal interests which include folk art, travel, and theater as a resident of Salisbury, Maryland from 1920-1970s. Records include a scrapbook from Mr. Allen’s travels to the West Indies in 1937 with his friend, Conrad Long, as well as photographs and a cast list from the Wicomico Community Players, a local theater group which held productions at Wicomico High School. A second scrapbook features collected magazine covers and advertisements from varying periodicals 1929-1945. Also included are a series of pamphlets providing information on new pharmaceuticals, health benefits and social issues. Keywords:
    Fulton Allen papers Wicomico County Wicomico Community Players Hamilton Fox Conrad Long
  • Gale J. Belser papers Accession Number: 1999.032 Description: The papers of Gale J. Belser document her extensive family history research conducted from 1972-1999 and includes extensive histories of the Alford and Gale families of the Eastern Shore as well as other families from Cecil, Dorchester and Somerset Counties. Family histories are documented via correspondence with family members, pedigree charts, deeds and wills, obituaries, as well as church and marriage records. Keywords:
    Gale J. Belser papers Gale Johnson Belser Alford Family History Baker Family History Belser Family History Brown Family History Budd Family History Burial records Cecil County, Md. Comegys Family History Crane Family History Dare Family History Dashiell Family History Davenport Family History Davis Family History Dempsey Family History Dorchester County, Md. Fassit Family History Fleharty Family History Gale Family History Hall Family History Henry Family History Hutton Family History Johnson Family History Kay Family History Larrimore Family History Loverin Family History Lundy Family History McNeal Family History Magruder Family History Matheson Family History Matlack Family History Messick Family History Middleton Family History Mikel Family History Newman Family History Newman-Davis Family History Nicholson Family History Padgett Family History Pedigree Charts Perinchief Family History Poillon Family History Robinett Family History Rodgers Family History Sherron (Cherron) Family History Shreves Family History Sickler Family History Skirven Family History Smith Family History Von Rapp Family History Wainright (Winright) Family History Ware Family History
  • Genesar Architectural Drawing records Accession Number: 1987.107 Description: This collection contains thirteen architectural drawings of the Berlin, MD structure called Genesar in 1980. The drawings were prepared by student architects of Florida A & M University. The drawings include a site plan, first floor plan, second floor plan, third floor plan, east elevation, west elevation, north elevation, longitudinal section, transverse section, and several individual details throughout the structure.  Keywords:
    Maryland Architecture Buildings Genesar Architectural Drawing records Historic building Historic preservation Conservation and restoration Worcester County, Maryland Historic American Buildings Survey Humphreys family Purnell family Berlin, Maryland
  • George B. Nabb, Jr. papers Accession Number: 2014.053 Description: The papers of George B. Nabb, Jr. document his thoughts and experiences through correspondence during World War II from 1942-1945, with the bulk of the material dating from 1943-1944, while Nabb was stationed in England and in Northern France as the Captain and Commanding Officer of Company D of the 115th Infantry Division of the National Guard. Correspondence was sent to his wife Georgia and son, George, who lived on his family’s farm in Cambridge, Maryland, and focus on his thoughts and concerns of his family back home. Keywords:
    George B. Nabb, Jr. papers Cambridge, Maryland Military World War II 115th Infantry Division National Guard George B. Nabb, Jr. Georgia Nabb George Nabb III
  • George and Lucy Toothill papers Accession Number: 2013.043 Description: The George and Lucy Toothill papers document George Toothill’s naval assignments shortly after World War I. The papers date from 1918-1923 with the bulk of the papers dating from 1918-1919. The papers include a journal kept by George in 1919 documenting his travels, correspondence from various family members and friends, and naval identification materials. In addition to George’s papers there is a correspondence to Lucy from a family friend written in 1923. Keywords:
    George and Lucy Toothill papers United States Navy World War I Military History Chauncey Brewster Frank Drebing Maude Malcolm Charlie Toothill Lucy Toothill George Toothill Chincoteague, Virginia Accomack County, Virginia
  • Gunby Family papers Accession Number: 1995.012 Description: The Gunby Family papers document the Gunby family lineage which began in Somerset County, Maryland in the late 17th century. Also documented are the activities of southern sympathizer Clara Gunby which occurred in Maryland and Virginia. The materials date from 1854 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1971 to 1994 when Mr. George Hann began to conduct research on the lineage of the Gunby family and associated family lines. Earlier records are included; however, they are photocopies of originals. Documenting records include Clara Gunby’s journal, family history lineage, and correspondence from George Hann to Gunby family members in the United States, Canada, England, and the South Pacific. Keywords:
    Gunby Family papers Brittingham Family Civil War Family History Fork Town, Maryland Genealogy Hampton Roads, Virginia Roach Family Somerset County, Maryland Wells Family Fortress Monroe Fort Monroe Clara L. Gunby Louis W. Gunby Eva Parker Gunby Hann George W. Hann Geroge Hann Clara Gunby Huffington Marylander and Herald Crisfield Times
  • Guy Peck collection Accession Number: 1999.027 Description: The Guy Peck collection documents Peck’s devotion to history through the documents he acquired and includes those on education and business practices. Records date from 1795-1979 with the bulk of the material dating from 1915-1940. Specifically, records document the education and life of Conrad or Conard Williams, an African American man from Eden, Maryland who studied at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, and the secretarial training of Elva Chandler who attended Goldey College in Wilmington, Delaware. Monetary transactions are also documented through a wide variety of receipts, goods purchased and accounting practices from different Eastern Shore families including Hitch and Ruark. Military research on the 1943 Algiers Campaign and correspondence from an enlistee to his mother during the Korean War is also included. Keywords:
    Guy Peck collection African American Schools Birth Records Crisfield, Md. Education Hitch Family Midwifery Shook Family Friendship Methodist Church Goldey College Hampston Normal and Agricultural Institute Korean War Princess Anne College Leighton Lockerman Thomas Parks Guy Peck Rebecca Polk Conard Williams Conrad Williams
  • Harold S. Morton, Jr. papers Accession Number: 2014.991 Description: The Harold S. Morton, Jr., papers document the extensive family history research that Morton conducted with the help of his wife, Margaret James Morton from 1958-1978 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, primarily in Northampton County. Families documented via research include James, Roberts and Stott. The materials date from 1870-1978, 1996 and include primary resources documenting the James family’s activities in and around Franktown, Virginia. Resources include land deeds, military discharge papers and estate assessment for Robert Dunton James. Keywords:
    Harold S. Morton, Jr. papers Badger Family Bird Family Byrd Family Dunton Family Franktown Cemetery Franktown, Va. Jacob Family James Family Land Deeds Major Family Mapp Family Military Morton Family Nassawadox, Va. Northhampton County, Va. Roberts Family Stott Family Bleak House Farm Daughters of the American Revolution Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society Jamestown Society Helen Dunton James Robert Dunton James Harold S. Morton Ester Roberts David Topping
  • Henrietta Jones Moore collection Accession Number: 1991.002 Description: The Henrietta Jones Moore collection documents several historical aspects of Eastern Shore history including Salisbury and Cambridge, Maryland and Cape Charles, Virginia. Documenting materials include family history, religion, education, and economic perspectives through essays, ephemera, newspaper clippings, obituaries and photographs from 1860-1998 with the bulk of the material dating from 1930-1948. Keywords:
    Henrietta Jones Moore collection Cambridge, Md. Cape Charles, Va. Catholicism Economics Education Main Street Recipes Religious Toleration White Family E.S. Adkins and Company Liberty Wall Paper and Paint Company Miles, Bailey and Williams Montgomery Ward Peninsula General Hospital Powell Dining Hall Salisbury Times Cooking School Bertha Adkins John W. Adkins Annie Byrd Frank Carpenter Bertie Hughlett Lyons Dobson Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1926- Joseph Graham Samuel A. Graham Louise Hopkins Louisa Graham Miller Dorothy Mitchell Henrietta Jones Moore Mary Elizabeth Mumford Bettie Morris Slemons Carrie E. Smith Gordon H. Toadvine Martha Toadvine Ronie Catherine Venable
  • Henry T. Bell papers Accession Number: 2014.014 Description: The papers of Henry T. Bell document land purchases in Berlin, Maryland and the business relationship conducted between Bell, his wife Lillie and the William B. Tilghman Company from 1858 – 1918 with the bulk of the material dating from 1895-1916. Also included is personal correspondence to Henry and Lillie Bell from their children and other acquaintances as well as personal account information and his last will and testament. Keywords:
    Henry T. Bell papers Arnold Miller Lot Berlin, Md. Jane Baker Lot Land Deeds Smith Lot Worcester County Guth Chocolate Company William B. Tilghman Company Henry T. Bell Lillie M. Bell Frances Bell Rayne Helen Bell Rayne John D. Rayne
  • Holloway Funeral Home records Accession Number: 2014.010 Description: The Holloway Funeral Home records document the deceased who were prepared for burial at the Salisbury, Maryland location, 1900-1952. Digitized materials include procedures performed, financial statements and death certificates. Keywords:
    Holloway Funeral Home records Death Records Family History Holloway Funeral Home Samuel J.R. Holloway Walter Holloway Richard Holloway
  • Humphreys Family papers Accession Number: 2012.048 Description: The Humphreys family papers document the educational and social activities of Dr. Eugene and Josephine Humphreys and their children who lived at 105 Broad Street, Salisbury, Maryland. Materials date from 1867-1963 with the bulk of the material dating from 1890-1933 including correspondence, educational, economic and photographic materials of the family. Also documented through correspondence, legal records, and photographs are boarders who resided with the Humphreys and associated families including Mary Gordon Toadvine, Joseph and Mary Graham and John D. Williams. Keywords:
    Humphreys Family papers Broad Street Health Care Humphreys Family Graham Family Medicine Photographs American Red Cross Army Nurse Corps Knights of Pythias, No. 56 L.E. Williams and Company Old Glory Council No. 10 Parsons Cemetery Princeton University St. Peter’s Episcopal Church St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church Salisbury High School Society of Colonial Wars Tilghman Farm United States Army L. Atwood Bennett Robert Ennalls Powell Cannon Sally Dillridge Harriet Graham Joseph Armstrong Graham Mary W. Graham Frank Gunby Ruth Gunby E. Dudley Humphreys Dr. Eugene W. Humphreys M. Elizabeth Humphreys M. Josephine Humphreys Nelly Rock Humphreys Theodore Humphreys Purnell E. Jones Hollis J. Lowe Thomas H. Roben Mary E. Rock Henry W. Ryall Edith Shears Emma L. Smith Lucy Humphreys Steuart Richard Steuart Mary Gordon Toadvine Isaac N. Todd Amanda Florence Williams John Dashiell Williams Mamie V. Williams
  • J. Marshall Stewart papers Accession Number: 2013.056 Description: The papers of J. Marshall Stewart document his career with Victor Lynn Lines as well as his civic service to the Eastern Shore and the city of Baltimore from 1940-1966. His activities are documented via photographs, certificates and artifacts that include an 1801 reproduction map of the city of Baltimore and a Baltimore sesquicentennial commemorative plate. Also included is an extensive family history of the Andrew and Joanne Stewart Hall family which includes memoirs from associated family members and was produced in 2008. Keywords:
    J. Marshall Stewart papers Freight Transportation Maritime Transportation Politics Veterans Monument Ocean City Convention Hall Commission Pimlico Merchants Association Victor Lynn Lines Thomas D'Alesandro Andy Hall Joanne Stewart Hall Howard W. Jackson J. Marshall Stewart J. Millard Tawes
  • Jackson Family photograph collection Accession Number: 2013.017 Description: The Jackson Family photograph collection visually documents the prominent Salisbury, Maryland family including United States Senator William P. Jackson and Maryland Republican State Central Committee member, William Newton Jackson. Florence Rue, wife of William Newton Jackson, and daughter of Philadelphia National Bank President, Levi Lingo Rue and family is also visually documented in this series of photographic images. Visually, the images document the wealth and status of the two families, from 1865-1968 with the bulk of the images dating from 1880-1920. Keywords:
    Jackson Family photograph collection Jackson Family Rue Family Rose Brouse Florence Rue Jackson William Newton Jackson William P. Jackson Francis Jamison Rue Levi Lingo Rue
  • Jay and Carrie Kleinhenn papers Accession Number: 2006.365 Description: The Jay and Carrie Kleinhenn papers document their family life in Bridgeville, Delaware, 1896-1976; the bulk of the material dates from 1915-1949. Their lives apart and together are documented through extensive photographic prints and negatives and include photographs of Carrie’s youth, growing up on the family farm on Pepperbox Road, as well as her tenure as a teacher at Bridgeville High School. The photographs also document their home in Bridgeville, family vacations, Jay’s professional position at Bell Telephone Company and descendants of the LeCates, Kleinhenn and Hearne families. Keywords:
    Jay and Carrie Kleinhenn papers Bridgeville, Del. Family History Hearne Family Messick Family Pepperbox Road Road Construction Truitt Street Walnut Street Workman Family Bell Telephone Company Bridgeville High School Citadel Del-Mar-Va Bible Institute Delmar Service Station Howe School Trussum Pond & Mill Don Ashton Valmer L. Browns Arthur Kleinhenn Carrie LeCates Kleinhenn Jay Kleinhenn Senara LeCates Hastings Joseph LeCates Verda LeCates Maddox Richard Myers David Ziegler Delmar High School Willie Anna LeCates Martha E. Oliphant Thomas E. Oliphant
  • Jim Jackson Delmarva Ephemera collection Accession Number: 2012.070 Description: This collection consists of assorted local paper ephemera from 1852 to 1990. Most of the items originated from the George Bounds & Company of Hebron, the J. H. Farlow & Brother of Salisbury and the Wimbrow & Company of Whaleyville and William and Edwin Sirman. Included are cannery tokens from the Harold B. Kennerly & Son in Nanticoke, MD. Keywords:
    Jim Jackson Delmarva Ephemera collection Hebron, Maryland Salisbury, Maryland Whaleyville, Maryland Nanticoke, Maryland J. H. Farlow & Brother Wimbrow & Company Cannery Tokens Harold B. Kennerly & Son William Sirman Edwin Sirman Harold B. Kennerly George Bounds & Company Churches W. Frank Howard
  • John Chamberlin papers Accession Number: 2011.005 Description: The John Chamberlin papers document his archeological excavations in Maryland. Records include his archeological surveys, artifact lists, proposal documents, maps and artifacts collected during his digs. These materials date from 1910-2010, with the bulk of the material dating from 1991-2003. Many of the documents relate to William Claiborne, who established a trading settlement on southern Kent Island in 1631. Chamberlin also excavated at Rich Neck Manor, later named Sherwood Manor, in St. Michaels, Maryland which is assumed to have been originally occupied in 1649-1652 by Captain William Mitchell. The Kent Fort materials include information on The Claiborne Project which was an archaeological survey that attempted to locate Kent Fort using Chamberlin’s research. The archeological artifacts contain Native American and colonial finds dating to the 17th and 18th century. These artifacts include bones, stones, tools, beads, and pottery, pipe stems fragments, and wooden and metal artifacts including coins. Keywords:
    John Chamberlin papers Archaeology Architecture Glass Beads Kent County, Md. Kent Island, Md. Native American Pipe Stems Queene Anne's County, Md. St. Mary's City, Md. St. Michael's Island, Md. Talbot County, Md. Trade Beads Underwater Archaeology Waterways Kent Fort John Chamberlain Rick Neck Sherwood Manor William Claiborne Fred Hopkins
  • Joseph Benjamin Hudson film project records Accession Number: 2014.169 Description: Project records of the Joseph Benjamin Hudson film document the life of one of the most well-known and longest living Delawareans, Joseph Benjamin Hudson (1874-1982) from Mission, Sussex County. Donald Ward produced the project from 1980-1981 and conducted the interview with Mr. Hudson recording how life had changed over the last 100 years. Commentary from Mr. Hudson includes early life in post-Civil War Delaware, farming and Carey’s United Methodist Camp. The interview is documented on five types of audio-visual formats as well as through a script and transcripts. Keywords:
    Joseph Benjamin Hudson film project records Farming Millsboro, Del. Mission, Del. Carey's United Methodist Camp Carey's United Methodist Church Joseph Benjamin Hudson Donald Ward
  • Joseph and Ilia Fehrer papers Accession Number: 2009.572 Description: Joseph and Ilia Fehrer papers document the activities of the Fehrers and their involvement in environmental issues in Worcester County, Maryland. The materials date from 1973-2005 with the bulk of the material dealing with the receipt of major awards from 1987-1993. These awards are documented in correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs and photographs. Keywords:
    Joseph and Ilia Fehrer papers Assateague Island National Seashore (Md. and Va. Environmental Nassawango Creek Worcester County (Md.) United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Boy Scouts of America Nassawango Creek Preserve The Nature Conservancy United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Worcester Environmental Trust Norman H. Conway Joseph Fehrer, Jr. Joseph Fehrer, Sr. Ilia Fehrer Parris N. Glendening Paul S. Sarbanes Ezra Stone
  • Joseph Moore collection Accession Number: 2007.046 Description: The Joseph Moore collection documents the death and mourning of Edwin “Uncle Ned” Dirickson, a well-known resident of Berlin, Maryland. Correspondence from family and friends expressing sympathies as well as newspaper clippings from 1904 document the death. Also included are court records from the trial of Euel “Orphan Jones” Lee, who was convicted of murdering an Eastern Shore family in the 1930s. Records also include various sales and tax receipts from Berlin and Worcester County merchants and newspapers also from Worcester County. Keywords:
    Joseph Moore collection Berlin, Md. Lynching Mourning Worcester County, Md. Anna B. Dirickson Edwin F. "Uncle Ned" Dirickson Harriett Dirickson Leven Dirickson Joseph Moore Euel "Orphan Jones" Lee Miles Taylor
  • Keystone View Company Stereopticon collection Accession Number: 2011.147 Description: Keystone View Company Stereopticon collection documents scenes from countries around the world from 1900-1935. Stereopticon cards document scenes such as the Great Sphinx, castles in Germany, and street scenes in the United States as well as natural wonders such as the Matterhorn, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Keywords:
    Keystone View Company Stereopticon collection Grand Canyon Matterhorn New York City, NY Stereopticon Keystone View Company Singley, B. L.
  • King Burnett papers Accession Number: 2014.085 Description: The King Burnett papers document the civic activities of Mr. Burnett in Salisbury, Maryland. The materials date from 1963-1967 with the bulk of the material dating from the activities of the Wicomico Centennial Committee, 1966-1967. Civic activities are documented via correspondence, reports, newsletters, notes and financial records. Keywords:
    King Burnett papers Council for Community Service Salisbury Jaycees Wicomico County Centennial K. King Burnett E. Dale Adkins, Jr. John N. Collins P.J. Hannon Royd A. Mahaffey Morton J. Owurtsky Jack Strayhorn
  • Louise Hopkins Dryden papers Accession Number: 2014.024 Description: The papers of Louise Hopkins Dryden document her experience as the first Somerset County woman to christen a Liberty Ship, the S.S. WILLIAM WELCH March, 1943. Records include correspondence, photographs, and a booklet that documents the entirety of the Bethlehem Liberty Fleet. Also included are family photographs of Mrs. Dryden from her infancy in 1906 until a year before her death in 2002. Keywords:
    Louise Hopkins Dryden papers Home Front Liberty Ship Mount Vernon, Md. World War II Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard S.S. WILLIAM WELCH Louise Hopkins Dryden Marion C. Dryden
  • Louise Smith papers Accession Number: 2013.067 Description: The Louise Smith papers document the personal and political activities of Salisbury, Maryland City Council President Louise Smith from 1940-2011, with the bulk of the records documenting her political career from her initial entry into the race in 2007 through her decision not to run for re-election in 2011. Documenting records include photographs, official campaign documents, newspaper clippings, and speeches. The meeting minutes from city council meetings April 2007 – April 2011 including legislative, special and closed meetings. Keywords:
    Louise Smith papers Brown Book of Boston City Council Politics Public Works Projects Republican politics Salisbury, Maryland Wicomico County Community Development Block Grant Committee Salisbury City Council United States Senate Lois Smith Louise Smith Barrie Tilghman Senator John J. Williams John Williams
  • Mary L. Nock papers Accession Number: 1989.030 Description: Mary L. Nock papers document the professional and personal life of Mary Nock, who lived from 1903 to 1987. The papers range 1669 to 1992, as she included in her possession colonial land grants as well as a copy of the Laws of Maryland which established Salisbury in 1735. Her personal papers document her life as a wife and family member of the Layfield-Nock families through photographs, greeting cards, and genealogical research. Mary Nock’s professional papers include materials such as professional correspondence, speeches, drafts of her book It Was a Joy and a Pleasure, awards, as well as ephemera from her time as a politician. Also included in the Nock papers are written works on Mary Nock by Ginger McClain Beningo, as well as Beningo’s notes and correspondence regarding the biographical works from 1990-1992, which make up the bulk of the material. Keywords:
    Mary L. Nock papers Genealogy and local history Legal records Legislation Local government Politics Quantico, Md. Politics and government Beacom Business College Maryland State Government Salisbury State University Ginger Beningo Garland Nock Mary L. Nock Al Smith J. Millard Tawes
  • Mary Sadler portrait collection Accession Number: 2013.058 Description: The Mary Sadler portrait collection documents the ancestors of Mrs. Mary Sadler. The four portraits depict her great grandparents, Rev. Amos J. Bender, and Mrs. Elizabeth Bender who were married in 1858, and also her grandparents, Mr. Carvel Green, and Mrs. Mary M. Green. Keywords:
    Mary Sadler portrait collection Family History Mary Virginia Green Sadler Rev. Amos J. Bender Elizabeth Bender Carvel Green Mary M. Green
  • Maryland DOVE records Accession Number: 2014.031 Description: The Maryland DOVE records document the visit of the Maryland DOVE to Salisbury, Maryland. The materials date from 2001-2011 with the bulk of the material dating from the visit in 2011. The visit of the DOVE is documented via correspondence, newspaper clippings, advertisements, and photographs. Keywords:
    Maryland DOVE records Education Salisbury, Md. St. Mary’s City, Md. Whitehaven, Md. Wicomico County, Md. --History Brew River City of Salisbury Historic St. Mary’s City Wicomico Historical Society George Chevallier William Gates James Ireton Ann Jones Nan Smethurst Ray Thompson Barrie Parsons Tilghman George White Phyliss White Robert Withey
  • Michael G. Hitch papers Accession Number: 2013.048 Description: Michael G. Hitch papers document the extensive processes conducted by Mr. Hitch while researching the genealogical pathways of his family history in Salisbury, Maryland. The materials date from 1992-2002 with the bulk of the materials dating from the intensive correspondence campaign embarked upon with the Hitch Family Newsletter from, 1994-1998. Research activities are documented via photocopied research materials including family history charts of descendants, probate records, and written histories of various Hitch families and extensive correspondence to Mr. Hitch from Hitch family members nationwide. Keywords:
    Michael G. Hitch papers Family History Genealogical Research Hitch Family Adam Hitch Michael G. Hitch Mike Hitch
  • Miles Family papers Accession Number: 2014.043 Description: Land deeds and surveys of the Miles Family papers document the extensive lands owned by and passed to the members of the Miles family of Somerset County, Maryland, 1645-1890. Properties include Ferry Bridge, Pleasure, Hog Pen Swamp and others. Records also include personal papers of John Miles, they comprise a list of property owned, a tax assessment and an unprobated will as well as a photograph album of tin types compiled by Mollie Miles. Keywords:
    Miles Family papers Burcher Holland Ferry Bridge Hog Pen Swamp Holland’s Chance Hopewell Land Deed Land Survey Pleasure Somerset County, Md. Watkins Point William Coulborne Aurinthea Miles Henry Miles John Miles John H. Miles Mary Miles Mollie Miles William Miles
  • Mitchell and Goslee Hardware Company records Accession Number: 2006.202 Description: The ledgers from Mitchell and Goslee Hardware Company document the type of goods purchased and services performed by the company in and around Salisbury, Maryland and include industries as far west as St. Louis, Missouri and as far east as Boston, Massachusetts from October 1922 through May 1924. Keywords:
    Mitchell and Goslee Hardware Company records Dock Street Salisbury, Md. Hardware stores Shopping Mitchell and Goslee Hardware Company Carl S. Goslee Corovosso Mitchell Edward Mitchell
  • Old Home Prize Essay collection Accession Number: 2008.133 Description: The Old Home Prize Essay collection documents the contest submissions from both Somerset and Wicomico Counties, dating from 1932-1996, with a bulk of the material dating from 1970-1987. The essays cover a wide range of topics all of which focus on the Delmarva area. These topics include towns, houses and buildings, famous settlers, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Eastern Shore’s involvement in the Civil War. Keywords:
    Old Home Prize Essay collection American Indians Architecture Assateague Island Beckford Manor Chesapeake Bay Churches Civil War Manokin Nanticoke Oxford Princess Anne, Md. Sharptown, Md. Slavery Somerset County, Md. Smith Island Teackle Mansion Green Hill Church University of Maryland Eastern Shore Washington High School Patty Cannon Samuel Chase Frederick Douglas Joshua Thomas Lemuel Ward Steven Ward
  • Pat Russell papers Accession Number: 2000.020 Description: The papers of Pat Russell document her community preservation activities from 1972-2004 in Whitehaven, Maryland and surrounding regional areas. These accomplishments include her involvement with the Wicomico County Historical Properties, Inc., which are documented via the restoration efforts of the Whitehaven Hotel and the development of the Whitehaven Historic District. Documenting resources include correspondence, architectural drawings, newspaper clippings, fiduciary responsibilities, and photographs.

    Regional oral histories document the shanty boats and hunting lodges which were once prominently featured along the seaside of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Cassette tape recordings and transcripts of these interviews with local people document their experiences which include Bob-O-Dell, Pope’s Island, the High Winds Club, and waterfowl hunting on Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. The oral histories also document varying storms that reshaped the coastline, as well as the development and expansion of cities and towns on the Delmarva Peninsula.

    Also documented through oral history are the personal experiences of Whitehaven residents which include African American segregation and their lives in various Eastern Shore communities including Taylorsville, the Germantown Rosenwald School, Ocean City and Church Creek.
    Pat Russell papers Patricia Russell Patricia A. Russell Assateague Island, Va. Chincoteague Island, Va. Church Creek, Md. Dorchester County Ferryboat Captains Hunting Lodges Shanty Boats Taylorville, Md. Whitehaven, Md. Worchester County Bob-O-Dell Club Germantown Rosenwald School High Winds Club Pope's Island Preservation Maryland Whitehaven Hotel Fred Bunting K. King Burnett Arthur "Boots" Cornish Arthur Cornish George Burt Cropper George Cropper Louise Webster Ekstrom Louise Ekstrom Miles Hancock William Bill Hastings William Hastings Buddy Jenkins William Bill Jester William Jester Palmer Kenney Edna Mandish Edward Otter William Pitts Roland E. "Fish" Powell Roland E. Powell Roland Powell Fish Powell Mrs. John Dale Showell Mrs. John Showell Capt. Edward Trippe Captain Edward Trippe
  • Phil Decker papers Accession Number: 2013.102 Description: The Phil Decker papers document his experience with Haitian Migrant Farm Workers in Salisbury, Maryland from 1983-1987 and the exhibit developed around his photographs in 2012. Decker’s experience with the farm workers are documented via photographs, activity reports and correspondence with the Salisbury Seasonal and Migrant Farmer’s Association (SMFA). Keywords:
    Phil Decker papers Haitian Migrant Workers Labor History Migrant Farm Workers Salisbury Seasonal and Migrant Farmer’s Association Phil Decker Bud Luther
  • Polly Stewart papers Accession Number: 2006.244 Description: The papers of Polly Stewart document her educational work as well as her research and dedication to folk lore and folk life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and other cultural groups from 1964-2013, with the bulk of the material dating from her professorship at Salisbury University, 1974-2000 . The material contains teaching notes from courses at Salisbury University including literature, mythology, as well as LBGTQ and Feminism studies, research materials on lynchings, folklore, folk life, cultural exploration, and her records of participation in a variety of societies such as the Maryland Folklore Festival. Keywords:
    Polly Stewart papers Feminism Folk Life Folklore Gay and Lesbian Studies Icelandic Culture Literature Lynching Mythology Regional Folklore Studies Religion Shanty Boats Transgender Women’s Issues American Association of University Professors Delmarva Folk Life Festival Eastern Shore Folk Life Festival Maryland Folklore Society George Armwood Polly Deemer Terry Cohen Hamblin Polly Stewart Tom Wisner
  • Princess Anne Grange No. 280 records Accession Number: 1997.006 Description: The Princess Anne Grange No. 280 records document the activities of the subordinate Grange fraternal organization located in Princess Anne, Maryland, 1910-1957, with the bulk of the material dating from the mid-1950s. Documenting records include meeting minutes, membership records, and manuals for subordinate granges. Keywords:
    Princess Anne Grange No. 280 records Princess Anne, Md. Somerset County Hulda Twining Paul Twining Paul V. Twining
  • Rayner Brothers Incorporated records Accession Number: 2013.021 Description: The Rayner Brothers Incorporated records documents the growth and development of both Rayner Farm Inc. and Rayner Brothers Inc. The materials date from 1909-1993 with the bulk of the material dating from 1956-1970. Records include meeting minutes which document the company’s by-laws, financial records and business concerns. These records also include stock certificates, land deeds, ledgers containing plant orders and expenses, and correspondence which include letters of recommendation for Hedley Rayner. Also included are a series of the Rayner’s Berry Book published from 1926-1992. Photographs document the development of the farm and the different treatments implemented to increase strawberry growth.   Keywords:
    Rayner Brothers Incorporated records Agricultural Laborers Agriculture Business Records Farm Workers Farms Farmers Ledgers Stocks Strawberries Rayner Brothers Incorporated Rayner Farms Incorporated P. Curtis Massey Annis Rayner Gladys S. Rayner Hedley Jack Rayner Lola F. Rayner Stanley H. Rayner
  • Republican Women of Worcester County records Accession Number: 2014.082 Description: Records of the Republican Women of Worcester County document the organization’s activities including administrative and community oriented activities from their inception in 1984-2012 with the bulk of material dating from 1998-2007. The social group’s community based platform is collectively documented through generated meeting minutes, financial records, and membership lists as well as scrapbooks and photographs. Keywords:
    Republican Women of Worcester County records Republican Party Political Social Group Delmarva Republican Women Maryland Federation of Republican Women National Federation of Republican Women Fleur Bresler Rosann Bridgmann Ann Horner Granados LouEtta McClafin Olive Milgate Karoline Mills Irene Uhl
  • Robert Withy Interiors Inc. records Accession Number: 2006.303 Description: Robert Withey Interiors Inc. records documents the interior design business once located in Salisbury, Maryland as well as associated projects with the Maryland Historical Trust, 1950-2006. Materials include handwritten ledgers, receipts and invoices documenting the financial progression of the design firm. In addition to these materials are documents from the Maryland Historical Trust Teackle Mansion restoration project and include correspondence and other assorted ephemera. Also, there is an issue of Benjaminews, a local women’s store from April 1947. Keywords:
    Robert Withy Interiors Inc. records Allen, Md. Architecture, Wicomico County, Md. Bounds Lott Buildings – Maryland Historic building – Conservation and restoration Historic Preservation Business records Maryland Genealogy Princess Anne , Md., History Maryland Historical Trust Robery Withey Interiors Teackle Mansion Dr. T.E. Martindale Robert Withey, Jr. Robert Withey, Sr.
  • Salisbury City Council records Accession Number: 2006.183 Description: The Salisbury City Council records document the internal functions of the council from 1983 – 1993 with the bulk of the material dating from, 1992 – 1993. Council records include meeting minutes and agendas pertaining to ordinances and proposals. These ordinances include environmental concerns, tax fees and planning and zoning concerns. Also found in the records are interoffice memorandums, financial records including budget briefings, annual reports, and correspondence. Correspondence includes complaints and requests for action from community members and invitations from various local organizations including neighborhood associations and the sheriff’s office and the Salisbury Zoo. Keywords:
    Salisbury City Council records Buildings Maryland City Council Department of Building, Housing and Zoning Department of Public Works Department of Recreation and Parks Historic Preservation Impact Fees Politics and Government Restoration and Convservation Trash fees Maryland Municipal League Salisbury City Council Salisbury Zoological Park Robin Cockey William Higgins W. Paul Martin Thomas D. Plotts
  • Samuel L. Adkins papers Accession Number: 2013.103 Description: Samuel L. Adkins papers documents his life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, specifically his education, military service, employment at Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and his personal hobbies with county farms, the Salisbury Coin Club and the Antique Car Club of the Accomack-Northampton Region. Mr. Adkins life is documented via photographs, certificates and memorabilia from 1885-2009 with the bulk of the material dating from 1950-1987. Materials also of note are bank notes and an agricultural sign relating to his father, A. Paul Adkins. Keywords:
    Samuel L. Adkins papers Antique Automobiles Automobile Restoration Corporate Limits Map, Salisbury, Md. Vegetable Shows American Numismatic Association Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Department of the Army United States Army Grand Ole Opry Mt. Herman Elementary School Wicomico High School A. Paul Adkins Samuel L. Adkins
  • Samuel Dawson family papers Accession Number: 2013.093 Description: The Samuel Dawson family papers document the activities of Dawson of Virginia and his descendants before, during and after the Civil War from 1783-1920 with the bulk of the material dating from 1861-1868. Materials include legal judgment and the estate inventory of Samuel Dawson, a receipt for horses sold to the Confederacy by Samuel A. Dawson, a diary written by Charles G. Dawson documenting his experience in the Gettysburg campaign, a record of family slaves, a handwritten cookbook and a travel account from Philadelphia to Fauquier, Va. by Henrietta Horner Wyeth during the 1860s as well as Dawson and Cooper family histories. Also included is a handwritten constitution for the Society of the Cincinnati and an abstracts of correspondence from General Thomas Jesup from his campaigns in Florida during the Seminole Wars. Keywords:
    Samuel Dawson family papers Civil War Confederate Soldiers Fauquier County, Va. Gettysburg Campaign, 1863 Military History Seminole Wars Slavery War of 1812 Confederate States of America Green and Lock Potomac Bridge Company Society of Cincinnati Samuel Mason Cooper Arthur Dawson Charles G. Dawson Marth K. Dawson Nicholas Dawson Roger T. Dawson Captain Samuel Dawson Samuel A. Dawson Sarah Anne Dawson Henrietta Gassaway General Thomas Jesup Thomas Johnson S.C. Luckett Henrietta Horner Wyeth
  • Senator John J. Williams papers Accession Number: 2013.066 Description: The Senator John J. Williams papers document his distinguished service as a United States Senator and his family history from Sussex County, Delaware1880-2011. Documenting materials include five scrapbooks that were compiled by Williams’ niece and former Salisbury City Council President Louise Smith document the extensive Williams family including the Senator’s parents and ten siblings through photographs, correspondence, and news clippings. In addition to the scrapbooks, national publications and audio visual materials also contribute to the Senator’s political career and community involvement. Keywords:
    Senator John J. Williams papers Family history Millsboro, Delaware Sussex County, Delaware United States Senate Louise Smith John James Williams John J. Williams
  • Sheeran Iraq War memorabilia collection Accession Number: 2013.057 Description: The artifacts document the support from a northern Delaware corporation during Operation Iraqi Freedom, October 2005. Keywords:
    Sheeran Iraq War Memorabilia Collection Sheeran Direct Marketing Company Wilmington, Delaware Military Operation Iraqi Freedom Eric L Hamm Joseph J Sheeran Peggy Sheeran
  • Sidney and Elsie Northam papers Accession Number: 2013.088 Description: The papers of Sidney and Elsie Northam document their life in Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland from 1941-2013 with the bulk of the material dating from 1995-2005. Materials include correspondence between Sidney and Elsie from a 1958 trip to Washington State, Elsie’s daily journal entries with regard to her life as well as the weather and the Northam News, which Elsie wrote to keep friends and family informed on their activities. Also included are photographs, a family tree and print images of Snow Hill. Keywords:
    Sidney and Elsie Northam papers Agricultural Tools Northam Family Snow Hill, Md. Juniata College Peggy Bortz James Bross Tom Mulligan Ann Northam Elsie Northam Jerry Northam Sideny Northam
  • Somerset County Bible Society records Accession Number: 2010.020 Description: The Somerset County Bible Society records document the activities and extensive membership of the religious organization whose purpose was to distribute Bibles and promote further interest in the scripture. Located in Somerset County, Maryland, the organization’s records date from its inception in 1828-2005 with the bulk of the material encompassing the annual meetings and membership rosters, 1875-1986. Corresponding organization material also includes a scrapbook from annual meetings, correspondence and deposit receipts from the Maryland Bible Society and a Bible from 1794. Keywords:
    Somerset County Bible Society records Bible Distribution Religion Social Group American Bible Society Ladies Bible Society Maryland Bible Society Doris Maslin Cohn Jane Stewart
  • South Dorchester Folk Museum collection Accession Number: 2010.100 Description: The South Dorchester Folk Museum collection documents programs and lectures held at the museum in Cambridge, Maryland from 2001-2014. The history of southern Dorchester County is immortalized in these Digital Video Disc (DVD) recordings of presentations and feature information about Hooper’s Island, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, decoy carving, hunting traditions, songs and local family history. Keywords:
    South Dorchester Folk Museum collection African Americans Barren Island (Md.) Cambridge (Md.) Cemeteries Civil War Decoy Carving Dorchester County (Md.)—History Education Gootee Family Hooper’s Island (Md.) Hurricanes Music Native Americans Taylor’s Island (Md.) Vienna (Md.) War of 1812 War of 1812 World War I World War II Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Dorchester County Historical Society J.M. Clayton Company South Dorchester Folk Museum Raymond E. Beck Addie Eckardt Bill Foxwell Neil Frampton John Goslee Jacquline Hedberg Phil Hesser Betsy Malkus Frederick C. Malkus Ted Malkus Deanna Marshall Kay McElvey Pat Neild Steele Phillips Dale Price George M. Radcliffe Hal Roth Roy Ruark Warren Saunders David Smith Lin Spicer Brice Stump
  • Sussex County Sheriff records Accession Number: 2012.131 Description: The Sussex County Sheriff records document court cases from 1903-1995 in Sussex County, Delaware. The collection contains financial records for the court and sheriff’s department as well as specific records of costs and outcomes from the court cases occurring from 1903 to 1995. There are records for both the Sussex County Superior Court, as well as the Court of Common Pleas. The records are largely limited to Ledgers, Fee Books and Receipt Dockets. The Ledgers contain basic budgetary information for the Court and the Sheriff’s department, recording costs covered by the court’s budget. The Fee Books record cases by month, with a record of the fees which were to be paid by the court system’s budget. The Receipt Dockets contain information on individual cases and features an index of cases with monetary information and case outcomes. Keywords:
    Sussex County Sheriff records Business Records – Delaware Civil Rights – Delaware Courts – Delaware Court records – Delaware Sussex County Delaware Politics and Government – 1951- Sussex County -- Delaware Delaware Courts system Sussex County Sheriff’s Department L.W. Brittingham William J. Bryan John L. Cannon Martin O. Carey Robert J. Clendaniel Harley J. Conaway Frank L. Dickerson Ray H. Elliot William L. Jones Harry G. McAllister Eugene Mills Horace M. Mills Stephen E. Mills Eli F. Pepper Arthur L. Pittard Stephen E. Rogers Daniel J. Short Charles Spicer, Jr. Charles W. Steele Earl M. Steele Edward J. Suthard
  • Teaching American History program records Accession Number: 2006.382 Description: The Teaching American History program records document the creation and implementation of teaching methods using original local source records for Wicomico County teachers. The materials date from 2004-2006, with the bulk of the material dating to 2004. These records include compact discs containing lesson plans on American history created by the participants of the program. The records also contain audio cassettes and compact discs of oral history interviews. These interviews focus on a variety of topics relating to the Eastern Shore, including segregation and integration, education and World War II. Keywords:
    Civil Rights Movement Teaching American History program records Eastern Shore History Education Germantown, Md. Integration Oral History Prohibition Rosenwald School Segregation World War II Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture Salisbury University Wicomico County Board of Education G. Ray Thompson Richard Wilson
  • Town and Country Garden Club records Accession Number: 2010.001 Description: The records of the Town and Country Garden Club document the Wicomico County, Maryland ladies social club through their administrative files and activities from 1953 – 2014 with the bulk of the material dating from 1996 – 2006. Administratively, the organization held regular meetings as reflected in the records which are comprised by the organizations by laws, membership records, financial records and meeting minutes. Socially, the garden club was very active hosting annual flower shows and Christmas Tea’s, these activities are documented via photographs, scrapbooks and planning records. Keywords:
    Town and Country Garden Club records Garden Club Gardening Horticulture Flower Shows Social Club Societies
  • Trinity United Methodist Episcopal Church, South records Accession Number: 2013.053 Description: Trinity United Methodist Episcopal Church, South records document the congregational activities of the church 1880-1957. Quarterly conference meeting minutes and pastor’s reports on the church’s activities support the church registers, which include marriage, baptismal, and membership records. Keywords:
    Trinity United Methodist Episcopal Church, South records Baptismal records Baptism and church membership Church attendance Church membership Marriage records Methodist Episcopal Church Horace Crower Rev. Dr. M. Lecato Elihu Jackson Dr. Thomas N. Potts John W Rustin William A. Wright Wicomico County, Maryland
  • Vernon R. Whitely papers Accession Number: 2011.150 Description: The papers of Vernon R. Whitely document his life experiences including his trip to the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, time spent in the Civilian Conservation Corps and as a member of the United States Army Signal Service during World War II. Documenting materials include a bound publication from the CCC, photographs and service records from his military service as well as post-war ephemera as a veteran. Materials date from 1933-2006 with the bulk of the material dating from his World War II service, 1944-1945. Keywords:
    Vernon R. Whitely papers Easton, Md. Military Soldiers Talbot County, Md. Violence War World War II Personal Narratives United States Army Martin Cooper George M. Kreamer Oleada Whitely Vernon R. Whitely
  • Victor Lynn Lines records Accession Number: 2006.167 Description: Victor Lynn Lines records document the water and freight industry of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The materials date from 1930-2006 with the bulk of the materials dating from the final voyage of the Victor Lynn freighter to the eventual sale of the company, 1951-1961. Newspaper clippings and photographs document the company’s history and accomplishments. Keywords:
    Victor Lynn Lines records Freight Service Marine Transportation Truck Transportation Wicomico River Eastern Freight Ways, Inc. Red Star Lines Victor Lynn Lines Avery W. Hall J. Marshall Stewart J. Millard Tawes Al Wootten Nathaniel R. Wootten
  • Vinson Family papers Accession Number: 2014.086 Description: Vinson Family papers document the family history of Stanley Towers who lives in Sussex County, Delaware. The research on the family was conducted by Ruth Acevedo, Stanley Towers’ sister-in-law. Stanley Towers descends from Nathaniel Potter Towers who was married to Jemima Vinson. The Vinson surname is also printed as Vincent in some records. The materials date from 1997 and the photocopies of the records were made at an unknown time by Ruth Acevedo. Genealogical research is documented through photocopies of wills, deeds, bible records, land records, correspondence and photographs. Keywords:
    Vinson Family papers Delmarva Peninsula—Genealogy Little Creek Hundred, Del. Northwest Fork Hundred, Del. Seaford, Del. Sussex County, Del. Vincent Family Vinson Family Bethesda Methodist Episcopal Church Concord Church Gordy Farm Little Hill Church Ruth Acevedo Benjamin Fooks Stanley W. Towers Philip Vincent Robert L. Vincent Thomas Vincent Benjamin Vinson Charles Vinson Collins Vinson George Vinson Handy Vinson Isaac Vinson Joseph Vinson Newbold Vinson William Vinson Wingate Vinson Levin Wailes Woolsey Waples Mary J. Wheatley
  • W. Richard and Marianna Holloway papers Accession Number: 2011.018 Description: The W. Richard and Marianna Holloway papers document their social involvement in the Salisbury, Maryland community, 1906-1978 with the bulk of the material focusing on their active engagement with the Community Concert Association, 1971-1978. Materials also include a journal and photographs from Marianna Holloway’s courtships, correspondence from J. Asbury Holloway as well as photographs and ephemera from the Rounds and Adkins families. Keywords:
    W. Richard and Marianna Holloway papers Adkins Family Sesqui-Bicentennial Bell Street Elementary School Community Concert Association Daughters of the American Revolution G.E. Rounds Company Salisbury Lions Club Wicomico High School Louise Adkins Grace Darby J. Asbury Holloway Marianna Rounds Holloway Richard Holloway Wilbury Rounds
  • Wicomico County Board of Education records Accession Number: 2010.003 Description: Wicomico County Board of Education records document the history of the schools and activities of the Board of Education in Wicomico County, Maryland with the bulk of the material relating to Salisbury, Maryland. The materials date from 1886-2009 with the bulk of the material dating from school activities and the integration of schools, 1960-1979. The evolution of school buildings in Wicomico County is documented through visual materials that include photographs and printed histories and newspaper clippings. Activities in various schools such as sporting events, musical performances and plays are documented through photographs, programs, scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. Keywords:
    Wicomico County Board of Education records Education Integration Sports World War II Association of Public School Administrators and Supervisors of Wicomico County Department of Elementary School Principals of Wicomico County Department of Health, Education and Welfare Maryland Association of Boards of Education Maryland Commission on Interracial Problems and Relations Maryland Retired Teacher Association Maryland State Board of Education National Association for the Advancement of Colored People National Education Foundation Wicomico County Board of Education Wicomico County Council Parent Teacher Association Wicomico County Teachers Association Spiro T. Agnew James E. Allen, Jr. James M. Bennett Sarah Bounds Jan Conway Phyllis Cooper Katharyn Harmon Eugene L. King Roxie Leonard Royd A. Mahaffey W. Mason McConnell William Moore Mary Nock Julia Robertson James Sensenbaugh Joyce C. Townsend Kiwanis Club American Association of School Administrators H. Crawford Bounds Myrtle Downes Pearl Downes Rada Downes Bertha Elsey Helen Josephine Hudson Emily Morris Gladys Robinson John William Wimbrow
  • William Middleton collection Accession Number: 2014.013 Description: The William Middleton collection documents the financial records of Joshua Hamblin located in Worcester County, Maryland and ephemera from Wicomico and Worcester counties, Maryland. The materials date from 1821-1999 with the bulk of the material dating from 1830-1869 and document the financial records of Joshua Hamblin which include receipts, court records and land records. The materials from Joshua Hamblin came from William Middleton’s grandmother Margaret M. Middleton, who is the granddaughter of Joshua Hamblin. Wicomico and Worcester County ephemera is documented by tourism brochures and menus from local restaurants. Keywords:
    William Middleton collection Business records Benson’s on the Plaza Bill’s Seafood Inn Busch’s Chesapeake Inn English’s Family Restaurant Henry E. Hoyt & Co Hobbit Restaurant and Bar Johnny & Sammy’s Alpine Room Phillips Crab House Tidewater Inn Waterman’s Restaurant Wharf Restaurant Benjamin H. Byrd Benjamin Farlow John Farlow Joshua Hamblin William Livingston James H. Mitchell John Parsons Absalom Wyatt Restaurants
  • William M. Ruark papers Accession Number: 1999.029 Description: The William M. Ruark papers document Ruark’s land purchases and sales. The papers date from 1761-1906 with the bulk of the papers dating from 1883-1903. The papers include tax records, deeds, mortgages, land settlements, patents, and correspondence regarding the sale of land in Somerset County. In addition to the land records also included is a photograph of Eunice Ruark’s grandfather, George Gilliss Pusey, and a short biography of Austin Carpenter Heaton, who was the minister of Manokin Presbyterian Church from 1855-1880. Keywords:
    William M. Ruark papers Land deeds Land mortgages Land patents Land sales Property tax receipts William M. Ruark George Brittingham Marcy Beauchamp Stephen Garland Alexander Carpenter Heaton George Gilliss Pusey Manokin Presbyterian Church
  • World War II Veterans project records Accession Number: 1995.056 Description: The World War II Veterans project records document orally and written the histories of Wicomico County, Maryland men and women who served in the differing branches of the military during World War II. Written and audio evidence documents the veteran’s enlistment, rank, military unit, and where they were stationed for the duration of the war. Records were collected by Sylvia Bradley and the Westside Historical Society in 1995 with subsequent records periodically added in 1996. Keywords:
    World War II Veterans project records Oral History Military Veterans World War II Army Air Corps United States Army United States Marine Corps United States Navy Sylvia Bradley