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Citation Guidelines
These guidelines are intended to assist users in citing the materials available on this site.

Most resources on this site are accompanied by information to help in preparing citations for academic and professional writing. This information is presented in the lower right corner of pages containing articles, databases, images, or other materials that require a citation.

Different disciplines have different citation styles, however. As such, we recommend that you consult the style manual associated with your discipline when referencing the resources on this site in your academic or professional work. If you are uncertain about the proper format after consulting a style manual, ask the professor or editor for which the paper is being written.

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The following is a list of links to various style manuals available on the WWW:

Style Manuals : Citing Electronic Sources:

Most common:
Humanities: MLA (Modern Language Association) Style Guide from OWL at Perdue
Chicago Manual of Style from Bedford St. Martin's
Natural & Social Sciences: APA (American Psychological Association) Style Guide from

Anthropology: AAA (American Anthropological Association) Style Guide in PDF format
Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics: CBE/CSE (Council of Science Editors) Style Guide
History and others: Chicago Manual of Style from Bedford St. Martin's
Political Science: APSA (American Political Science Association) Style Manual from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sociology: ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide in PDF Format

General Information : Citing Sources:

Wikipedia's list of styles, guides, and tools

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