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Delmarva History Online offers information (and links to information) that are believed to be accurate and representative of responsible and ethical scholarship practices.

In the spirit of responsible and ethical scholarship, materials will not be included on this site if they do not contain bibliographic citations. We recognize that different disciplines use different styles and we will not discriminate in favor of one style or another as long as the references as are complete and accurate as possible.

If you have information indicating that materials on this site may be inaccurate, plagiarized, or in violation of copyright or fair use laws, please contact us at webmaster address.

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Delmarva History Online is designed and maintained with the intention of providing easy access to the materials on this site for all audiences. Wherever possible, we have anticipated the potential use of adaptive browsers or other accessibility programs for users with special needs and designed this site accordingly. If you have trouble accessing any of the materials on this site with an accessibility program, please contact us at webmaster address.

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