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The following is a collection of essays for the Delmarva Peninsula and its states, counties, hundreds, cities, and towns.

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Delmarva * The Delmarva Peninsula
  • Little-Known Facts About Del-Mar-Va (Emily Tharsky, 1940)
  Delaware * Delaware
  • Sussex County
Maryland * Maryland
  • Dorchester County
  • Somerset County
    • Champ, Maryland (Sam Bozman, 1977)
    • Communities Along the Manokin River: Past and Present (Debbie Bloodsworth, 1972)
    • Geanguakin: The Rise and Fall of the Roaming Mire (Jill Hall, 1984)
    • Historical Background of the communities along Manokin and Annemessex districts (unknown author, nd)
    • Kings Creek: Past and Present (unknown author, 1980)
    • The Lost Town of Puncheon Landing (unknown author, nd)
    • The Lost Village of Somerset: Ginguaquakin (unknown author, 1959)
    • The Manokin River and Its Surrounding Areas: Princess Anne (unknown author, 1975)
    • Monie and its Surroundings: A History and Lifestyle (unknown author, 1981)
    • New Rumney: The Path of an Immigrant (Tina Monzeglio, 1980)
    • Old Princess Anne Days: A Town Looks Back into the Past (unknown author, 1974)
    • Smith Island, an Island Heritage (Karen Ramsey, nd)
    • Smith Island, "Land of Brotherhood" (unknown author, 1976)
    • Smith's Great Little Island (unknown author, 1978)
    • The West of West Post Office (unknown author, 1976)
  • Wicomico County
    • Allen: Past and Present (Carol Davis, 1980)
  • Worcester County
    • Assateague, Yesterday's Nature and Tomorrow's Dream (Valerie Street, 1972)
  Virginia * Virginia
  • Accomac County
    • Tangier Island (Howard Davenport, 1969)
  • Northampton County

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